“Wana mit?”

While preparing to leave the office last night, I received an SMS: “Wana mit?”

“Wen? 2nyt?”

“Yes. U free?”

“Yep. Abt 2 liv d ofc. Wer do i mit u?”

“Hir sa haus. Come.”

I stopped for a bit, but told myself, “what the heck.”

I SMSd back. “Sure. Txt me directions.”

Half an hour later, I was talking with him on the phone: “Dito na ako sa street ninyo. Which house is yours?”

“I’m right outside the house, waiting for your car. Yan na, I can see you na.”

I arrived at his house. It was our first time to see each other. Yes, an EB without prior exchange of photos. With his welcoming smile I knew he liked what he saw. Not sure though if it was the car or me he liked. I was ok, I neither liked nor disliked what I saw.

He let me in, straight to his room. It was dark and humid, the TV flickering with a Gossip Girl episode.

“Come sit on my bed.”


A pregnant pause. I was pretending to watch the TV, but with my peripheral vision I saw him staring at me. As if gobbling me up from a distance.

He broke the silence: “Kiss me?”

Several more minutes I was on top of him, both of us naked. He said he was liking it, but I felt it was more of craving for it. “Migs, ikaw pa lang nakagawa sa akin nito.”

In my mind, “sure, sure.”

After several more minutes, I came. And when it was his time he wanted me to go inside him again. Hungry man he was.

* * *

While clothing up, he was mumbling something about his schedule the next day.

“May VTR pa ako bukas.”

I pretended not to understand. Turned out he’s one of those upcoming, struggling, male models. In my mind, “oh no, not again.”

Before I left, he kissed me on the lips briefly. “Text me?”

My mouth said “sure,” but my mind thought, “why?” Then I bolted out to my car.

* * *

While driving home, the streets were drenched with the night rain. My windshield was blurred with splashing water. My ipod was on, playing Eric Bennet’s “The Last Time.” Around me, everything was busy and blurry.

In my mind, I was thinking, “if only I had a partner.”

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52 Responses to ““Wana mit?””

  1. cast Says:

    what migs, “if only you had a partner”?, then you would not have succumed to his invites?….. pero nag enjoy ka ba? …. curious lang… what’s missing in this short story is kung nag enjoy ka… then ok lang… ibang issue mo na lang ung partner… o dahil ba taken na c janvier? joke… world peace, abay

  2. doki Says:

    one of those nights…he will come migs, he will come…

  3. daemoneyes Says:

    @ migs - what situations you experience… id give anything to have that story written in my book… and id probably tread on that chapter…

    lucky you migs…

    i never get to have those moments…

    when people will want you…

    ive been always on the other end of the spectrum… and frankly im really tired of chasing…

    its been always like that…

    thing is if i stop chasing, then id really end up alone because i will never be an object to someones eye…

    guess what im saying is…

    youre a lucky man in all aspects…

    and i envy that…

  4. peppoi Says:


  5. Woodstock Says:

    Wana mit, Migs?

  6. lee Says:

    Bakit ba me mga post ka na nakakaiyak??? Or ako lang yung me problema?
    I wish it could be easier for us PLUs to love and be loved.
    I wish…
    … that forever is normal
    … that loyalty and fidelity is what’s hip
    … that we may always see blue skies like never before
    … that we can love for the last time and it would also be our partner’s last
    … that things are simplier
    … that as far as I can see, there’s only you and only me (hay lecheng lyrics)
    … that none is left alone
    … that… that…
    … haaay migs…
    … matutuluyan na ata itong Clinical depression ko…
    … prozac… ay na discontinue na na doc to dati …
    … haaay.

  7. Gregg D'Bully Says:

    Hey, you might be interested to contribute: click here.

  8. M Says:

    damn, i’d like to go for one round with you Migs. hehe just playing, but it’ll be nice to chat with you in person tho.
    Anyway, you guys won’t ever hook up again. did you enjoy it at least? damn, pretty crazy if you tell me. late night rendezvous, where to? my place say 2? haha gotta love craig david.

  9. Flinstone Says:

    Gusto ko sina Jenny and Dan Humphrey.

  10. peter_rian Says:

    haaay… kalungkot naman :(

  11. Isaribi Says:

    Kailangan ba talaga ng partner para lang masabi mong masaya ka sa buhay mo?

  12. Quentin X Says:

    If only I had a partner…to get trapped with in a sexless relationship? The grass is always greener…

  13. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …hello grannies! ;)

  14. lordrommel27 Says:

    salamat sa pagsagot mo sa tanong ko migs. hindi nag eexist ang platonic love sa buhay bakla.

    i wish you happiness migs!

    happy thanksgiving.

  15. Mark Says:

    I Know the feelings, being an American in Manila and in Showbuisness, They coem after you from EVERYWERE……..Thank God…….

  16. ernesto Says:

    Yeah if only you have a partner can I apply hahaha

  17. PinoyGayGuy Says:

    Aww, don’t be sorry for your self MGG, someday, your prince will come ;) God bless!

  18. eponine Says:

    nakakalungot naman. parang black hole. parang vacuum. naexperience ko na kasi ang ganitong pause amidst the busy corporate life (feeling hehe). anyway, cheer up migs. you can be happy even without a partner. alone but not lonely.

  19. Anino Says:

    Parang wala ka ng nararamdaman sa casual sex?Nakakatakot.

  20. maktub Says:

    ……. :| (silence)

  21. cinnamon_cookie Says:


  22. peppoi Says:

    Sana mag-meet naman tayong lahat na regular reader ni Migs, anu kaya..hmmm

    Roll Call!

  23. xoxo Says:

    OMG. christmas is fast approaching pa naman.. you’ll get more of those lonely rainy nights, while everything around you is in a hurly burly over the holiday cheer.

  24. blue_harajuku Says:

    hello migs… wanna mit? ahehehe mitathione? hehehehe

    sana magtetext si leandro okabe sa akin ng ganyan

  25. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …a friendly reminder to all! your annual LGBT Pride is coming up! :) am not so sure if its too cold over there, coz its freezing in NYC this Thanksgiving Parade day! OMG …huge balls and candycanes floating everywhere just like Gay Pride! Oops! gggo meet and have fun! …and don’t forget to bring your warm shawls and cane! Oops! ;)

    …we’ll be there in spirit! Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

  26. anton maton Says:

    yuck! di ka man lang nag-banlaw pagkatapos niyong mag-dyug! yuck!

    very particular about personal hygiene,

    anton maton

  27. jimg29 Says:

    EB peppoi? para que? for group sex? or para mag-gantsilyo? ok see u on LGBT Pride March.

  28. bam Says:

    MIGS, u gwapo ba? as in. i hope i cud see u even in photo lang. can i? email me pls.

  29. taylor Says:

    so, what’s the point?

  30. Little Fish Says:

    it all boils down to a very simple question….
    Was it worth it?

    That was purely lust.
    There was no love.

  31. gay_in_nyc Says:

    * for blonde_skinny_bitch: the macy’s thanksgiving parade wasn’t freezing at all. it was in 60s. come on, how could that be freezing. it became even hot when the crowd is packed.

  32. berns Says:

    if only you have a partner… migs, only time can tell when, but for now enjoy being single. ciao’ :)

  33. jang chul soo Says:

    @migs: interesting post. Howd he get your number in the first place? It really intrigues me how you look? From your kwentos you must be good-looking..are you? Btw..whats your dayjob?

  34. chismoso Says:

    i agree, migs, things like this do not happen when you’re in a relationship… provided you’re the relationship type that does not fool around. On the down side, these things do not happen in a relationship. Quentin X was right in saying the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Life has a way of throwing things at you that you don’t fully appreciate until it’s taken back.

    Whatever happens, Migs, enjoy each moment that life gives you so that you’ll have memories of a lifetime. Just make sure that you are safe each time. One moment of idiotic pleasure is not worth a lifetime of regret :)

  35. kel Says:

    haaay :(

  36. rAzAzO'o Says:

    feeling ko lang migs, dapat ang soundtrack ng episode mong ito ay COME UNDONE ng duran/duran… yon bang nilabasan ka pero hindi ka nag-orgasm… ganun… ganun?

  37. James Says:

    “if only I had a partner.”

    ..you wouldn’t do these things?

    this is the very best example of why i choose not to be engaged in anything and everything about meaningless sex..this can be very “lea bustamante” of me but i am hoping that someday people will understand the value and the feeling of two souls having sex and not the feeling of our earthly bodies doing it for purely orgasmic pleasures.

    hugs to you Migs :-)

  38. supermanix Says:

    migs, i wanna mit you. not because i wanna do ‘it’ with you but i just wanna pick your brains. let me know. :-) hehehe

  39. maverick Says:

    everybody hits their strike. i guess if you continue doing this, one day you’ll find yourself burned out.

    i have nothing about casual sex, it can be exciting but the satisfaction is not complete. for a time you can be happy but only to a certain extent.

    what’s the cure to a lonely soul? a warm embrace only lights up the vacuous expanse, not really filling the void..

    just my two cents worth

  40. alfonsonova Says:

    how sad….you’re a very typical shallow bakla…. always looking for a quick, anonymous, meaningless lay…. what a turn off….. so what’s with all your supposedly intellectual musings and pseudo-longing for a romantic and meaningful relationship crap…such hypocrisy.

  41. brent Says:

    hi Migs… Tagal ko na rin akong avid reader mo. I rally like your postings.

    welcome mo nman ako.hehehe

    Anyway, how good wasthe gguy that you have had met last nov, 22?

  42. jimg29 Says:

    ar-ouch ko!

  43. brazilian Says:

    youre kinda full of yourself huh.

  44. john doe Says:

    dami reaction hehehehe

  45. QtheConqueror Says:

    @alfonsonova - everyone succumbs at one point in life. If you actually read MGG, you’d realize that Migs just missed having a relationship with two people. We cope differently. At least Migs was man enough to admit his affairs. If you react this way, I wonder how you’d react to Corp Closet?

    Anyway, Migs you’re really making me curious as to what you look like. LOL. You’ll find a partner soon. From what I read, you’re smart, loving, of stable means, and good-looking (based on all your exes), I’m sure there are many who’d die to be with you. :)

  46. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …60 deg is definitely freezing! couldn’t get deliciously hottt Manhattanite’s pole to stand up on Herald Square! Oops! :lol:

    …don’t tell me you live in the North Pole, right? didya waive at Santa? :)

  47. dazedblu Says:

    that’s an uber SMS which leads to an uber expectations?! ;)

  48. adrian™ Says:

    haay migs, i feel the same way…wish i had a partner… ;(

  49. adrian™ Says:

    aayy, first time ko pala mag post ng reply dito sa site mo ;)

  50. iloveboom Says:

    hmmmm…parang d totoo? world peace migS! hehehehe….

  51. dowell Says:

    It’s as if you are born to live.
    And no matter how hard you try to look for someone to feel with,
    life brings you to labyrinth of life’s To-Live-Streets.

    To live or to feel?
    Of course one is co-existent with the other, but which is dominant?
    And where are you leading your material body to?
    To the end of your heart’s rainbow or to the cul de sac of your hand’s living avenue?
    Why can’t you find it?
    Do you think you really do not know?
    What if I tell you, YOU KNOW!?

  52. jay Says:

    there’s nothing wrong with anonymous sex. as long as it’s safe sex.

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