What a Beautiful Day!


You can proactively create your day — that’s one of the lessons I learned from the New Age film “What The Bleep Do We Know.” So instead of thinking of bad traffic, grumpy boss/officemates, and tons of workload…. think of beautiful, pleasant things. Think flowers. Think World Peace. Think Migs. Think beauty. Think Dave Rebolledo.

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30 Responses to “What a Beautiful Day!”

  1. WhoCares? Says:

    see through ng konti :p sinu tong model na to?

  2. WWE Publicist Says:

    Ang SAGWA ng ITSURA!!

  3. Dan Gabriel Says:

    yeah, it would be great to wake up, face the mirror and say to yourself, “i’m getting smarter, more charming and more beautiful each day.” feel free to substitute adjectives. hehe.

  4. nell Says:

    Cute yan. Mukang yummy nga eh.

  5. Tita Glo Says:

    uy! san mo napanood ang what the bleep do we know? meron bang pirated copy nyan?

  6. Rye Says:

    ohhh yes! what a beautiful day indeed!

  7. josh Says:

    “These are a few of my favorite things!” yup positive thinking man! :-)

  8. genesis17 Says:

    i have an original dvd copy of it
    hindi ko masyado mafeel ung essence ng movie
    kakaiba kc ehh
    wla yta cya sa local stores
    ung samin kc galing sa tita from the states na missionary

  9. genesis17 Says:

    migs ano name nung model?

  10. edmark Says:

    migs, pwede request?
    Can u feature jason abalos, please?

    He’s so cute and hunky na sya ngayon. saw the trailer of “my kuya’s wedding” and there was a scene na naka tapis lang sya ng towel. so hot..

    please, migs, i beg of you! hu hu…

  11. chuchu caracas Says:

    confused straight-acting din ba yang man na yan?

  12. michael Says:

    He has a nice body and a smile that lights up the room

  13. NONOY Says:

    cute cute.. i love it.
    Papa migs request ko namn paki feature po si Billy Crawford.. please.
    Love yah!

  14. fattyacid Says:

    somehow that smile is bothering me…

    but i agree, nice bod.

  15. Little Fish Says:

    wake up each morning and face the mirror…
    and say these things aloud with gusto:

    I am beautigul!
    I am happy and gay!
    I am FREE.

  16. rej Says:


  17. Trivia Queen Says:

    Migz, may audition pala for Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition! Baka gusto mo mag-apply! Hahahaha! Wagi ka dyan! Migz, the celebrity Blogger! hahahaha… May fan ka na agad, Migz!

  18. rommel Says:

    Migs parang tinatamad ka na mag post ng new items ah.. o sobra busy lang… dati pag bukas ko ng Manilagayguy mga 3 bagong item/topic nababasa ko.. ngaun kalimitan walang bago… more posts!!! :) more eye candy!!!

  19. my yellow shirt stained Says:

    Teka, last time may single but confused guy, then there was the married but playing guy, then there’s this eye candy guy.

    Ay caramba guy!!!

    Migs puno date book mo no?

  20. blueharajuku Says:

    san na si migs?

  21. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Migs, wala pa ring bago? Its been 5 days and 11 hours na daw. Tsk.. Malalaos tong site mo sige ka.

  22. webster Says:

    Where’s Migs??? Hope you’re ok man. Paramdam ka naman!!!

  23. KittyQT Says:

    Saan na kaya si Migs? Tuluyan na kayang na in-love ang lola mo? Abangan……..

  24. fattyacid Says:

    migs, where art thou?

    paps update anman dyan uy…i want something sensible after many days of seeing same stuff over and over again.

  25. ernesto Says:

    Nice bulge!!!

  26. Gina Cole Says:

    kakainis naman..walang bagong news :(

  27. WhoCares Says:

    migs buhay ka pa ba? 1 week na… It’s really unusual of you not to post for this long.

  28. dr_no Says:

    hello? power bottom kaya yan. hindi sya confuse noH! hes totally out!

  29. mel Says:

    anu ba yan…walang ka dating dating!!!wala bang mas hot?!

  30. rodier Says:

    mas gusto ko si janvier.

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