Marc Nelson says “World Peace!”


Whenever I see beautiful things, beatiful persons, beautiful anything, it speaks to me of my passions — and how this world with all its dark, dingy, dubious, and decadent sides, is still worth loving, worth enjoying.

Such is the case when I see this beautiful creature Marc Nelson. His six-pack whispers, no shouts, “World Peace!”

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15 Responses to “Marc Nelson says “World Peace!””

  1. Clark Can't Says:

    That’s a very interestingly sexy way to put it, Migs. Interesting and sexy indeed. Nice thought. =)

    By the way, I’ve listened to ur solo podcast and I find it very sweet. Thanks for taking the time. You should do more like it. TC.

  2. Rye Says:

    migs, you’re such a genius! AMEN.

  3. Misterhubs Says:

    Are you sure that’s what his abs shout? Because when i listen to to his abs, all i hear is “grab me” and “lick me all over.”

  4. josh Says:

    he really has one amazing abs, he’s not pinoy ryt?

  5. Jay Says:

    is it true he is with geoff (former powerboys member)

  6. mikel Says:

    i heard this from my friend from bora..
    he said that marc nelson is bi..
    he belongs to our clan..hahaha

  7. chuchu caracas Says:

    kamusta naman, ang balita ko si petrang kabayo ay top!

  8. kasey Says:

    no. marc nelson is Burmese. that’s the usual anyway. sometimes local models can’t get to the top because model imports are more favored. like Derek Ramsey, Mark San Diego, Cedric Sandez… gorgeus guys, but not at all filipino. Not one bit…I hope our industry would give the ‘pure bloods’ a break.

  9. Little Fish Says:

    chiseled to perfection….but he is not god, he is human…and humans got numerous flaws too.
    i just wonder what Marc’s flaw is?

  10. Migs Says:

    wow Little Fish - you’re back!

  11. isobel Says:

    i would watch him at sports unlimited and think…the only sport he can do is gyming.

    were you guys familiar with his old bench poster you would see at the malls? i would look at his and think…isn’t that “see through” or just my imagination?

  12. meynard Says:

    i was in boracay a couple of months ago. we were in this class c or d place (fully booked ang resorts) wherein our balcony was even shared with another room. concern was kung ano bang klase ang “balcony-mate” namin. baka mang-gulo sa amin or baka nakawan kami. well, guess what! the following morning, we saw someone stretching on the balcony and it was no other than marc nelson shirtless! we talked to him and he was friendly, telling us that he was just alone in his room (was that a hint?). that night we bumped into each other and we saw him with geoff of powerboys fame. apparently the latter was checked in another resort. between the two, geoff is a lot more delicious.

  13. Baklusha Says:

    bi lamos!!!!

  14. joseph Says:

    when i wasin boracay last august, isaw marc again. he’s nice. the flaws?his skin is not that good, though maybe he’s in to water sports and exposed to sun most of the time, thats why. i wish i have a body like him.

  15. ron Says:

    shit he’ so hot!!!!

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