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Was browsing through the Wordpress trinkets and logs of my blog, and found that the top search term here in MGG the past 30 days is “Coco Martin.” Well, what else can I do but give in to this justifiable public demand. So here’s Coco, people, as he appears in the X-ray 2008 calendar…

Coco Martin, blow by blow…





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20 Responses to “Coco Martin”

  1. eponine Says:

    oh first one to comment! hehe

    he’s a cutie.

  2. jimg29 Says:

    Truly justified, there so much going on forthis guy and the senses, he’s got a killer smile, the inviting pubes, the erotic nipples, hot bod, and the armpits like asking to be licked. He should be in any musk or deodorant commercial and I’m going straight to hell.

  3. mouthworxz Says:

    promise clone ko xa bigyan ko kayo lahat!!!!hahahaha!!!!!

  4. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …is he of legal age? looks ssso young! a pedophiles delight! Oops! thanks but no thanks, are you menauposal already? hehehe ;)

  5. the other leo Says:

    bakit yung kay dion ayaw talaga ilabas ng buo?!?!?! hehehehe

  6. Ryan Says:

    He is so cute and very sexy lalo n dun s masahista

  7. kagandahang dyoza Says:


  8. Tony Says:

    I just love this guy…. The funny thing is , even though he was the main actor in Masahista, his career seemed to have stalled. Photos of him are far and few in between as well. >

  9. fattyacid Says:

    he reminds me of that cute chinito teen na kasabayan at laging kasama-sama sa mga TV show like Anakarenina(?) nina anne curtis and vannah sa GMA7 dati…i wonder kung si coco martin rin yun?

  10. peppoi Says:


  11. regina Says:

    pwamiz…crush ko talaga sya…haaaaaaaay.

  12. rodier Says:

    i like him noon pa. period!

  13. coca martina Says:

    he’s my ultimate crush ever since… wat a smile nakakalibog…. oh my gudness!!!

  14. ardyey Says:

    He is so damn cute in his movie masahista, i hope he will have more movies of the same theme! more pics from him migs! please! thank you!

  15. sheveree Says:

    his cute but despite of his good look and appeal asan na sya ngayun?! what keep him busy?!! or baka naman na i garahe na ?!!

  16. ethan Says:

    Bakit di siya pina shave or wax plus whitening scrub his groin area before the pictorial. Maitim ang singit. Dapat at least photoshop before publishing the calendar. Wala ba siyang manager at stylist na marunong.

    @sheveree: he has like five or six movies coming up. Mostly independent productions. He was in Ataul for Rent which was just shown. Other movie I know he is in is Tirador. Look for the trailers on youtube.

  17. chickoo Says:

    ang sarap! he should change his name though (assuming it’s a stage name). ‘coco martin’ sounds cheap and pang-himbo whereas mukha siyang quintessential boy next door, so wholesome. he reminds me of marcus madrigal sa pagka-boy next door, in the same league as leonardo litton (nung bago s’ya) sa pagka-fresh and malaman-laman. katakam-takam! ha!

    i personally don’t get the pinoy aversion for ‘maitim na singit’. even if ‘mukhang madumi’ we all know it’s not, so what gives? why make brown skin white? ‘colonial mentality’?

  18. joshMe&Doves Says:

    these r his daring photos so far! nice! :)

  19. dazedblu Says:

    slurp and burp!

  20. durrty Says:

    Maitim ang singit!? Ang tawag diyan shadow! Look at his other photos! Anyways ang ganda ng smile niya ano! At ang cute pala niya… hindi ko gusto siya noong una kasi dun sa intrigang kinasangkutan niya dati na nagdadalang tao yung girlfriend niya. Hindi maganda sa start ng career niya.

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