Icon Magazine now Out and Bi

The latest issue of Icon Magazine is now out and bi! Out as in out in the market, and Bi as in bi-monthly!


More pictures up ahead!

It has a feature on MGG favorite Janvier Daily (together with Troika lead Jamil Basa).



On the cover is last year’s Century Superbod Winner Jon Mullaly.


Here are some behind-the-scenes photos:






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23 Responses to “Icon Magazine now Out and Bi”

  1. josh Says:

    great! so aside from troika (P500) now here is icon (P150?) wag munang kakain hangang biyernes…

  2. josh Says:

    last pic kahawig ni john mullaly c Jumong

  3. L.A Says:

    Sheeet yummy!!! i like the 7th and 8th picture!!

  4. chad Says:

    i like his body. di gaanong ripped pero defined. kaso is it just me or does he look like the co-host of kuya germs in walang tulugan? lol

  5. jj Says:

    im now in love with jon!

  6. rOckY Says:

    ICON has also created a YouTube account to post promotional videos related to the magazine - I posted the videos in my entry about the magazine here:


  7. eric Says:

    saw him(JON) once sa rcbc plaza, i think sa fitness first plus sya workout…hes sooo tall and the eyes!!! nagkatinginan kame!!! sheet kinilig ako!!!

  8. josh Says:

    hey, i bought this ICON issue and it has an article on MGG, MIGS congarts alots!!! dadami na naman ang community d2!

  9. ate glo Says:

    is that a camel’s foot on his crotch?

  10. chad Says:

    you mean a camel toe. now that you mentioned it… lol oo nga. maybe it’s the balls.

  11. asia Says:

    jon is really one hot material….
    sana mas revealing pa…
    on second thoughts…mas beautiful pa rin si sam milby keysa ke jon

  12. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    maldita ka chad ha!, oo nga noh, hawig niya si John Nite, yung co-host ni kuya Germs sa MS..lolz!..

  13. kris Says:

    ewan………………………wala yan sa janvier namin magdala ng short sabi ko yan kasi lahat ng play nya ng basketball watch
    ko lahat ng events na sali sya watch ko din kaya klase-klaseng damit na wear mya kita ko kayang kaya nyang magdala ng kahit anong klaseng style.naku tombok nyo mahaderng tamaraw
    at chad ang laki ng hawig nya kay john nite
    handsome version nga lang sya di ba?

  14. monicalewinskiing Says:

    basta. may boylet akong kamukhang kamukha ni mullaly! chos!

  15. gago Says:



  16. paul esguerra Says:

    hes wonderful.i think hes very hot looking physically and he look well educated.i like his face very much it expresses a lot.the way he look the way he smile. its just good.more pewer to you jon.

  17. AJ Says:

    where or how can I receive ICON magazine?

  18. donn Says:

    @AJ: its available in Booksale.

  19. blue_harajuku Says:

    4th pic… the lipstick.

  20. francis Says:

    does anybody know what happened to ICON??
    i can’t open yheir website,,its weird..

  21. Francis Tom T. Says:

    wala na atang icon it’s now dead

  22. fattyacid Says:

    awww ganyan naman lagi…wala yatang tumatagal na gay mags dito sa pinas. T_T

  23. rikCa9 Says:

    yUMmy tLaga ni jon!!!!!!!!!!

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