Borgy to Sam: “You’re gay!”

You're Gay!

In last Wednesday’s infamous radio show of DJ Mo Twister (Magic 89.9’s Good Times with Mo), Borgy Manotoc spills the beans for the ultra-famous Big Brother housemate Sam Milby.

DJ Mo: Who are you going to tell this to: “Dude, we all know you’re gay, admit it!”
Borgy: Sam Milby!

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Thanks to Empress Maruja for the transcript below:

(Note: Not an exact full transcript)

DJ Mo: What’s the size of your “wang”?
Borgy: around 7 inches (he admitted he’s cut and there are times he never wears underwear depending on the pants he’s wearing)

DJ Mo: When was the last time you ma$turb@ted?
Borgy: No, not this morning….yesterday morning at the shower….it’ s a good thing to do when you woke up and your girlfriend is not around.

DJ Mo: “Dude, we all know you’re ***, admit it!” (who are you going to tell this to?)
Borgy: Sam Milby!

DJ Mo: Worst-dressed celebrity?
Borgy: Gwen Garci

DJ Mo: Who’s better in bed? ex-gf Sarah Meier (former MTV-Asia VJ) or his current gf, model Ornusa Cadness?
Borgy: Ornusa

DJ Mo: Celebrity you don’t wanna work with?
Borgy: aside from my brother (TJ)…..Christian Bautista

DJ Mo: Celebrity who you think had gone under the knife/enhancement/ retoke?
Borgy: Pops Fernandez

DJ Mo: Name a model who doesn’t look like one? (something to that effect)
Borgy: Robbie Mananquil

DJ Mo: Weirdest place he has done it with someone?
Borgy: In a photo studio, in between shoots/ while changing wardrobe

DJ Mo: Name 3 celebrities you did it with($ex) before?
Borgy: 1. Lana Assanin (when he was 15)
2. Victoria London (?)
3. and hold your breath…… VINA MORALES (Borgy said her name in a hush na parang hiyang-hiya, afterwhich, pandemonium broke loose in the radio booth, DJ Mo had a hard time believing this, as if di siya makapaniwala na papatulan ni Borgy si Vina. hihihi)

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Off-topic but still interesting:

from FUNFARE by Ricardo F. Lo (…

“I know Borgy. Who doesn’t know him?” said Vina. “But I’m not close to him. The farthest I came close to him was saying ‘Hi!’ That’s all. But going to bed with him? Hello!”

Crying, “Foul!”, Vina now wants an “explanation” from Borgy.

“He has to clear my name,” said Vina. “What he did was damaging to me. If I have to talk to his mom, Rep. Imee Marcos, to make him correct things, I will.”

Mo has been saying that guests he puts on the “hot seat” may or may not answer any question they deem “incriminating.” It’s a puzzle why a perceived gentleman like Borgy would kiss-and-tell, and on the air at that! He could have said, “No comment!” or not say anything at all.

“I want to make it clear that what Borgy said was not true!” repeated Vina who, as far as I know, is happily going steady with a very rich Chinese guy. “How could he!” to Sam:   digg:Borgy to Sam:   spurl:Borgy to Sam:   newsvine:Borgy to Sam:   furl:Borgy to Sam:   reddit:Borgy to Sam:   fark:Borgy to Sam:   Y!:Borgy to Sam:


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41 Responses to “Borgy to Sam: “You’re gay!””

  1. Kris Aquino Says:

    how come he never mentioned mah name? :)

  2. bananas choking Says:

    had i been vina, i would say yes and that he’s actually smaller than seven.

  3. manyichu Says:

    Kung ako si Vina sasabihin ko
    ” Excuseee me manay di ako tomboy ha. Pagkatapos kay Zubiri eh kay Borgy naman
    Nakuhh kidlatan kami ha “

  4. astroboi Says:

    i want sam! :P

  5. jay Says:

    Haha. funny! :) tagal ko na din nakakapakinig sa radio show ni Moe

  6. jo Says:

    Regarding his comment about Sam, ‘It takes One to know ONE”.

  7. red Says:

    nice program. with dj mo
    no hypocrite

  8. Dave Montero Says:

    I thought Borgy was gay?

    @jo - right on! LOLz

  9. bea Says:

    I dont think Borgy will lie but still Vina deserve some respect though.

  10. kamotaze Says:

    I was laughing like mad when I heard that interview, happens that it was the first time I tuned in to FM after a looooong break. Though it was kind of a turnoff for borgy to kiss and tell, what the heck, I’d still go at it with him if he’d asked me. hahaha. But vina? Total lack of judgement on his part. hahahahaha! (ang sama mo!)

  11. Joey Says:

    It is understandable that a lot of us wishes Sam to be gay. It could give us a better chance to have him.

    But gay or not, I LOVE SAM!!!

  12. Ang-ang Says:

    who cares if Sam is gay! Me i do care because he really is.

  13. peterpic Says:

    wierdest place for sex was between shoots in the changing room… i wonder if it’s with a girl stylist or…

  14. Anthony Long Says:

    I also got intimate with Borgy, yes indeed he is gay. He paid me 3000 for the deed.

  15. pepe Says:


  16. Mikey Says:

    Who really cares what this Borgy says? He came from a family of “THIEVES”, never forget that He’s a Marcos. Do I need to say more? ………I didn’t think so.

  17. Sam M. Says:

    Guys that usually reveal and brag about the size of their “penis”,aren’t really telling the truth. You’ll be surprised. Who’s gay now? LOLL

  18. Borgy Marcos Manotoc Says:

    Oh yeah, Anthony Long? I remember now, You’re the one, that I had to look for your junjun, too small. I got it !!!!!

  19. Billy Bathgate Says:

    Well, Borgy’s revelations are not that surprising. What surprised me is Vina’s denial about what happened with them (borgy) All along I thought Vina is a member of The Hunks. (That makes Borgy really gay) hahahahahahahahahaha

  20. anton Says:

    borgy is just fooling around. liar

  21. jerome Says:

    yeah especially with the 7in dick…his physique belies this

  22. jomariejoy Says:

    What makes Borgy tell that sam is gay? May nakalipas ba sila? hmmmm… 7 inch wang? Huh!? Hindi halata…

  23. banjo Says:

    I still believe in Borgy’s words….telling the truth doesnt make someone a liar> let’s admit it though, he is very credible and still powerful….I was just surprised that he was so open to announce that he did it with Vina M…..Vina should be proud!!!!!!Knowing how meticulous and discriminating Borgy is when it comes to sex, i just could not believe he’ll do it with her…Maybe Vina forced….Anyway Vina, you should thank Borgy, youre back in the limelight again…lol….i saw Borgy’s wang….It’s more than 7 inches when erect… erect!!!

  24. seveninwang Says:

    how does borgy know sam is gay? i think the weirdest place to have s3x thing (photo studio, in between shoots/ while changing wardrobe) he’d done it with sam that’s why he’s so sure sam is gay.. hmmm… who’s really gay, was it sam or borgy?.. about vina, i won’t be that sensitive.. borgy from the start doesn’t earn credibility… if he wasn’t manotoc or marcos, he’s nothing!

  25. Matt Says:

    I think Sam is gay and so is Borgy. I agree, it takes one to know one but there’s still a possibility that Borgy did have sex with Vina (maybe a bi). On the part of Vina, she does deserve some respect, though Borgy might just be playing around, But back to the issue, Sam is GAY : )Maybe that’s why it’s hard for them to find a loveteam for Sam.

  26. Matt Says:

    I just want to add up, 7 inches, come’n it’s obviously not with you’re physique, not even a six. That’s the true lie.

  27. Dennis Caba » Another Marcos? Says:

    […] But I’m almost too sure that he would get the gay vote as he had proven already that he’s pro-gay (maybe not to Sam Milby**) when he bared it all for Icon Magazine, a gay mag in the Philippines. […]

  28. Eserofia Says:

    borgy??/ um.. i saw him couple of times in bora… the celebrity olympics.. well mybe borgy is a kiss and tell guy, but for sure his not a liar… very nice website…

  29. Mark Says:

    7? he’s too liar. i bet he’s only 5.

    well.. in his interview, we can reallt tell that he’s a sex addict.

    anyway, tuwing kailan ba tong radio broadcast ni dj mo? is the show still on going? what time? day?

  30. carl Says:

    Dude, we all know you’re gay, admit it, DJ Mo. Yes, everytime DJ MO speaks, his gay inclination manifests. I strongly believe he’s gay, and I would advise him to admit it first before he asks other to name names suspected of being gay. Cmon, DJ MO, be true to yourself and the public.

  31. Kaleena Says:

    Ang naaalala ko sa sexual encounter namin ni Borgy, eh:

    Me: Put it in! Put it in!

    Borgy: It’s in! Aaaggh!

    Me: What?! Sad face.

  32. muwdel Says:

    malamang nag pa picture si lance raymundo kay borgy (fetish kasi ni lance mag pa pictorial na may kasamang mga lalaking modelo) tapos hiningi niya yung cell number niya

  33. Sam Milby is Straight! | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Who says Sam Milby is gay? Well, well, well… you are dead wrong!!! This video is the ultimate proof that dear Sam is straight! Hahaha! (Continue on to watch the video.) […]

  34. Gerry Says:

    tama ka about lance Raymnundo. Ang galing magpanngap ng letche.. .alam ng lahat ang drama ni ate lance raymundo, Mading talaga ang atche

  35. elfisthunter Says:

    dotn really care bout sam is gay or not.its the person’s character that matters.
    well borgy… 7inch is not a stretch so…enjoy you guys..

  36. inquirer Says:

    what did you mean by “borgy’s physique belies his claim that he has a 7 inch dick?”

    can one’s physique be somewhat an indicator of his dick size?

    please explain. i’m very interested to know. we can email each other if it’s ok with you.

  37. eponine Says:

    I think he only mentioned Vina’s name as a joke, considering you some of you guys look down on her. Vina or not, the woman deserves respect. Anyway, I also think Sam is gay.

  38. fattyacid Says:

    well it takes one to know one…

    di ba mga bro?

    taas ang isang kilay sabay harharhar

  39. TS Says:

    na paka big deal naman sa inyo kung gay or not, e ano ngayon kung gay! thought this website will help to boost their confidence and be proud pero parang being gay still negative, dusko naman let them…

    dapat if you think their gays WOW WINNER…

  40. bluehballs Says:

    Borgy…may gay inclination ka din kaya wag kang magtuturo jan…kasi kaya mo alam kasi nararamdaman mo …sabi nga nila… it takes one to know one..kunwari k pa!

  41. daniel Says:

    Borgy? 7 inches? Hahahahaha! Shame on Mo twister for asking such stupid questions and double shame on Borgy for answering. Guess money can’t buy manners.

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