The Tiburcio Series

Tibs is a reader of this blog, and at first he caught my attention by sending me a reaaaalllly loooooong email. We’ve corresponded some, and it was a good exchange of sometimes wacky, sometimes serious, sometimes witty, sometimes insightful ideas. So I asked him if I can share it here in this blog. With some minor refinements, I am posting some excerpts of our (continuing) email conversation — under the Tiburcio Series. I thought this would appeal to some of you who are still not very comfortable with your sexuality. Feel free to comment in, I’m sure he’ll be following this too.

* * *

Hi, Migs, my name is Tibs, no not Tiburcio, just Tibs. [sorry Tibs, but I had to call this the Tiburcio Series — I really just had to. Hahahaha![ First, yes I’m a Pinoy based here in the Philippines, somewhere in Manila too, and… errr…yes, I have just recently come to terms with my sexuality. Or have I really? He-he-he. Before I continue, let me tell you that I found your site through an email from a Yahoo group which I am (secretly) a member of. I’m sure you know that Tibs is just my codename. I wrote to you simply to tell you that I like the posts you have here in your site. Somehow we share the same passion for movies — and let me add, I do feel that you also have a wide variety of interests as I do. But you know what? My conscience is telling me to cut the chase and get to my point. So let me attempt to do just that. I mentioned that I have just recently come to terms with my sexuality. I have one bit of a problem though. A have a girlfriend, and we’ve been together for 5 and a half years.

What a good start. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata! (Watch our for the next installment.) Tiburcio Series  digg:The Tiburcio Series  spurl:The Tiburcio Series  newsvine:The Tiburcio Series  furl:The Tiburcio Series  reddit:The Tiburcio Series  fark:The Tiburcio Series  Y!:The Tiburcio Series


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  1. mitch Says:

    hey migs! nice website! i really like it! hehehhehheh, well at least this is one site where i can express what i’ve always wanted to express! hmmmmm very familiar right! anyway, i just would like to thank you for having this website! hopefully, i will have the confidence and the courage to start expressing myself, you would be the first one to know. ( i hope you get what i mean )

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    thank you, thank you mitch. well what can i say? be yourself. be your happy self. you don’t have the be what you don’t want to be. and yes, i’ll be honored to be the first one to know! keep in touch, friend.

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