Rafael Rosell on winning an Urian


Never thought this delicious hunk would ever be recognized for his acting talent. He won in the 30th Gawad Urian as best supporting actor for the movie “Rome and Juliet” — congrats Raf!

Raf writes about his thoughts on winning an Urian in his myspace blog:

My vision went blur as they said my name, and my knees wobbled as I walked up that blurry stage. I tried to keep myself composed throughout the speech, and all I could see was the spot light that blinded my eyes. I’m just relieved I didn’t trip on any of the steps going up or down the stage… It was a tremendous experience considering all the actors I was up against, varying from deeply talented stage actors; to the serious veteran actors we have in our industry today. It was a REALLY big DEAL. Especially for my career as an actor… On the other hand, a trophy is what a trophy does. It simply displays itself there to remind you that you won. And that’s it. Believe me, I am tremendously honored and I do delight in the vision of it as I walk through my living room. But as far as that goes, I’d like everyone to know that a piece of metal should not affect the mindset one has towards himself. A trophy does not place you above anybody else in society. We’re all equal with the same capabilities in life, but with different focal points depending on our interests and upbringing.

What a level-headed young man! Mabuhay ka, Raf!



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18 Responses to “Rafael Rosell on winning an Urian”

  1. mandayamoore Says:


  2. Riki The Dark Says:

    He’s beautiful, talented and apparently humble and nice…damn, he’s too perfect!

  3. fabbriche Says:

    Ang sarap panoorin ng Coverboys sa ASAP. Members na ba ng Coverboys sina Jon Avila at yung unknown guy na kamukha nya? Pati sina Ron at my favorite John Uy of Be Bench?

  4. bluehballs Says:

    ok sya! sana more trophies and sana i wud meet him someday hehhehe

  5. Mark Says:

    kudos to our fil-norwegian boy!

  6. chenelynmarkado Says:

    you’ve gone a long way, baby.

  7. mouthworxz Says:

    good things happend to good people! kip it up rafael.

  8. francis Says:

    he deserved it so much!! he is amazing!!
    my perfect guy!!

  9. Robinet Says:

    He can come to my living room and be, not only my prize trophy, but also my godsent lover. I have been praying for someone like him.
    He probably is my Mr. Right. And I am willing to wait.
    Kahilt maputi na ang buhok ko.

  10. Isaribi Says:


  11. josh Says:

    congrats to you raphael (like archangel raphael huh)! You’d made it! :)

  12. jonathan Says:

    seems things are looking up for the guy

  13. Kris Aquino Says:

    anu yun? looking up? :)

  14. Xerendipity Says:

    Oh Raffy! I’ve been fantasizzzing this guy the day I saw his close up commercial! I wanna kiss him! Oh boy!


  15. sijiro_05 Says:

    did he really write this? can’t believe he’s got brains. i thought he was only goodlooking.

    good job to rafael! i really have high respect for urian (it’s the only credible award-giving body for films in this country)and with rafael winning he is also earning my adulation and respect. hope i could watch his winning performance maybe in dvd soon. do you guys know where to get a copy? thanks!

  16. gelly Says:

    thats real artist is….
    flexible and credible in deeds…..
    yo…. keep up the good you
    and the best you….

  17. bluethumb Says:

    oh my.. with those more? I love you more

  18. tons Says:

    wow congrats raffy you are grabe nakakabaliw i love you

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