Hi, my name is Migs, and yes, I am the Manila Gay Guy.

I’m a young and moderately goodlooking Filipino dude (hahaha! take that with a grain of salt please!). I have a day job in one of Manila’s IT hubs, so I’m partly techie. But really, I enjoy a lot of other things aside from techie stuff. Like beautiful poetry, good food, adventurous outdoorsy trips (beaches! mountains! caves!), casual conversations, intellectual discourses, jologs discourses, music and movies, bonding with friends, and of course… let’s not forget, goodlooking boys slash men. Hahaha!

What can you expect from this site? Well, I write about anything a gay guy like me would be interested in (with hope that it would interest you too!) I grew up, and am still, in Manila so you can also expect that most of the happenings that I write about would be focused on those in the vicinity.

And by the way, for non-Filipino gays out there, American gays, European gays, Chinese gays, Japanese gays, all foreigner gays, etcetera, since the Filipinos are known for their hospitality, let me, the Manila Gay Guy, be your Manila Gay Guide. If you are looking for something not already contained in this site, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] — or use the contact form in this site.

Lastly, let me tell you that I am both real, and a product of some weirdo’s imagination, so I beg, give me the benefit of the doubt. Like every Miss Universe candidate, I say, “World Peace!”

World Peace Please

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