I Am Lucky To Be Gay

Beaming Gav, an MGG reader, writes in an email I received today:

I feel lucky to be gay. My homosexuality drove me from mediocrity to excellence. Why do I say that? Let me start by saying that I come from a family of modest accomplishments. I truly believe we were just not blessed with genes to be above-average. But consider this: I was a scholar since high school, graduated cum laude from UP Diliman, and now a manager in a big multinational company, earning more than Php 1M annually, all at 26 years old. I believe all these accomplishments were not because I was exceptional — because I am not. It was because of this: I was driven. Driven to show the world that I am not just gay. I was driven to show the world I was successful, hoping that the glare of success would blind them from the fact that I am gay. But now I realize I shouldn’t even exert too much effort to hide my homosexuality. With that realization, I celebrate it, my gayness, as my driving force to be where I am now. Yes, I am indeed lucky to be gay.

Good job, Gav! I share that positive frame of mind. Mabuhay ang mga bading!

Thank you and World Peace!

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15 Responses to “I Am Lucky To Be Gay”

  1. jimg29 Says:

    # I’m so lucky…I’m so lucky…I’m so lucky and pretty and gay!

  2. mouthworxz Says:

    i agree!

  3. Ionized Says:

    Optimism is one of the key to success.

  4. jonathan Says:


  5. Tony Says:

    There is a lot of truth to that. I was listening to a discussion the other day why a lot of gay men are driven, overachievers and successful in their field of choice. On the flip side of the discussion though, and I need to pre-empt this just so this not misunderstood as self- hate or gay-bashing, there are a lot of gay men and women who are emotionally stunted.

    The reason they seem to point out during the discussion, among gay peers, is that during high school and college years we as gay men were not able to fully explore freely the dating scene. I’m not sure I agree totally, but it is an interesting discussion.

  6. pepron Says:


  7. JL Says:

    i’m not successful but my partner is,and we have been together for over 12 years now.
    i agree with tony, there are a lot of gay men who are very succesful in their respective fields,a lot of our friends are also accomplished gay men, but inspite of their success they long for that meaningful relationship, maybe because they have high standards in choosing their partners.i think a lot of succesful gay men(here) would like a partner who is also equally successful and i think that makes it harder for them to find love.
    what is success if you can’t share that to someone you love.

    thank you for this site and more power.

  8. josh Says:

    What a success story! tnx for sharing this migs and may we always strive to better ourselves in all fields! :-)

  9. sapphire Says:

    i totally agree, being gay is a motivational factor to prove something to our double standard society…
    we excel for we want to overcome our inferiorities of being gay… xusyal ang writer.

  10. Joshie Says:

    but homosexuality is a sin, right?

  11. dowell Says:

    A motivation to cover up deficiency? When you accept what society weakens, then you probably strengthen its premise. Since there is a seeming association of gayness to “defect”, babawi na lang ako sa ibang bagay? Does it mean to say, unsuccessful gay people are doomed and put in society’s damnation solely because they are gay?
    I am motivated not by me being gay, but just for the simple reason that like any other human being, I have a desire, and I
    do run my track to finish the line.
    And this gayness in me, needs no justification, and no cover ups.

  12. anton maton Says:

    maganda ako! mabenta ako! may pera din ako! it doesnt matter whether im gay or not.

  13. kiko Says:

    I congratulate you for your achievements and success. You are 26 years old, the stage of life when success and achievements matter much. Strike while the iron is hot. Look at the bright side of life and in a new and better perspective. Soon, you will be entering a different stage — the one that longs for significance rather than success. There will be different needs by then. Meanwhile, enjoy your journey!

  14. pao Says:

    i will do it… coz im lucky enough to make it!!!

    i’m beautiful as well as…. LUCKY

  15. barron Says:

    i am lucky to be gay!. Co’z i have what it takes…

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