Bernard Palanca, what happened?!

Got these Bernard Palanca pictures off the net… I have not seen him recently on TV so I wouldn’t know if the AFTER picture is accurate. (By the way, he confirmed that after only 5 months, he separated from wife Merryl Soriano. Hay, buhay.)





Maybe just photoshopped? Palanca, what happened?!  digg:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  spurl:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  newsvine:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  furl:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  reddit:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  fark:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!  Y!:Bernard Palanca, what happened?!


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26 Responses to “Bernard Palanca, what happened?!”

  1. querida Says:

    mhmmm… i’m not sure about the belly. but yes, ang fez niya ganyan na talaga. i was telling my friend yesterday how much weight he’s gained

  2. aeriol09 Says:

    graabe naman ang chaka na nya kakaines namna!!!!!!

  3. zizou Says:

    or maybe he really let go.. separation ruins your diet.. a 5 month marriage.. i actually thought they’d last longer..

  4. chad Says:

    wahahaha MAN THE HARPOONS!!!

  5. Zeph Says:

    From too skinny to too fat? Oh dear. Wait, maybe he’s pregnant.

  6. effie Says:

    no! this can’t be! how did this happen? crush ko sya before. this is really depressing news.

  7. francis Says:

    i never really liked him..

  8. Kaleena Says:

    He’s a druggie with a druggie body so I never liked him. Ang kapal pa magpa-sexy sa mga photoshoots, sobrang payat naman. Anyway, simula ng lumaki tyan nya, di na na-satisfy si Meryll. Kasi 3 inches lang daw fully-aroused si Bernard. E, kung dadagdagan mo pa ng beer belly, aba’y wala na ngang kasarapang mararamdaman ang keps ni Meryll. I can’t blame her. Plus, he’s an addict who speaks too much English! Imbyerna aketch!

  9. Count Ochu Says:

    Di yan modified, ganyan talaga siya kataba ngayun, diba mayaman pamilya nila Bernard?

  10. cmx Says:

    sabi ko nga sa friend ko, “i swear mukhang ba**g ang fez niya!” hahaha!

  11. aldous canapi Says:

    it’s F…A…K…E… as in fake… fake… fake… faaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkeeee!

  12. reyville Says:

    i’ve see him in person just a month ago, nakahubad pa sa Red Corner at hndi nman ganyan itsura nya.. he’s sexier than the 1st pic pa nga e…

  13. chucky Says:

    i don’t think it’s fake. it’s copyrighted by PEP so it must be authentic. anyway, i never found him hot even in his da hunks days pa.

  14. juan y Says:

    the photo is accurate. saw him at the CWC in naga 2 weeks ago. so what if he’s chunky? so long as he stays mabait - which he is - the physical shouldn’t matter. that he is chunky could be an indication that he is no longer a druggie (if that’s even true to begin with)

  15. sijiro_05 Says:

    this is true. if it’s from pep accurate nga siya.

  16. shayerahol Says:

    i agree with juan but given the posts on this website im not surprised na linalait si bernard palanca.

  17. harajuku Says:

    thats how he looks like nowadays? wow..
    thats okay, i never really like him hehehe

  18. frasncis Says:

    actually he is cute in person and i agree after his separation he could be like that

  19. chazzzone Says:

    baka naman na-discourage yung wife sa pinag.iba ng katawan nya no. tingnan nyo nman yung AFTER na pic. sayang naman. unhealthy na ang laking ganyan…… :D

  20. jason Says:


  21. Lucas Grey Says:

    Post some pictures of Mario Lopez please!

  22. rommel Says:

    YUKK hahahhha

  23. Lady Queen Says:

    Euwwwwwwww!!! That’s soooooooooo not him! ekeeke…

  24. -= emotional_girl19 =- Says:

    excuse me! padaan nga,……]
    me??? i dont believe that…
    bcoz wala cya tattoo sa chest nya…
    pansinin nyo nga!!!!….
    mga bulag ba kayo???…. pati ung body nya… ah basta!!!!! that’s fake…..

  25. xian Says:

    sya tlga yan. kun nanood kayo ng the buzz last sept 02, 2007. malalman nyo totoo.

  26. pepron Says:

    Something’s wrong with me; why do I find him huggably hotttt?!..hmmmm

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