Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie

A number of MGG readers requested for Johnron Tanada, one of the featured hotties in the Provoq videos, to be highlighted here… well, well, well… your wish is my command, dear readers. Here is Johnron, your Provoq hottie.








0_johnron_tanada-3.jpg Tanada, Provoq hottie  digg:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  spurl:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  newsvine:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  furl:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  reddit:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  fark:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie  Y!:Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie


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43 Responses to “Johnron Tanada, Provoq hottie”

  1. addick_88 Says:


  2. Blue_Angel Says:

    Gus2 q sya.malaman uhmm.sara dilaan.grabe.naka2l0ka.request p0 aq nude ph0t0 or daring ph0t0 ni luiz manzan0.tnx.tnt.g0d blez

  3. AJ Says:

    The first photo reminds me of one of the publicity photos for Peter Shaffer’s Equus. Yummy Daniel! (they’ve already released the full frontal!) lol.

  4. vince Says:

    migs, thanks a zillion! this guy’s HOT! comment lang: i’ve seen picture #4 uncropped–and something was peeking out of his robe….:-) what happened to THAT “omitted detail”? more of this guy naman–maybe the next time you can include personal info?

  5. Little Fish Says:

    The guy is indeed a hottie!
    I’ve been out of town for a couple of days…and I miss a lot of MGG. I miss Angelo and Kaleena too. Lots of homework to do and here’s this guy….a hottie!
    Angelo…..Little Fish is horny!

  6. querida Says:

    i’ve seen him in person.

    alam niyo… ang laki talaga.

  7. rm Says:

    wow a hottie, nice body!!!!! wow, can i take u home?

  8. bernard Says:

    check out andun ung complete pics ni johnron tanada. ei migs, want me to add your link in my blogsite? add me too ok? thanks

  9. bernard Says:

    ay mali pala. mukhang dun kinuha ni mgg ung additional pics ni johnron e. hehehe. ok lang yan. tulungan tayo bro. :D

  10. Angelo Says:

    Johnron is a cuttie! Love ko na siya! haha.

    Little Fish: Im glad that you’re back. When do you want it? hehehe. Just kidding! Have a good weekend.

  11. Kaleena Says:

    Pangit naman nito.

    Little Fish and Angelo, I want to do it NOW na po.

  12. barako Says:

    Kung wala pa kayo nung pics ni Danielle sa equus, isa lang yan eh, meron pa ba kayo?

  13. chriscapade Says:

    i love it..

  14. Andrei Says:

    He’s ok…I’m so bored!

  15. banana Says:

    sana naman migs post mo parts ng provoq vids,wla ako copy nun, nasa europe ako, di ko lam san kukuha copy, T__T

  16. Jivan Says:

    This is the reason why i always want to reag mgg. Keep it going migs.

  17. bernard Says:

    banana, pwede mong idownload ung men of provoq videos sa check out UPH specials

  18. chu chu caracas Says:

    nage-getlak ba itong men of provoq chuva na ito? may friend kasi ako wa pa hada hehehe…

  19. pepe Says:

    hmmmm…malaki nga, kasi nakatagilid and lagay ng nota. Pag dineretso pa yan, hello ulo!!!! hehehehehe.

  20. lord Says:

    this guy is so hot…

  21. maki Says:

    so cute….so hot….so yummy……

  22. Jivan Says:

    Migs, i really liked Johnron. I always open his pics here in MGG. Thanks Bernard for sharing us where to see more of his pics.

  23. peak fantasy Says:

    ahh, johnron, i have viewed your sexy images countless times..and watched your provoq video many nights, your big bulge stopping at your yummy bulge…ahh, johnron…when can i have you???

  24. mon Says:

    you are so hot!!!

  25. psyrill Says:

    wala bang Anthony Logan???? i like him e… but i like johnron din naman… kainis nga lang… pag ngd-download aq ng provoq laging putol lalo na pg most exciting part na…. gara
    tnx… post nio c Anthony logan ha???

  26. andrew Says:

    Ayan! Dahil naka-block ang lahat ng sites dito sa office, nahuhuli tuloy ako sa bali-balita. Mukang may orgy na magaganap kay Angelo at Little Fish… Sali ako, LOLZ!

    Musta na kayo, Angelo and Little Fish?

    Miss you guys. Still remember me? :)

  27. peak fantasy Says:

    does anyone know where to watch johnron tanada, i mean, if he is into sexy shows? i really want to see and meet him in person…i like him so much!!!!! maybe i love him…

  28. mitch Says:

    wow………… hot tlaga

  29. michael Says:

    he is a hottie

  30. mark Says:

    .. i like dis guy

  31. benjie Says:

    mukhang napakasarap. How do we contact him?

  32. miel Says:

    anong multiply site????

  33. fattyacid Says:

    OMG…seriously i am having an erection now.

  34. jeloh Says:

    kelan kaya magpopost ng sexy c antonio aquitania…., pantasya ko sya.

  35. "Dirty Old Gay Men" | manila gay guy Says:

    […] somehow led me to deep thinking. So while Johnron Tanada, Chester Nolledo, and Harry Laurel strutted their packed black thongs on stage I was thinking about […]

  36. michael Says:

    He is a hottie all right He has a nice looking face. Photographs well. He has a sweet face very cute guy. I love the pink and white shorts on him.

  37. chupapa Says:

    maganda ang combination ng genes ng parents nya kaya daks ang lolo nyo wahahahahah

  38. pepron Says:


  39. michael Says:

    I always look at johnron’s pictures

  40. Baklusha Says:

    hmmmmmm……. just lyk a call boy sa gay bar…

  41. chino_chupa Says:

    aHHHH!!! notice the bulge…

  42. Loyalista Mirasol Says:

    Migs, feature mo naman si Justin de leon..He is my favorite Provoq guy….

  43. fattyacid Says:

    lakas ng appeal ng lalaking ito…i would always watch his scenes in provoq…laki ng bulge nya!

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