More Mossimo Bikini Summit Pics

Looking for more pics of the hunk candidates of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit (MBS)? Well I’m just too happy to share with you this treasure of a set, apparently from the official contest photoshoot. Notice how tame these shots are… perhaps their strategy is just to whet our appetite for now so we crave for more, and intensify our anticipation for the competition proper. Well, choosy pa ba tayo? Nakiki-sight na nga lang tayo, so go! Bring it on! Hahaha!

















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29 Responses to “More Mossimo Bikini Summit Pics”

  1. L.A Says:

    I like Adrian, Bo and Zachi super hot sila. Pero si Bo talaga yung pinaka sa kanila yumyum! Nga pala si Rafael? Bat ganun parang maga yung nipple? Supper namumula at parang nipple na yata ng girl mukhnag mejo tatay na yata ang dating hehe :)

  2. vinvin Says:

    agreeeeee! si bo super nice!

  3. what_boys_want Says:

    Bo and Zachi look like the high school kids you’ve been crushing on…such cuties!

    But I still think that some of the guys’ nipples were either doused with too much concealer or tinkered with photoshop.

  4. rabbit Says:

    hehe … nice one Migs, the A’s to the Z’s of men!

  5. cliogoddess Says:

    mas gwapo jowa ko jan, sana lang makita ko na sha, bwahahahah

  6. chismoso Says:

    i don’t know if you guys noticed, but the only guy who bared his bikini is the one who’s most toned.

    I guess when the shots were taken, the guys were not ready to bare skin yet. most of them were posed to cover their bits of fats. i saw a few of these guys in person recently and they’ve toned up.

    i hope we can expect more sexy photos to come our way. it really defeats the purpose of being a bikini summit if you don’t see the bikinis, right?

  7. harajuku Says:

    adrian is hott! woo!

  8. M Says:

    he looks so bakling in the 2nd pic….d usual angle of a pa-mhin gay….well…

  9. astroboi Says:

    super cutie ni adrian but ang paa… eek!

  10. astroboi Says:

    i mean ni andrew… d ko type adrian, my bad!

  11. Kaleena Says:

    Andrew and John are hot. The rest are fugly, especially Arron and Zachi. Parang mga horse ang face.

  12. KittyQT Says:

    Kaleena dear, please read Migs post ‘Homophobia Among Us, March 19th, 2007′.

    Let’s do away with the pang-lalait stuff. Or, regarding the horse face, does it take one to know one?

    World peace!

  13. andrew Says:

    @ Adrian > Long-lost bro ni Robby Mananquil. Cute sa second pic, sana naging shades na lang sya, hihi! Sa susunod magsapatos.
    @ Al > Wala lang, napadaan lang. Nagdeliver ng isang kabang bigas.
    @ Andrew > Cutie-cutie, konting workout pa. Wag idisplay ang paa. Sumabay kay Adrian sa pagbili ng sapatos.
    @ Arron > Ikaw ba yan James Yap?
    @ Bo > Kuya, naligaw po ba kayo? Nasa kanan po ang exit.
    @ John > Kuya, naiwan kayo ng kasama nyo. Dun po sya sa kanan umexit. Pakihabol. Go!
    @ Rafael > Cutie-cutie din. May potential, matinding workout pa.
    @ Zachi > Kelangan talaga nakasulyap ang ‘note’? Ikaw ha, hehe! Bigla akong nagutom sa pan de sal mo. Wag aalisin ang shades ha.
    @ I think previous batches are better-looking, pero ok na din ‘to, lamang-tiyan, hihihi! Tnx sa delicious pix, Migs.

  14. Adrien Says:

    Wala p silang official site? Di ba dati yung e ba’t now walang update?

  15. mike237 Says:

    isn’t andrew also in the century tuna superbods contest? … wow he is hot … hot to find out more about him …

  16. ano ba yan? Says:

    Mossimo BIKINI summit pero hindi naman sila naka bikini…..

  17. zander Says:

    waahhh si Adrian kasali pala…lol… laki na ng katawan nya dati

  18. geri Says:

    hay…wala yung yummy friend ko na si haroun… sana me pics naman cya.

  19. jhongjhong Says:

    ang pangit naman ng rafael na yan….walang katawan bat nakapasok yan sa competition?? dba parating mga may mga magagandang katawan ang mga sumasali sa competition na ito???weird talaga…

  20. Jared del Rosario Says:

    Hi Migs!

    I chanced upon this site by a photographer. He does mostly male nudes.

    Fab photos!

  21. cb3 Says:

    LOL. kilala ko si rafael! pero cute si andrew, and sya ang bet ko!

  22. Jared del Rosario Says:

    Finals is on April 21, 7PM at NBC Tent at The Fort

  23. pepe Says:

    ayoko na kay zachi, hmmmmppppp! nakadisplay ang notrils! Bukol ba ito?! dios mio! mga sisters! go na sa nbc tent ha?

  24. Johnz Says:

    That guy Andrew has just a good face. But his body? Excuse me. You could see A multitude of better looking guys. His body doesn’t complement his face. Now he’s vying for the superbods. Yet, one would wonder if he indeed’s a superbod.

  25. Grace Says:

    how dare you to say that to my idol andrew,have you seen him sa personal? or maybe ang taste mo eh young malaking chest na parang implant, but adrew very natural and it look innocent, so anong say mo?

  26. Johnz Says:

    He he he!… Grace, this is what i say:

    You’re as obnoxious as the guy you fancy!


  27. ryan Says:

    sarap ng ktwan mo bro,sarap dilaan.

  28. aldrin nati Says:

    very gorgeous. daring…

  29. pepron Says:

    Only Adrian is hot.

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