Giggling about Gigil the Movie


The trailer for Alfred Vargas’ movie entitled Gigil has started showing on TV, and it makes me giggle. Alfred plays Felix, a dive master in Boracay. Alfred relates, “I’m the ideal guy, boy-next-door type. I met Katrina in a bar. I save her from a guy na nambabastos sa kanya. We fall in love, but she starts suspecting that I’m the guy na umagaw sa boyfriend niya who turned out to be gay, so she suspects bading din ako.” O di ba interesting? Hehehe! It opens November 22, and I’ll be one of the first to watch it! about Gigil the Movie  digg:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  spurl:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  newsvine:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  furl:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  reddit:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  fark:Giggling about Gigil the Movie  Y!:Giggling about Gigil the Movie


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4 Responses to “Giggling about Gigil the Movie”

  1. ralph Says:

    its so very good movie

  2. Mark Says:

    The movie was garbage

  3. dan253 Says:

    linanagw sa moviehaus

  4. marvin Says:

    malibog kasi siya eh

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