Dyal Chowdhary, Sweet and Spicy

Exotic model Dyal Chowdhary is part of the indie film “Seroks,” a psychological drama megged by director Ed Lejano. The movie is topbilled by Juliana Palermo, and is also starred by Neil Sese, Lauren Novero, Mystika, Alchris Galura, Soliman Cruz, Ramon Bautista, Bong Aragon, Gerry Cornejo, and Ms. Ma. Isabel Lopez. The movie is produced by Cinema One Originals, and will have its special premiere showing on Feb. 28, 5:00 PM at the UP Film Institute Cine Adarna screens (tickets at P60).

Now back to Dyal (some spell it as Dayal)… your sweet and spicy hunk.


Wanna see more? Well you got to







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21 Responses to “Dyal Chowdhary, Sweet and Spicy”

  1. chad Says:

    he looks okay. kissable lips. i don’t dig the hair though.

  2. alvin Says:

    gah. cutie with bad hair! tara hijo, i’ll bring you to a salon. TWO WORDS: HAIR REBONDING.

    oh please.

  3. effie Says:

    he scares me.

  4. kk Says:

    please post pictures of neil sese who is part of the movie!!! I saw him acting on the knowledge channel and instantly fell in love!!!

  5. mtguy Says:

    for me it’s a BIG EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! yuckzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! wiz ko type itiz!

  6. Kaleena Says:

    So fugly. Baket di na lang sina Neil Ryan Sese at Lauren Novero ang fineature? Migs, are you starting to lose your magic touch? Sunud-sunod na mga chaka khan ang fini-feature.

  7. aldous canapi Says:

    yoko s kanya! mukha syang addict! pg nkita ko sya somewhere matatakot me lumapit…

  8. wrestler Says:

    goodness. readers of this blog are a tough crowd. :-)

  9. Aussie Dave Says:

    Wow, don’t worry about the others, you are cute, come over and live in Australia with me!!!

  10. aji Says:

    last picture para may churva sa loob ng brief!!!! know what i mean???

  11. Angelo Says:

    He is strikingly hot; exotic look. I like it! :-)

  12. Little Fish Says:

    Ang sarap! Exotic daw sabi ni Angelo.
    Exotic food….ang sarap kainin!
    Kinakain ba ‘yan??

  13. Angelo Says:

    Little Fish: Ganito ka ba ka-exotic? hehe. Pwede syang kainin kagaya ng isda. hihihi.

  14. maleboxjake Says:

    kelan po ilalabas ung gay fantasies video ng up film institute yta un?
    email nyo po ako or mes s friendster,. thank you,. jake 18

  15. marlon Says:

    omg, this body and fezlak ever will truly passed Janice Dickinson modelling agency. Very gorgeous!!!!

  16. monsour abraham Says:

    plz just ignored them of their negative comments on you . for me , i like you coz you’re cute…

  17. Torerong Noypi Says:

    Exotic he is. But I really find South Asian looking dudes and dudettes Untidy.

  18. rajapal Says:

    u r looking very very hot. i am a film director,i am thinking about you as an actor if you interested.

  19. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    hmn, mt.everest na yatang bukol nya,huh!

  20. deborah Says:

    bading na bading khet anong anggulo… comment lang.. taray ng lola

  21. maverick Says:

    i love the first pic. innocence captured on pic

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