Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Greenbelt 3 in Makati. A couple of days ago, sometime around 11:00 pm. Two friends arguing, I was one of them and sipping my favorite Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. “Come on, take his picture — use my camera phone!” I badgered my friend Gary, but he wouldn’t give in.

Well, minutes before that he was flirting with Gepoy, the cute barista at the cash register. He went as far as telling Gepoy straight in his face that he finds him cute, that he should try going for VTRs and stuff… but the dalagang Filipina in Gary just couldn’t take the challenge of a quick snapshot of the cutest Coffee Bean barista I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Oh, his smile is to die for! “For the sake of my blog readers, please?! I want to show them his pic…” was my last plea, trying to convince him to take the snapshot. But he wouldn’t hear any of it, he was adamant. More of shy. Too bad I was too.

So there, dear readers, a very good example of NOT seizing the moment. Well just take my word for it: Gepoy, cutest barista ever, Coffee Bean, Greenbelt 3. If you’re in the area, steal a quick glance. If you’re not as shy as us, maybe even strike a conversation. You might just get lucky :)

And hey, don’t forget to tell him that the Manila Gay Guy is infatuated with him! He-he. Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  digg:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  spurl:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  newsvine:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  furl:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  reddit:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  fark:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3  Y!:Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3


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21 Responses to “Cutest Barista at Coffee Bean GB3”

  1. Jase Says:

    Hi Migs,

    I have just added you in my blogs in pink links !!! Wow. I also want to be added to your links. Your blog is really funtastique!

  2. migs Says:

    added you already, jase! salamat!

  3. mr_single_dude Says:

    You think his looks are hot…

    wait till you hear him sing…

  4. manila gay guy Says:

    oh… mr_single_dude - you know him???? wow. pakilala mo naman ako :)

  5. mr_single_dude Says:

    we’ve been introduced .. pero hindi kami close..

    he’s a nice guy.. go talk to him.. before he leaves.. atleast thats what i heard.. he’s working abroad or something..

  6. manila gay guy Says:

    yup, he’s leaving for canada nga raw next year… hmmm… do u think he’s gay?

  7. Nelz Says:

    Wow where in Canada? If he’s settling in Vancouver, I’d like to be there at the airport to give him a wild welcome he he he

  8. manila gay guy Says:

    sige i will propose that on your behalf… makapunta nga sa GB3 later… hehehe.

  9. jose cruz Says:

    i hope you’ll feature this very hunky and cute waiter at cafebola in Greenbelt…. >:p–

  10. Another cute barista | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] I was prowling the gimmick scene at Greenbelt 3 with friends, and thought of dropping by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (again) to see Gepoy, the cutest barista ever. Too bad he was not there. Hmpt. But, but, but…. I found another barista, not as cute, but his snobbish attitude makes him more mysterious, more interesting. Didn’t get his name (was it Neil? oh I’m really getting old) but was able to take a sneaky snap with my cellphone camera. […]

  11. Search for Mr. Service Crew | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] After the play, while waiting for some friends to arrive, I checked out Coffee Bean — and yes, I think I’m obsessed — to see if Gepoy was there. Take note that this is my fourth straight day to be in Greenbelt, my fourth straight day trying to check out Coffee Bean to get a glimpse of Gepoy my fine looking cutey barista. For the fourth straight day I was disappointed. What a sad day. […]

  12. mr_single_dude Says:

    sometimes they station him at GB3 cinema.. there’s a cbtl booth there at times..

  13. gepy's friend Says:

    gepoy is bisexual…

  14. Migs Says:

    really, gepy’s friend? hmmm… madadalas nga yata ang tambay ko sa gb3 hehehe!

  15. wile Says:

    gepoy is gay. hes just fronting hes straight so he could appear to be more marketable. he’d curl your hair if he could.

  16. ciane Says:

    ei in fairness cuty tlga c jepoy kahit la na sya sa coffebean i do have a friend na kilala rin cya….

  17. ciane Says:

    wile youre right di nga sya straight

  18. ciane Says:

    check nyo rin un Coffee bean sa emerald park ng origas grabe may nakita akong hunk manager un ng coffee bean… grabe as in worth it twing pupunta me don gingaganahan akong umorder maghapon

  19. harajuku Says:

    sana mapost niyo yung pic niya, so that i have something to look forward to when i am in Manila (Im from Cagayan de Oro)

  20. Dimple Says:



  21. Adrian Oscar Says:

    cute ba talaga? patingin nga ng picture..

    wala kayo kahit stolen shot?

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