Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2

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MGG Exclusive

For a measly one hundred fifty pesos, I had the whole throng of Blue Avenue regulars to choose from. My favorite day was Thursday. There was a good number of guys to choose from, not too crowded, yet enough for there to be 2 or 3 good picks.

Among the 2 or 3 I spot, there was never a miss, I get at least one. When I say “I get,” I mean I really get them. My usual drama then was — give me head, that’s all.

I met one guy there — I never got to know his name — he was around 5′10″ and with a pretty good build. He was one of those really masculine looking ones, and of course, who wouldn’t die for one right? His face was good enough to be swooned over, no pimples, and a killer smile. He was one of my picks that night. At first I tried to play innocent. As if I didn’t really notice him. Until he made the first move. I was at the bar when I caught him looking at me. It was my trigger. I ordered another San Mig light and off I went upstairs, and lingered for a while in the Reading Area. It did not last 5 minutes when I saw him walking up the stairs. He was looking at me, and I gave him a half smile. He took the sofa fronting where I was seated and pretended to browse some magazines. I stood up and went to the first room, just outside it actually, and as I expected he followed. We went inside one of the pitch dark cubicles. He seemed to know what I was looking for. My zipper went down, along with him. When I had my fill, it was all done. I zipped up, went downstairs — the last thing I saw of him was him going to the CR, probably to wash his cum-stained mouth. It was great, and minutes after I was driving home: alone, silent, satisfied, and already thinking of when I will be back next — for another fill of the thrill of anonymous sex. of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  digg:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  spurl:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  newsvine:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  furl:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  reddit:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  fark:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2  Y!:Thrill of Anonymous Sex - Part 2


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