10+1 Tips: Seducing a Straight Guy

Piolo-Sam Loveteam: who seduced whom?

It seems that one of the more popular posts in this blog is on how gay men can seduce a straight guy. It was basically a post that showed quotes from real gay men who were successful in getting a straight guy in bed. Here’s an update. (Yehey!, right?) I found this column/advice off the net, and thought you, my readers, may find this interesting. Enjoy!

Seducing Straight Boys
Author: Superdrewby

One of the many pre occupations of gay men and boys is the fantasy of sleeping with a straight boy. The straight boy could be your best friend, the high school jock in the football team, some boy you see in the street or just a generic straight boy.

It seems to be a huge turn on to conquer or convert this boy from his misguided heterosexual ways and indoctrinate him in the ways of male to male sex.

Many single women may lament over their Long Island Iced Teas on a Friday night that the best guys are always taken or gay, but there are still a lot of very hot and hunky straight boys out there, just waiting to see what all the fuss is about.

The difference between a gay boy and a straight boy is only a six pack of beer.

If you have read my column on sexuality you will know that I subscribe to the view that sexuality is not cut and dried in either heterosexual or homosexual. instead it is a continuum along which we are all somewhere in the grey. This doesn’t mean that every person is bisexual and going to jump into bed with anyone male or female. It does however mean that guys can still be straight and have sex with other guys.

Some researchers actually believe that at least 80% of guys have at one time or another though about or actually had some form of male to male encounter. They may have jerked off with other guys at school, or even had or given a blow job as they were growing up!

Now before you run out to your nearest straight pub in search of a straight boy for the night, let me throw some cold water on you. This article is more tongue in check and not really meant to be taken seriously, after all you can end up in very serious trouble by making a pass at a straight boy. On the other hand here are some tips that may just get you lucky.

But please use some common sense here, straight boys may be curious, but that doesn’t mean that they will ever act on their curiosity!

How to Guide!
1. Never try and pick him up when he is with his mates, do it when he is alone in private!
2. Get him at least a little bit tipsy, the more he has had to drink the lower his inhibitions!
3. Drop casual hints in the conversation about how much better guys give head than girls, because only a guy who has a cock knows how to worship it.
4. Remind him that having his cock sucked by a guy doesn’t make him gay.
5. Tell him that no one will ever know about what happens (if something does happen) - and actually mean it!
6. Don’t try kissing him, a lot of straight boys are quite happy to get a blowjob from a guy but will really get turned off by kissing him a guy.
7. Get him horny by by putting on some straight or even bisexual porn. Porn is always a good icebreaker - While watching the porn of a guy giving another guy a blowjob mention that guys give the best head!
8. Don’t act like an effeminate little queen, try and act just like him and be macho.
9. Play with his balls a bit, for some reason girls are a bit hesitant to play with a guys cock and balls with their tongue…
10. Give him a blowjob that he will remember for years, once he is hot hard and horny go all out!
and a bonus… 11. Make it seem like you are doing him a real favor!

There are a lot of straight guys out there that are in between girlfriends, not getting any sex or just plain horny, that if you get them in the mood they might just go for it. But be warned that after a straight boy has blown his load he may become aggressive through guilt or embarrassment.

The other problem is if he was your best friend, do you think he will still be your friend afterwards? Is 5 minutes of sexual pleasure worth the hassle and worth losing a friend?

Bottom line with straight boys is, they can be had, but why would you really want a straight boy who is not going to give anything back and the sex at best is going to be very one way? Gay boys are better with other gay boys! (Amen from Migs, the Manila Gay Guy!

(Text from superdrewby.com.)

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11 Responses to “10+1 Tips: Seducing a Straight Guy”

  1. Ang-ang Says:

    Thanks for the very nice tips/lessons!

  2. Michael J Says:

    I had no idea until now, but thanks for the info !!!

  3. James Says:

    No comment *sneeers*

  4. jerome Says:

    all true. esp married men with wife problems. it’s explosive. their problems never seem to go away. they need the attention & caring, and the sex is unbelievable - like “no one has to know this”. most important tip is…do not share your shared secret even with gay/fag hag friends. your trust is crucial to them.

  5. keith Says:

    I am a straight whitwe male. I am very bi curious, but extremely in the closet, so….I would like to be seduced by a guy!!!!

  6. bojo Says:

    i’ve done it and it was incredible! the fact that you managed to bed and pleasure a straight guy who really turns you on or is a “crush” is totally awesome! “they’re” still my friends and i still pleasure them whenever we have the chance. and right now i’m in the process of seducing a new big crush and tho’ i feel that i can have him,i’m being extra careful ‘cos this guys friendship mean so much to me and i don’t want to jeopardize that so i’m being extra careful and patient. right now we go out to hook up with girls and watching him make out with them is enough,for now! so wish me luck!

  7. Heysalovesyah Says:

    hey, i have a problem. I have a flatmate that i really want to seduce. I have lived with him for a couple of months and now well.. my relationship with is really weird and difficult. The problem is he is straight, but unlike the stereotypical “fag hater” jock, he is the “im very open about my sexuality” type of guy.
    What makes me even more suspicious is the fact that he always plays with me, either by tickling me or touching me. Lately this fooling around has exploded into more physical contact and more enjoying for me. But should i try and get it on with him??

  8. myk2ts Says:

    Heysalovesyah, go, if u think u r in the ryt track,no room to hold back,but be very sure,asses him first and find the ryt moment.g’luck

  9. alex Says:

    yah..so true..but then again as you conclude your write up..15 mins of pleasure wont be enough reason to lose a friend..better yet to somen one you dont know! hahahah

  10. barron Says:

    ako po may crush ako. feeling ko str8t xa pero may feeling din akong bi xa..so parang feeling ko kaya ko xang i seduce.pero nahihiya ako eh maybe kung lasing xa pero d ko pa xa nakakainuman eh…sana khat isang beses lang masaya na ako dun…kc i know gus2 nya rin un.d nga lang pwede kc mahirap para sa aming dalawa..maybe b’coz nag kakahiyaan.pero someday i should try to seduce him.

  11. jeff Says:

    may ka housemate ako na crush ko. we always have a long talk. ammm.. almost 2 hours. we talked spontaneously about work and leisures.. sometimes i cannot get off to look into his eyes straight directly and cute face.

    sometimes when we only both watch TV beside with each other, I want to touch his hand intentionally but accidentally.. weird huh..

    i want to open up that I have crush on him.
    but I dont want to lose him for just 5 minutes or less for saying about my sexual preference.

    I rather stay as a friend to him. He have trust on me.
    I know he has no girlfriend yet.
    he is from La Salle and a cute boy.

    I admire him so much. makulit kasi pagnaguusap kami pag kami lang dalawa.

    separate lang ang rooms namin sa share condo. Bago ako matulog tinitignan ko muna ang room door nya or nkalock pa ba.
    at nag-aalala kung san cya nagpupunta pag umaalis pag malapit na midnight.

    pero nasa internet cafe lang pala cya with his fren. fan ng DOTA. hehehe

    san cya ngaun? e nasa kwarto nya. naglalaptop. naka lock. at ako nasa sala. naghihintay na lumabas cya. hehehe..

    xcited na nga ako umuwi ng maaga from opis kasi andito cya palagi. nakakawala ng stress pagnakikita ko cya.


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