Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 1

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I was single, manly beautiful, manly musky, in my early 20’s thus oozing with confident youthfulness. I heard about it from another friend who emphatically said it was a “by invitation” place only. Good thing a gay officemate, already a member of that place, dragged me along. The place was called “Blue Avenue,” tucked in a side street along Makati Avenue. I heard it had already been closed down, but there in the shadowy rooms of that place, outwardly unrecognizable as a sinful den for “pa-mhin” gays like me seeking for anonymous carnal pleasures, dark memories were born and still linger to this day.

A lighted red bulb marked the spot, a chained apartment door, accessible only after passing a rusty metal gate that remained closed yet unlocked. A bulky, gym-toned man would usually open the door seconds after I rang the doorbell. He was a computer programmer in Makati during the day, and the place’s manager during the night. I learned later on that he was also part-owner of that place along with several other gay friends of his. Several round tables and old chairs littered the “sala” area, leading to a bar with tall stools. There, I paid the usual fee, a hundred, hundred-fifty pesos based on my fuzzy memory, with it came a free drink — which for me was usually San Mig Light.

Upon paying, I would turn to the door on my left that said “Authorized Personnel Only” — that was the door that opened to a flight of stairs leading to the second floor. There the real action happened.

There were three rooms, a reading area, plus a largish comfort room in the second floor.

The Reading Area welcomed people walking up the stairs. It had mood-lighting, strong enough for one to browse through a collection of soft-porn gay magazine, all local, all Pinoy. It was also my favorite place to hang out in so I can choose my pick of the night.

The first room was doorless and had 3 or 4 open cubicles, each with a chair. Inside it was totally dark.

The second room was a video room. M2M porn films were shown, it was airconditioned, and a good number of people would hang out and display themselves in this room too.

The third and last room was the largest — and raunchiest. It had 2 beds, several rolls of tissue paper (if you could actually find them), and also totally dark.

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