Mr. Gay Philippines 2007 Winner

Ray Allen, 27 years old, 5′9″, known as Rebearth in Guys4Men, wins the title Mr. Gay Philippines 2007 on March 17, 2007.





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38 Responses to “Mr. Gay Philippines 2007 Winner”

  1. anton maton Says:

    ay panalo ang lola! actually, looking through all the candidates’ pics and also doon sa nakita kong ‘preview’ from a TV show (or news ba yon) naka-post from someone else’s blog … siya lang ang mukhang promising!

    congratulations lola! all the best to your international competition.

    ps. di ko siya ka-ano ano nor have i’ve never met him personally (kasi i dont and have not been living in the philippines for more than 10 years na). so i am not implying anything with my papuri. just a sincere congratulatory message! (baka mamaya na naman kasi may mga manlalait at mag-ko-comment na pumapapel si anton maton, ok?!)

  2. chelsea tee Says:

    ok ra na te… maka recover ra ka ana…

  3. Dave Montero Says:

    “someone else’s blog…”

    Ouch… ang sakit naman nun!..

  4. anton maton Says:

    anong masakit don? huwag na magbanggit ng ibang blog baka mamaya sasabihin nakiki-free plugging pa. basta hanapin niyo na lang … marunong naman kayong mag-google di ba?

  5. jazzie Says:

    ei migs…. just wanna reffer lang po someone na garantisadong drool worthy na papa… wahaha!!! i don’t personally know him but he is on my friendsters list check it out my e-add is
    then dun sa friends list ko look for sumone named pangit… just wanna see more of him kasi… grabe hes so damn delicious… hope you could get in touch with him… oh… and please let me know if you got him right!! hahaha….

    also migs i wan’t to be ur friend pwede ba?!?!? i luv ur site kc eah… can you give me a ring @ 09206458222 or 09155920049

  6. Gina Cole Says:

    well….too skinny….hanggang mr. friendship lang ito….

  7. neil Says:

    that’s an ugly necktie…

  8. philippe Says:

    all i can say is that he’s fugly…sorry, but he is..

  9. lee Says:

    phillippe: i agree!! yeah…he fugly!! euww! hmp!

  10. harajuku Says:

    erm.. yeah.. hes not that “mmmpph!”

  11. Nadriamez Says:

    echozera.. imbey lang cguro kayo

    anu ba yan, puro lait na lang

    be happy for once

    be gay ;-)

  12. juddz tan ben Says:

    hi there….no problem with the looks cause he is a typical filipino looking guy what i can advice is he will put on more weight and muscle cause if he will be placed side by side with a typical caucasian guy he will be lost. congratulations and goodluck

  13. babaklabakla Says:

    tatay ko bakla ! kuya ko bakla ! kapatid ko bakla ! ako bakla ! mga kapit bahay namin puro bakla ! mga barkada ko bakla ! mga classmates ko puro bakla ! teacher ko bakla ! halos lahat ng kilala ko bakla ! pati ba naman itong lalake na ito eh bakla rin !

  14. toni Says:

    masanay ka na!
    gays are invading d world!

  15. philippe Says:

    ahaha! euww si jazzie..hehe textmate ba ituh?? no offense meant ( wa nga ba??) pero natawa ako! peace out!

  16. Haha-boy Says:

    yes the tie is ugly but the gay guy is definitely not. he looks good enough to eat. i actually appreciate the fact he doesn’t look like the run-of-the-mill gay with a uniform Fitness First body. time for contrast and diversity.

  17. vince Says:

    Aside from myself, siya ang bet kong manalo. Har har har.
    Hi migs!

  18. Migs Says:

    @Vince - hello, hello! Welcome back to MGG! Glad to see you here again!

  19. pite10 Says:

    gorgeous!!!!! such a pair of piercing n lovely eyes. a winner in all aspects.

  20. josh Says:

    Pareg Ray, pagbutihan mo and bring in the bacon (with cheese & wine ha!!!.. no i dont know him personally also, just read his blog… gud luck)

  21. katar-ey Says:

    di ba siya yung ar-ey sa extra challenge get me dating series na pinili ni katarina perez?? ano kaya reaksiyon ni katarina dito???

  22. schizokini Says:

    cool beans! congrats kuya RA! hehehe gaya nga ng mga sinabi ng mga nag post dito, mag work out ka ng konti for tone not size… medyo payat ka parin kasi yeh!!! Good luck! Galingan mo… wag mo kaming kakalimutan nina Cwisty!!! ü

  23. jed Says:

    TO: philippe and lee, FUGLY?! didn’t I saw you guys with him yesterday, taking an autograph from him?? –>> Malandutay kayo!! fugly fugly pa ahhh,.,^_^

  24. Prince Troy Says:



    Ako I know him personally…and he’s a good guy…

    Umm…enuff said…

    Basta po COngrats! MORE POWER par! :)

  25. rnel Says:

    hey….Mr. Rey Allen Cachero, i’m a graduate of SLC batch 2004,just wanna ask about our yearbook, bkit till now ala pa?
    sana naman bago ka pumunta sa ibang bansa para makipagcompete tapusin mo muna yong yearbook namin….3 taon na po at ang mahal pa binayaran namin jan…..yong mga sumunod sa aming batch meron na sila…..plssssssssssssssssssssss

  26. Gerry Says:

    too bad…walang dating. another losing end for Philippines

  27. Gina Cole Says:

    ang pangit! pakita naman nating world-class tayo ano! kakabwisit! nagsasayang lang tayo ng pera magpadala ng representative.

  28. tintin Says:

    hi kuya ray allen cachero..

    musta n po pla ung yearbook nmin?
    slc batch 2004 po ako.

    ang tagal nmn po nun.b4 nmn po kyo mkcompete. pakitapos nmn po…

    its been 3 yrs nmn n po. pakitapos nmn n poh. kkahiya din s mga nagsponsors at ng advertise doon….

  29. Stephenz Says:

    it’s look sweet to play with him…but it’s really…he is a gay?

  30. leon Says:

    pwede na rin… kaso wala syang appeal sa international competition….

  31. yoruosu12 Says:

    Please for once, let us join hands para i-promote ang kalahi natin. Why do we always diss our own kind. Kung alam nyo lang we should be proud of what we are. We can never even compared to Caucasians or any other race. Kasi were unique in our own ways.

    Basta ako, I believe in him at yun na!

  32. baklamancutedin labanka Says:

    I agree panget ng tie ang baduy, pero me dating naman sya pede ko na ring gawing jowa kung gusto nya email me at iwan mo mobile mo hehehehe dalhin kita sa langit hihihihih

  33. susie Says:

    Loosing edge to the country. Walang international appeal. I’ve seen major events in US and Europe and he’s gonna eat bags of sand. Looks more of a twink to me. Just pray hard at baka may miracle na mangyari or maybe magback-out nalang para yung 1st runner-up yung lumaban.

  34. susie Says:

    And I heard Fraud ang selection ng winners. Not sure about him though…

    Why dont we ask Robbie about what really happened? Robbie ba or Mrs Serapin?

    Robbieeee! calling Robbie!

  35. Calvin Says:

    i like him! :D

  36. arch Says:

    where can I find his blog? Please help. Thanks

  37. [D.W.A] Says:

    O divah tumataas ang kaledad nating mga IKATLONG LAHI, hehehe - more power to everyone of us.

    Guys4men, may account din ako yun, ahehehe!

  38. Gina Cole Says:

    Anong balita dito? Nanalo ba naman ito? matatapos na ang 2007.

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