Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy


What a lovely boy this Carlos Concepcion! Thanks to “Mark” an MGG reader who sent me Take 5’s pictures. Continue on for the group’s pics.


img_1809.jpg Concepcion, lovely boy  digg:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  spurl:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  newsvine:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  furl:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  reddit:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  fark:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy  Y!:Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy


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19 Responses to “Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy”

  1. ken Says:

    ask ko lang sana maglagay naman kayo ng profile ni danny ramos..i think he deserves to be a part of this site..ung ex bf ni elizabeth oropeza..

  2. neon Says:

    sino nga ulit ung nag-faint sa take 5?

  3. bob Says:

    lagay mo naman ang sex scene ni richard gutierrez sa the promise. pati sexy pics nya. at ang topless scene nya sa lupin. hehe.

  4. Lola Says:

    Yep, topless pics please of Richard Gutierrez in Lupin. Thansk.

  5. chad Says:

    Ang cute ng smile niya. Parang di bagay sa kanya ang pagpapa-sexy.

  6. empress maruja Says:

    Puwede i-crop na lang ‘yung mga backup niya? Chos!

  7. David Says:


    Carlos is INDEED a lovely guy, but who is the hunk with the long hair on the far right of the bottom pic? Now THAT is what makes MY blood boil!! Any help in finding a name for that beauty would be deeply appreciated! Thanks to all… I’d love to meet all you lovely Filipino hunks!

  8. KittyQT Says:

    Purr…he’s a boy to drool for. But somehow, he seems to be narcissistic, saw a pic of him with shaved pubes with razor burns, eeewwwww!

  9. bree Says:

    he’s in glorietta yesterday with chris cayzer. cute chinito couple. ^_^

  10. sphynx1972 Says:

    He’s gorgeous and lovely. i hope he’s nice and friendly in person. I’m attracted to fair and chinito guys. He has a sexy body. He’s one of the guys I always fantasize! Makamayan ko lang sya masaya na ako…babaw noh! hehehehe!

  11. val Says:

    he reminds me of drew arellano. i think it’s his eyes.

  12. chismoso Says:

    David, that’s Rey (ray?) Talosig. Model-turned-SOP boy

  13. chismoso Says:


    Chris Cayzer is cute… looks like a young version of Francis M.

    I believe he’s straight. They probably just share the same manager that’s why they’re together

  14. michael Says:

    yes carlos is cute, pereo they are all cute

  15. Joel Pierre Says:

    Well…well…well…what do we have here? I found Carlos Concepcion on Guys4Men!

  16. Ramon Says:

    to Joel Pierre,

    hello!!! anybody can pretend as carlos concepcion. don’t you use your head??? anyone can grab a pic and post it in the G4M and pretend to be somebody.. like me?? i can pretend to be SAM MILBY!! i just hope you get what i mean..

  17. Joel Pierre Says:

    I just said I found Carlos Concepcion on G4M, but of course it’s still up to the reader if he wants to believe it or not. Many of the people who knows Carlos Concepcion say he’s most likely to be gay, so I guess the profile was more or less legitimate.

    Are you bitter? Duh.

  18. pepron Says:

    he’s hot!

  19. sire lee Says:

    he’s from my high school… lsgh

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