Icon Magazine New Issue

Yes, Icon Magazine’s last issue for the year is now out!

Icon Magazine Cover

Come inside, take a peek to what’s in store for you!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures…






It gets better as you proceed to page 2…

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24 Responses to “Icon Magazine New Issue”

  1. fernz Says:

    are the models gay?

  2. Migs Says:

    i actually don’t know. but there is a high probability a couple are. :) thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. Ian Says:

    What a dreadful collection of models. The worst ever. Run out of pinoys, have they?

  4. jase Says:

    how did u get this bts photos ??

  5. Migs Says:

    jase, just off the web!!! :)

  6. max Says:

    do you guys know the whole name of the bruno guy?

  7. bananas Says:

    @ian: i don’t think they’re Filipinos.

    Well, if they are, they’re still hot. Also I would like to think that they were not actually picked for the magazine because they were hot but because they were hot gays.

    icon mag is a gay mag, remember.

    migs, it’s a shame I came in and post a comment so uber late.


  8. Icon Mag Pictures | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] I announced in a previous post the release of the latest issue of Icon Magazine where they featured white men instead of Pinoy hunks. This is the last issue they will be releasing in 2006. Here are scanned photos of the images *inside* the mag — I still encourage you to buy the mag though, as these pics here are small and low-res. I’m sure you would want to see these in large, clear prints, right? Thank you for scanning the pics, Closet Conundrums. […]

  9. coco-loco Says:

    i wish to grab… that mag, but i don’t suppose they will send it to europe. any tip how i can get a copy or two of that fabulous mag?

  10. franco saycon Says:

    hi coco loco, do e-mail the circulation manager at :-) thanks

  11. Bim Says:

    are they in a party??? coz if they are, it must be “hot” in there!

  12. Trent Says:

    Go to LPL Tower in Legaspi St..

    Thats where most of the Brazilian Guys stay

  13. ERWIN Says:

    i luv u na khit ngaun kng kita nakita,,,,,,,,

  14. cast Says:

    hi migs,

    the models are gayest models ever.

  15. astroboi Says:

    i know bruno and he’s definitely not gay…

  16. jj Says:

    saw a couple of them at greenbelt a while back, and they are all so hot!brazilian, italian, so yummy

  17. josh Says:

    Hey i bought an ICOn collectible vol. 1 (eh nahawakan ko na at nasa counter na ko when i found out it was P500!!!) parang yung bench magazine lang ang dating, not so impressive, but nevertheless worth collecting.

  18. summer Says:


  19. Daizuke Says:

    Whew!! HOT HOT HOT!!…

  20. lYndOn Says:

    maSaRap cLang lAhaT!..

  21. jason Says:

    sarap naman nila!

  22. Bakleeeeta Says:

    THe tall guy on the first 2 pics of the second page, yung pinapahiran nung girl na nakagreen, I think he had a hard on. Look at his brief. Bakatna bakat. Ang swerte swerte naman nung girl na yun!

  23. sardonicnell Says:

    good to hear they have ‘icon’ mag in manila. i guess it’s like ‘instinct’ magazine here in US. this is great news!

  24. Baklusha Says:

    mga baklita ang modela!!!

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