Masturbation with another guy

“Have you masturbated with another guy?” — I would venture a guess on your answer, and it is a yes! Ha-ha-ha! Now, would it be the same if this question is asked to supposedly straight guys? I quote below a number of survey responses to this question, and while most of the respondents were from the U.S., the answers are nevertheless quite interesting! I invite you to post your own answer in the “comments” section here so we can compare notes: Have you ever masturbated with another guy (supposedly straight)? How was it like?

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As everyone else is bound to say, I’m not gay, but I did masturbate with my best friend once when we were 15. We were playing truth or dare with my friend’s stepsister, and she dared both of us to masturbate each other while naked. So we both undressed, he got behind me, and soon he was stroking my penis. I ejaculated right there in front of them and then masturbated my friend. I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It actually felt nice, and pretty erotic with both him and his stepsister there.
- age 16, Connecticut

Last summer my friend and I (both 14) were staying alone at our lake cabin for the first time. It was early in the season, so we made up only one bed and both slept in it. We started snapping the elastic on each other’s shorts. Then suddenly he grabbed my penis and I grabbed his. We both had erections. I started to masturbate him, and he called me a pud puller. I said, “I suppose you don’t do it?” He admitted that he did. We both masturbated each other twice that night and have done so several times since then.
- age 15, Idaho

I was in the process of getting divorced and took a vacation. A friend of some 10 years joined me for part of the time. We were both in our mid 30s and very relaxed, as we knew each other well. After a couple of mornings of waking up with a “morning glory” [erection], we quietly started to play with each other. There were several sessions of mutual masturbation that were fun and relaxing. That was 11 years ago, and we are still friends. What we shared was a special kind of friendship and is not an embarrassment to us. I now share my life with another lady and have only pleasant memories. Would it happen again, either with him or someone else? I cannot guess, but I am not frightened of that possibility. As I say, it was a special friendship.
- age 41, United Kingdom

In middle school my friend and I liked to play “dark” at sleep-overs. We would turn off all the lights, hide each other’s clothes in the room, and race to re-dress. The first one done would turn on the light, and then we would play again. The lamp was also plugged into a 5-minute timer. If it came on and we both had no pants, we had a penis war to see who won. That’s when we both masturbated the other guy to make him ejaculate and therefore lose. That was my favorite game, of course.
- age 17, Kansas

I masturbated with a friend on the beach when I was 18. It happened because we saw some girls and we got very hard. So we had to go into the water and masturbate together.
- age 26, Brazil

I’ve masturbated with a lot of other guys — it’s fun to do if you’re both bored/horny and it’s late at a sleep-over or something. If you’re both comfortable with it and don’t feel “weird,” it’s a really cool way to masturbate because it’s enhanced by the presence of the other person. Even though we’re both straight, the sounds of the other person and their breathing help the stimulation process. It might be uncomfortable the first few times, but after that it’s an incredible experience. The biggest problem is who gets up to throw away the wad of used tissues.
- age 16, Pennsylvania

I have masturbated with other males many times. The first was with my older brother and his friends when I was about 13. The lead-in was that if I wanted to hang around with them I had to join in on everything. Since then, even though I am happily married, I have continued to engage in this activity. I have found there isn’t a woman on the planet who knows how to touch and stroke me like a man can. Another man knows instinctively how to do it because he’s got the same equipment and knows what feels good.
- age 45, Nevada

My best friend and I would talk about masturbation quite a bit, and then he finally suggested we do it together. I was up for it (excuse the pun), but the it led to other [more sexual] acts. Right now we could call each other best friends, but it’s not the same as it used to be. Some advice for people who want to try this: It can be an awesome experience, but be careful who you ask to do this with you.
- age 15, Ontario, Canada

When I was 14 I went camping with a buddy. In the evening we went skinny-dipping and got to splashing around and wrestling. We both got erect, compared penises, and then masturbated each other about six times that night. For the next five years we were masturbation buddies.
- age 44, Minnesota

I masturbated once with a friend at age 14 (which I will chalk up to adolescent hormones), then quite often with my college roommate. What led up to it? I don’t remember much about the earlier incident, but with my roommate it happened when we’d been watching an adult video at my mom’s. One particular scene had two beautiful women together and prompted repeated viewings. Around the 4th or 5th time through the scene he commented that when he got home, he’d have to “take care of business.” I was in the same shape, so we decided, “what the heck.” From then on, if one of us felt the need to masturbate, we didn’t worry about offending the other, and did so together quite frequently.
- age 27, Texas

Before I start: I am *not* gay and neither is my friend. Last August I was at my best friend’s house for a weekend, and he told me about his cousin’s stash of Penthouses. I asked him if he ever masturbated to them, and he gave me a blank stare. It was the first time I had ever mentioned masturbation to him. Then I asked if he had wet dreams. I said that if he did, masturbating would help. Then he gave in and confessed that he did masturbate. Eventually I sat on one end of the room while he sat on the other end so we could relieve some sexual tension. We each did it under separate covers, and left semen on the carpet! That was it, though. We have never done it again.
- age 15, Maryland

I once masturbated with another guy who lived in my dorm. He was not my roommate, but he was staying in the room while my roommate was out of town. We were being stupid, playing truth or dare, and he dared me to whip it out and start masturbating. I told him I would if he did, so we both did it! It was really pretty cool. I never did it again, but wish I could. I have a fantasy about masturbating with another guy, even though I am now married and perfectly straight.
- age 25, North Carolina

I was about 7 (although I have been masturbating since I can remember) when my sister’s friend’s brother came to spend the night. We were talking about sex, and ended up on top of each other — although we are both straight — pretending to have sex. (One pretended to be a girl.) About two months later he spent the night again. Wanna guess what we did?
- age 14, Arizona

We were curious and drunk at the same time, so we decided to see who could shoot further. End of story.
- age 22, Oregon

When I was 15 I was sleeping over at a friend’s house. It was late at night, and we were on the Net. It was hot, so we had just boxers on. He was just sitting there when he started to play with himself and then said, “Oops!” Later, when we went to bed, he wanted to play truth or dare. He asked if I masturbated and I said yeah, and he dared me to masturbate him. It was cool. We aren’t gay and we both have girlfriends.
- age 16, New Jersey

Just mentally a few times. Don’t get me wrong — I love the fairer sex, but I’d sure like to try masturbating with a couple of my buddies at least once.
- age 16, Texas

When I was at the university I masturbated with my friend. After sports when we were under the shower, he asked me to masturbate him. I was surprised and refused. A few days later he asked again, and I don’t know why, but I accepted. It was the first time I masturbated a member of the same sex — and it was the revelation of my sexual orientation. Paul and I have lived together for almost 3 years now, and we are very happy.
- age 27, Belgium

My friend spent the night last summer. The next morning I woke up before he did. I was really horny and since he was still asleep, I decided to masturbate. He woke up while I was doing it and sat up in bed and said, “Hey, cool, you do that too?” He asked to join in, and I said, “Sure!” We had fun doing it together and still do it whenever we spend the night together.
- age 14, California

When I was 15, two male friends and I had a sleep-over at my house. My entire family was out, and we knew they would be gone until at least 10 o’clock, so we had the house to ourselves. My older brother, about 17, had pornographic movies. We got one and started to watch it. Much to our surprise, in the middle of this otherwise totally straight porno was a group of three guys masturbating while talking about their sexual escapades. We talked about it for a minute and agreed to try our hand at it (pun intended). We started out just sitting around in a circle, masturbating ourselves; but by the time my family returned, we had masturbated each other. All 3 of us are perfectly straight, but we have relived this night more than once.
- age 20, Vermont

I have masturbated with male friends when the opportunity was there — that is, we knew no one else would find out, so we went for it. I’m certain more guys would masturbate together if there weren’t such a “taboo” associated with it. I think JackinWorld helps a lot in dispelling those taboos, since you can be honest anonymously with the rest of the readers here.
- age 33, California

Two good friends and I had been out on the lake all day without any parents around, and that night we thought what better way to end the day than to masturbate. It wasn’t even that awkward, since we had talked about it that day. We just sat down on the couch, pulled off our shorts, and went at it. We all finished about the same time. That was the first time, which lead to many more. And you don’t even have to be gay!
- age 17, Alaska

No, I have never masturbated with a guy — I am a heterosexual male. Yet I do think about what it would be like. I think it would be just great!
- age 14, Iowa

When I was 16, my 13-year-old cousin came to visit in the summertime. Shortly after we had turned the lights out to go to sleep on the first night of his visit, I heard a rhythmic sound coming from the floor next to my bed where he was sleeping. I pretty much knew what he was doing down there, but I was *really* surprised to feel a hand come out of the dark and smear some warm fluid all over my face — with him laughing his ass off! Naturally, I had to retaliate, so I sat on his chest and masturbated until I ejaculated all over his face (and up his nose). The next day, and the rest of the summer, we masturbated together, and occasionally did each other, every place and time we could. I think it is an acceptable thing for horny boys with no other sexual outlets to do — good memories, and no regrets.
- age 26, Georgia

When my friend and I were younger, we would sleep in the same bed when I spent the night at his house. Once he rolled over and accidentally touched my penis. It felt good, so we took it from there. Now the guy is a jerk and denies the whole thing. I’d love to masturbate with my new best friend, but I’m not sure how to bring it up.
- age 18, Michigan

Absolutely not! Why would anyone be possessed to do something like that? I have good friends, but the most we ever do is watch TV and play video games.
- age 23, California

No! I would never do that. I think that to masturbate with another boy is a gay behavior, which is nasty for me. I can’t bear the idea of being seen or touched by someone else during masturbation. That’s something very private and personal for me. I started masturbating when I was 12, and I’ve always felt ashamed and guilty. So I never talk with my friends about this (nor with my father of course!). As I’ve read now that there are many people who also masturbate, I feel better — but I would feel like a pervert to masturbate with someone of my own sex.
- age 14, Chile

As a teen, I very much enjoyed sharing the experience with my best friend (male). By the time we were 20 we had moved on to more mature activities.
- age 74, Virginia

One of my good friends and I decided to masturbate one night. At first I thought it was gay but then decided it’s something everyone does. However we never saw each other while we were doing it. We had our backs facing each other. It was a cool experience.
- age 21, North Dakota

We are roommates and we have talked many nights about masturbation and heterosexual sex. One night we both got that “hard-to-control” feeling of hormonal overload that made us shake and shiver like we had the chills. It was the worst hormonal charge that either of us had ever had. So I, being the more open of the two, pulled my pants down a bit. He followed suit shortly after. We both ejaculated rather quickly, and it has happened many nights since then. The whole experience has made us more open about ourselves, our feelings, and our same-sex feelings, even though neither of us is gay. We never would have thought it would have happened, but now we are both glad it did.
- age 18, North Carolina

I have never had the opportunity to do such a thing, although I think I regret it now — but it would not be the same thing anymore. So my hint for all you who are still in your teens is: If you have the wish to go at it with a friend of the same sex, do it while you’re young and are still kind of free to experiment. You may not have anyone left to ask if you wait too long.
- age 21, Germany

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