The First Noel (a true story)

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“Migs, make me your second boyfriend”

I got to learn that it was his birthday only the morning after. I felt so guilty so I treated him to lunch. That was the best I could do. Several more weekends of being secretly together passed, then he asked to be my “second” boyfriend. “Okay lang sa akin na kabit mo ako,” he said. Since I had a partner, and did not want a querida, I respectfully declined by telling him, “May ipapakilala ako sa iyo.” I introduced him to another friend, and paired them up. That too, I thought, was the best I could do.


I thought that maybe Noel could forget about me if I diverted his attention to another guy. Maybe due to my insistent prodding, he did date my friend. My friend became Noel’s very first boyfriend. With the same whirlwind pace they paired up, however, they also broke up. From then on, Noel took one partner after another: gallivanted, flirted, cruised, and floated from one tryst to the other. He surpassed my year-long span of homosexual experience in just a few weeks.


Now, 5 years after, we still get together quite frequently. He remained a very good friend. This time he is the one with a partner (they are pretty new but Noel’s partner is one slick chap) and I am the single one (and no, not the kabit). On the month I broke up with my partner, Noel offered to introduce me to one of his friends. He said, “actually type ko siya, at type niya ako, pero I told him I have a partner na. Ipakilala ko na lang sa iyo.”

Now the tables have turned a full 180 degrees. As you can see, five long years after, he is the one introducing a friend to me so he, hard as he try, can divert the friend’s affection to me instead. Fabulously familiar!

If gay life is always this exciting, I would not want one second less of it.

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