The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right

AJ of hits it right on the spot in his post entitled “The Elusive Mr. Right“. The same exact thoughts I’ve been having the past days… errr…. weeks. And just to underline the same idea, I entitle this post, “The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right.”

A lot of people say, to find Mr. Right, you should be Mr. Right yourself… so that when you finally meet him, you too is his Mr. Right. Yes, we do believe that right? But what the heck, why is it taking too long for our Mr. Right to come by?

We often ask ourselves, I’m presentable naman, smart, well-educated, may breeding, etcetera, etcetera… bakit wala pa rin?

Then we comfort ourselves with saying, “Good things come to those who wait.”

O eh di siya sige, eh di wait.

And in the mean time, for me, I will busy myself with matters of consequence. Like the pursuit of world peace. Hehehe! Hay buhay! Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  digg:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  spurl:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  newsvine:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  furl:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  reddit:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  fark:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right  Y!:The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right


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19 Responses to “The Elusive, Elusive Mr. Right”

  1. Baklang AJ Says:

    Kakapagod to wait no? When you go looking for Mr. Right naman, you find yourself surrounded by a lot of Mr. Wrongs. Haaay buhay!

  2. pepron Says:

    and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…ooh, that?? oh no…wait!..wait lang ha…teka..ok..wait, wait,wait, andyan nahhhh!!!..ayy, teka sandali…wait..wait..wait… :-(

  3. dowell Says:

    It’s a choice. But what if, Mr. Right is not elusive? What if he just does not exist, at least this lifetime? Will you let sun shine and set thousands of times waiting for who exists only in your wish list?

    No. I am not over permitting my skepticism this time. What I am trying to point out actually is… If you do not feel the dire need to be committal, it is perfectly okay that you wait. Who knows, your avocations while waiting will hone you to be next President of the Philippines, or the best lawyer, or the first surgeon to do brain transplant.

    But if the need to be with someone depresses you, that it formulates your daily melancholic drink each morning, I say “he may not exist”. So why wait? If doing trial and error won’t kill you, it maybe worth risking the heart.

    Remember, if Mr. Right exists, he maybe unexpectedly the one staring at you while waiting for a taxicab, when you walked out of that Greek Resto and into your BMW.

    He maybe there, and you just do not see. And it’s not the fault of the stars.

    dear anton maton, dun sa tinatanung mo sa akin, ang sagot ko “YES”.


  4. closet case Says:

    totally agree with being mr. right yourself. be the one you want to attract.
    i am amazed that there are a lot of single gay guys out there, all wishing they were attached. are the standards for mr right just too high to be realistic? just the other night, i was in malate. and i had two friends there (who dont know each other). both attractive (to my mind), both looking.. yet they both havent found. i pointed one out to the other… di raw type. wow. taas standards. maybe we get too stuck in our ideals we fail to appreciate nice guys for who they really are - nice guys we could fall in love with…

  5. rico Says:

    i think there is really no mr. right. You MAKE the one you love your mr. right.

    you will always find someone “better” than the one you are presently with. but if you keep on grabbing the “better” person, in the end you end up with no one.

    i think it is a matter of being happy with what you have. if you are satisfied with who you are with, despite his flaws, i guess he could be the mr. right you are looking for. :)

  6. wrestler Says:

    no one is perfect.

    i remember someone saying “don’t keep looking for mr. right”.

    there’s mr. right now, and eventually he’ll turn out to BE mr. right.

  7. Quentin X Says:

    While waiting for Mr. Right, entertain yourself with Mr. Right Now.

  8. aries Says:

    ‘teh, hanap ka kaya ng karayom, itusok mo sa daliri mo…who knows, maborlogs ka ng exactly 100 years and after that may-i-kiss na ang mr. right mo sabay sabing, “mag toothbrush ka na”…davah

  9. anton maton Says:

    hmmmm .. mr. right? asa ka pa. mr. left pede pa. kaya nga isa akong querida. niyahahahahaha!

    to dowell, siyet parang may namumurong love affair sa blogsiva ni migs … sige tuloy ang love affair. kelan mo gustong makipag-EB? he he he!

    always looking for mr. right NOW!,

    anton maton

  10. Asyano Says:

    Ther is no such person as MR. RIGHT.

  11. desertfox27 Says:

    sa tingin ko naman, ang paghahanap ng mr. right, hindi sa kung ano anong standards ang siniset natin.

    yung insticnt natin ang magsasabi if he is indeed our mr. right!

    siguro ang magandang sabihin, how elusive love is!

  12. ace Says:

    I’m no expert on relationships either and for me the search goes on, but with the busy life that I lead this part of my life doesn’t really keep me awake at night, yet. I usually save snippets of wise words or wisdoms when I encounter them and the list below is one of them. I’m not the author of this but I think it is quite accurate and I learned from it.
    Here are some signs that you are not ready for a relationship:
    - You imagine that a relationship will raise your low self-esteem;
    -You look to a relationship to give your life purpose that it now lacks;
    - You have very few healthy, caring relationships of any sort now (friends, family, community), and you figure a lover is a good place to start.

    Becoming part of a couple doesn’t provide these things; instead, it requires them before you are ready to start a relationship. Settling for Ms/Mr Right Now is simply repeating the same pattern of behavior that got you nowhere to begin with.

  13. leo Says:

    That’s an exercise in futility.

  14. Isaribi Says:

    Good things come to those who know how to find good things.

    (Tama ba pagkaka-construct ng sentence na yan?)

    A basta, un na un.

  15. sigepa Says:

    # Quentin X Says:
    September 30th, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    While waiting for Mr. Right, entertain yourself with Mr. Right Now. -> dito ba Quentin X ““?

  16. hustlingmind Says:

    Tanggapin na kasi natin na this is a different world, and mr right in this world is more of an exception rather than the general rule.

    But for those who are hopeless romantic, keep on dreaming. Baka exception pala ang nakalaan senyo.

  17. sam Says:

    sa babae ksi (mostly) matagal na nilang narealize na wala naman mr right tlaga. yung iba lacking sa fez, yung iba lacking sa ugali, i think that its high time that we think that way kung gusto nga tlaga ntin wag magwait fo evah. :p

  18. schizo Says:

    malapit na ko ma decompose … wala parin … ayun nalang ba silbi ko? maging pataba sa lupa? hehehe

  19. Little Fish Says:

    I found my Dodong, he’s no Mr. Right!
    But, I know in my heart that he is my Dodong!
    He is not perfect and I am not perfect but we do complement each others imperfections. We both have our own insecurities in life and in each other but, we learned to adjust and accept the fact that we need each other.
    My Dodong makes me laugh….makes me cry too. We are both humans, and as humans our flaws are numerous.
    We compensate each others’ flaws and as much as possible we do try to be together harmoniously.
    Importantly, we do love each other. he may not love me the way I love him.

    Waiting for Mr. Right? Thats a lot of Lizardshit!!!!!!

    opps! sana korek english ko….Gibbs!

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