Raymund Lim, chinito of Provoq


I never really noticed this guy from the Provoq video but when I saw these pics, wow, I said - the chinito of the group. And you know how Migs likes chinito guys, right? Enjoy the pics of Raymund Lim guys! Warning, more skin ahead! Hehehe!








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57 Responses to “Raymund Lim, chinito of Provoq”

  1. Matteo Says:

    Where did those photos come from, Migs?

    Actually, I think among the Provoq men, he has the sophisticated appeal. He just needs to gain a little weight. He looks kinda lanky.

  2. Migs Says:

    The photos are apparently from X-ray’s Climax bookazine/coffee table book. They recently featured the Provoq men.

  3. Kaleena Says:

    He needs to put on a little weight. He looks too juvenile. His armpits would be so yummy if he had thicker arms. I hate skinny arms.

    Migs, pictures of Miguel Garcia, please!

  4. jj Says:

    im with you with the thin arms.. hahaha

    pero he still looks good. but quite a small package he got there lol

  5. rabbit Says:

    pretty boy, you’re on my mind …

  6. tonskie Says:

    ay f*ck i so wanna get that coffee table book! :D where can i find that one here in cebu??

  7. jo Says:

    Ooh la la, as they say, the thinner the guy, the bigger the…kambyo pa, lol!

  8. andrew Says:

    Raymund Lim, wow! Wala akong masabi. May ipagmamalaki si kuya. Talagang nota kung nota ang labanan. Tamang-tama ang sukat. Hindi ka mabibilaukan. At malakas din ang sex appeal huh. He has this naughty look that I find irresistable and tempting, not to mention nakakakiliti, hihihi. (Virginal giggle) Sana matuto pa s’yang maging seductive sa pix. I’m sure when that happens, at sana marunong umarte, magkakapangalan yan. Gotta have that video!!!

    Next to Janvier, s’ya na ang mahal ko. Pareho pa naman kaming chinito with a lovely sausage thang down there. Masayang sword fight ‘to! LOL!

  9. genesis17 Says:

    hay salamat na feature mo din migs c raymund lim.actually i was waiting for you to post the pics of this guy..maybe di mo lng npansin kgad cuteness nya and being chinito aswell..

    innocent looking but for sure wild inside…

  10. what_boys_want Says:

    f*ck! i love love love chinito boys! pareho pala tayo ng type Migs! anyway, i’ve seen that Climax magazine in a magazine store, but its quite pricey for my student budget (Php400). but are there any, err, dick shots? :D

  11. jam Says:

    his hot!!! bakat tlaga, anyway heres a link, its a surprise i know yo wont even believe he become like this, clue Harry Potter…. cguro gets nyo na

  12. jam Says:

    http://www.equustheplay.com/pr/index.php ito na ung link

  13. josh Says:

    Shocks, he really has that innocent look na kakaiba. I wonder how much these models are being paid for or the promises involved in such pictorials. perhaps we can invite him to do a nude session with the Saturday Group of Artists, anyone wants to paint him???? (will the super daring pix of this raymond lim be posted here???)

  14. chismoso Says:

    what_boys_want Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    f*ck! i love love love chinito boys! pareho pala tayo ng type Migs! anyway, i’ve seen that Climax magazine in a magazine store, but its quite pricey for my student budget (Php400). but are there any, err, dick shots?

    what_boys_want, i saw some previews of the pics. he has a shot where the base of his dick is a bit visible… no full frontals. peeks and glimpses…

    i think it would be worth your allowance if you save up for this.

  15. leo Says:

    do you have a copy of the x-ray’s climax bookazine? ganda pix ni chester? post mo naman, please….

  16. leo Says:

    have you been to amateurhunk.blogspot.com? check it out? if you like it then you could add it to your links, maybe your readers would find it interesting too… hahahaha

  17. jhong Says:

    i dont care if he is skinny or what…i want hiM! hahaha…he is sooooo hoooot….and im drooling over him….i like his appeal…

  18. Ian Says:

    Sorry, very ordinary!

  19. banjo Says:

    nice full lips and looks like he’s well hung enough…..just add some more muscles in the right places….those soul patch of him are quite titillating though….thanks for posting chinitos!!!!!

  20. koshiro Says:

    he’s too skinny for my taste, but nevertheless, “oriental-yummy”, i too like chinito guys.
    anyways, migs, is the coffee table book/bookazine you’re saying is the same book that will feature janvier?

  21. Robert Says:

    whenever I see his pic, I just melt… I really hope I could meet him in person and get a chance to talk to him. Sometimes I wonder why he does that. He’s really cute and doesn’t look like a low brainer but wow! He has the guts to enter into that kind of business..! Astig!

  22. ciana Says:

    you know saan makakaget dito sa cebu niyan?

  23. kurara_chibana Says:

    @ leo, sorry pero hindi kasama si papa chester sa climax bookazine. sina anthony, raymond, johnron, dennis, john, and nico lang ang nandun.

  24. melai Says:

    wer can i find many of more his pics? grabe indulge na indulge ako sa kanya!!! winona xia!!! napalunok ako nung makita ko xia… grabe mahal ko na ata xia… sana may mg reply… san ko mkikita ang pinaka madami pa niang pic?

  25. melai Says:

    oh my god… nakakapanghina talaga pag nki2ta ko ung pic nia… blita ko mdalas daw cla sa bed sa malate…

  26. andrew Says:

    F*ck! This guy’s really drawing blood to my groin every single time I stare at his pix. (Hindi lang ‘look,’ ’stare’ talaga. LOL!) Lagi tuloy CR ng office ang pinagbabalingan ko ng ‘galit,’ haha! Naughty, naughty Raymund.

  27. bitchy_bachelor Says:

    weird ha.. pero kung napapansin niyo, may hawig sya sa UST tiger na si Japs Cuan…

  28. Bogs Says:

    Mukha namang dyutss…

  29. mikkah Says:

    raymund.. nakaka L…. swerte naman ng makakadate mo sa ??????hmnnnnnn

  30. Niel Says:

    Dyuts talaga…yung bakat na yan eh Erect na hehee mas malaki pa etits ni John Sweet lapuz!

  31. jazzie Says:

    hahaha!!! i compare ba?!?!? bakit mare nakita mo na ba etits ni SWEET?!?!?

    just asking……


  32. Joshua Says:

    I need to see his teeth to like him….
    He seems to be sucking his tummy to have that fit look…..

  33. ydua Says:

    oppppsss.. ur a full manly now… i like this guy since i saw him..keep it up dude.

  34. Jackson Says:

    i saw this guy sa LRT2. he is a big guy, im big im almost 5′11 and he’s more like 6′1. Michael Lim ang name niya, nakita ko naman kasi sa blog ng isang friend ko na michael nga. i dunno san galing ang raymund. Look svery impressive in person. and very big.

  35. javing Says:

    michael raymond lim ang full name nia.. varsity player sia dati sa isang chinese skul sa may binondo..

  36. jean & cy Says:

    hey san k n skul dba player ka sa PSBA qc dati??

  37. LUST SHAKERâ„¢ Says:

    i so love him! the 1st time i saw the men of provoq, i cant take my eyes off him! he’s so hot.ü

  38. LEY Says:

    i saw this guy in bench fashion show, he’s one one the models.

    sayang nga lang kasi he already digg into this expoxur, i’m looking for models kasi than male sexy thinggy like this! pero siya yung mas gusto ko among provoq men! ;)

  39. josh Says:

    same here ley iba kc dating nitong raymund lim, tapos c johnron

  40. jean paul Says:

    i’m sure i saw him somewhere… i think he was staring at me hehe hope it was him nga

  41. nix Says:

    love the lips,.

  42. monsour abraham Says:

    Hi ! It’s my ist time to see this pic of raymund coz i’ve been working in jerusalem israel for yrs. & wow ! he’s really cute,adorable,what a nice smooth skin,huh!… i love him… keep up the good work baby face. Shalom lakhim…

  43. raeven Says:

    he so hot hsssssssssssssssss ang sarap kagatin

  44. anthony Says:

    ha has a video on Xtube.com

  45. anne Says:

    it;s not him at xtube.com

  46. tin Says:

    wow ha, why is it like that? yun na yung full erect? ang ikli naman.. pero ulam din yan! hahaha :-D i like him to be my baby yung tipong ang sarap bihisan after maligo?? :-D

  47. hecate Says:

    I couldnt help to look into those hazy eyes and found myself asking for more than waht I want to.

  48. beng mahadera Says:

    susme! mukha plang ulam na! baka magalit sa kanya ang chinese community wala ba silang family business jan chever? alam ko umalis na siya sa grupo bka tatanggalan ng mana ng familia nya?

  49. fattyacid Says:


    hahaha pwede na cutie naman, ganda katawan at makinis…hehehe

    nice eyes…he’s calling for me i think?! mamaya na lang maglalaba pa ako ng damit ko hahaha

  50. fattyacid Says:

    nakakabitin ang chef scene nya sa provoq…i just wish, he went for a solo masturbation na lang.

  51. Pravilno Says:

    I have a vcd of provoq but i never found him that appealing until now… must have my eyes closed then… *sigh*

  52. HOTCRAZY14 Says:

    i have that kind of magazine.
    that RED hot mag. yeah!!

  53. chris Says:

    hay nako… bakat pa naman. sayang. ang liit

  54. Calvin Says:

    he doesn’t look chinito to me in reference to his eyes, medyo malaki… maputi lang talaga siya… or di kaya ako ang mali sa pagka-intindi ko ng word na ‘chinito’? —> iyong mukhang intsik? (not necessarily chinese)…

  55. Tita Glo Says:

    wala namang kalibog libog itong batang ito.
    nakita ko syang naglalakad sa e. rodriguez na may kasamang mukhang maid.

  56. BananaShake Says:

    Migs, feature mo naman si Justin de leon…I think he is one of the most talented Provoq men..I like him, simply yummy!!! And a good actor….Thanks

  57. michael Says:

    His chest needs to be worked on a little bit. He is a nice looking guy though I would not kick him out of my apartment.

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