Turning Six Months!

On February 28, 2007, two short days from now - Manila Gay Guy, or MGG the blog, will be turning 6 months! Half a year! Wow, how time flies! I can still remember when I started the concept of MGG… At first, I was not so sure it would fly, but boy — fly with scintillating colors it did! Happy to have you all here, dear MGG readers. With your comments and emails, you dear MGG readers…

make me smile,
you make me think ponder,
you make me love life a tad more,
and you make this life sweeter to live! (naks naman!)

- o -

On this sixth month, my wish is that more of you dear readers would make your presence felt – as of today, there are more than 5,000 people who visit this site daily — make all of us feel your presence by leaving a comment in this post.

“What do I say?!” you ask. Well, simple! You can choose one (or more, or all) below:

  • o Just say hi, and give a short intro about yourself;
  • o Tell everyone why you are here in this blog (or what brought you here);
  • o Share with us what you like most in this blog; or
  • o Just say whatever you feel like saying to the 5,000-strong daily visitors of this site.

Go, go, go, people! Love y’all!

For those who are too shy to comment here, you may send me an email at:


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57 Responses to “Turning Six Months!”

  1. aldous canapi Says:

    hi migs! by the congrats… i’m aldous canapi, u can call me “al” 25 frm fairview. simple person wit big aspirations…

    i realy lyk ur blog… it simply proved that gay lyf if is colorful. i’m gay and i wnt to explore our world deeply. that’s why i lyk ur site… here i learned a lot of things… lyk differences of gay pipol, der attitude, social and sex lyk. i also love ur updates which hot or not…

    also i love hearing ur thoughts when u advice pipol.

  2. Little Fish Says:

    I cannot remember when and where in the hell I learned about this site…perhaps some links I just click.
    And, I never regretted visiting this site. I had fun and enjoyed every minute of it.
    Ang saya…ang ganda…ang tindi talaga dito. I begun to love guys in a distance for in a distance I feel no rejections and pains.
    I learned and know a lot of Kaleenas and Angelos and above all, I begun to know myself fully.
    Juice ko! Ang English ko….sana korek para ‘di ma-turn-off si….

    MOre Power MGG!

  3. huwan Says:

    ei migs! congrats.. im an avid fan of urs..i really do visit ur site everytime and check out ur latest posts, i find every single post very interesting and.. ahummm..yummy also..especially hearing some stories from people sharing the same thoughts and feelings..congrats! wait how can i be a member of this site?

  4. luis Says:

    hi migs! luis is just my pseudonym. i am a certified blog-hopper! i just found your blog last last week and i found myself checking it everyday! i enjoy reading every article. i am 21 years old, graduating student from UP… i am looking forward to more discussions with my fellow readers… i am kinda confused right now and i don’t know which path i would take… the straight or the crooked? and yes, i am the only one who can answer this, sabi nga sa isang tula: i am the master my fate, i am the captain of my soul…” (tama ba?!?!?!?)

  5. Migs Says:

    salamat: aldous, Little Fish, huwan, and luis - my first (fabulous) four greeters! thank you for appreciating this little corner of the net… huwan, walang membership ito, but you can enrol sa automatic updates by entering your email address sa upper right hand corner (yung may “Get Updates… Subscribe”). luis, great to meet you here, schoolmate. College of Science ako - graduate na.

  6. Kaleena Says:

    Hello bitches. I am a 25 year-old hot stud who loves a cock in my mouth and my cock up someone’s ass. Oh, and licking armpits is a fave pasttime. Congratulations, migs, for six months of making my cock hard!

  7. chu chu caracas Says:

    actually i got my own blog and was planning on changing template when i came across this site. kainis dahil sa site mo nakalimutan ko na yung akin hehehe…

  8. Kaleena Says:

    In addition, I tried sticking a dildo up my pink, puckered hole and realized that bottoming will never be for me. NE-VAH! Unless someone wants to change my mind?

    I’m 5′11 of pure hunkness. Did I tell you I’m a supa-stud? I’m a shallow little bitch who is always into new cellphones even if I can’t afford them. I love long, hot, wet French kisses before sucking nips and pits. I’m dying to know if migs is good-looking cause I’m dying to jack off to his picture. I love communing with nature, but only for like, five minutes. I love watching films, especially educational ones featuring hot men banging each other like there’s no tomorrow. I love Latino guys and want to taste some black ass. I’m also looking out for my first sexcapade with a hot carpenter or kargador or those really sweaty, kayumanggi blue-collar workers. Basta wag houseboy. I like my men with some meat in them and never really liked those too-lean model types, except Zanjoe. I love you, Zanjoe! Call me! Let’s do a threesome nina Bianca. And watch out for my film, TROIKA 2 starring Little Fish, Angelo and myself. That’s all, bitches. Thank you and good day.

  9. Kaleena Says:

    Before I forget, I love Miguel Garcia, Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, Gino Paul Guzman, Neil Ryan Sese, Rafael Rosell, Jon Hall, JR Valentin, Alex Aquino, Haren Cuevas, Andrew Wolff, and I want to strip Ian Veneracion and Geoff Eigenmann naked.

    I would love to see the great actor Sean Bean naked. I long for Jesse Metcalf, Dean Cain and Danny Nucci.

    The only reason I watch straight porn is because of Mark Davis, Christophe Clark and Mr. Marcus.

    For gay porn, I think Jason Hawke has the perfect body. Also love Paul Carrigan and Bob MacHeath.

    For some reason, that National Geographic guy, Stephen Backshall, really makes me horny.

  10. Chen Says:

    Hi Migs!

    Let me congratulate you first for a job well done. This website is very nice that you made me feel at home. Im currently residing in Tokyo and I always dropped by your blogsite to see what’s the latest. It’s also here that I’ve learned about david poarch aka The Coconuter. Thank you for posting infos about david and all the other hunks that you’ve featured in here.

    I hope we can meet one day for a coffee or chat when I get back to Manila (of course its on me as a sign of my gratitude for all the pictures). Keep up the good work and keep those hot men coming!!!!

    Again congratulations and Mabuhay ka (and then I’ll sing.. where did you get those lovely eyes of yours… so exciting.. captivating.. Bb. Filipinas!)

    Japan BoyToy

  11. boohness Says:


    keep it commin’

  12. chriscapade Says:

    wow.. imagine antagal ko na rin palang visitor ng site mo Migs.. langya ambilis ng panahon! Im Chris nga pala no.. short for Christopher.. hehehehehe… lalaking lalaki pero siyempre pinangatawanan ko rin naman yang name na yan. I forgot na rin pano ko natagpuan tong site mo.. kung dati avid reader ako ng blogsite ni BB (u-know-who) ngayon di na. Ewan ko, siguro di ko lang makuha ang trip nun kaya di rin ako nagtagal. Pero here sa site mo Migs.. pucha! wala ka talagang maitatapon. Lahat okey at panalo. Na-hook ako sa mga pics at siyempre ang discussion dito sa comments section.
    Pareng Migs congrats ha.. wishin you all happiness (naks birthday?)
    basta post ka lang ng post… isipin mo marami kang napapasayang tao… love u.

  13. neon Says:

    more years of blogging….
    congrats migs

  14. daemoneyes Says:

    been an avid reader of your blog/pic site…

    got to say its fabulous…

    diverse topics…
    diverse guys…

    hehehehe =)

    just enough to keep the dreary days uppity up…

    keep it up Migs…

    btw, m gerald… from makati… =)

  15. randy Says:

    congrats migs and to mgg for reaching a milestone! (he he) 6 months pa lang pala… but hey, before you know it, it will be mgg’s 6 year anniversary. i frequent this site and besides browsing the hot pics, i do enjoy the articles, discussions, arguments, plus a bit of philandering going on among the mgg readers. he he! you rock my world migs!

  16. chad Says:

    wow can’t believe na magsi-6 months pa lamang ang blog mo. it’s already so successful! i love your blog so much kaya sometimes kahit nasa school ako i find time to check it out for updates and new posts. i hope tumagal ka pa and don’t ever get lazy. :) goodluck.

  17. Shane Says:

    I enjoy visiting your site once in a while. My name is Shane, a bi guy who resides in San Francisco, CA. I have only been in Manila once in 1998 for my cousin’s wedding and I had so much fun! I am visiting in Feb of 2008, I hope to have friends through here and hopefully you all can show me around town! I did not get a chance to visit any gay spots in Manila in 1998. Keep it up, Manila gay Guy! peace, Shane

  18. zra Says:

    hi mig. i’m 23.female. i came across ur blog i think last year. i was looking up a bar named basilica and ur site popped up and i was enchanted by all the hot guys here. haha. i dunno if i’m gna get in trouble opening ur site everyday at work. hehe. the guys are so hoooooooot, i can’t help it.

    more power! :)

  19. zra Says:

    hala..migs pala.. :)

  20. graek Says:

    congrats migs, ive been an avid fan of your blog for barely two weeks and loving it. i just discovered your site while browsing through previously visited websites in the pc i had at a cafe. keep up the good work. :)

  21. teid Says:

    hi migs! d ko rin alam kung pano ako nkrating sa site mo, no one ever told me about this site, cguro sa kakahanap ko ng mga gay porn npunta ako sa EXCITING n blogs mo.., i really like the fuck (FACT) na npka detailed,juicy,intriguing,fascinating,and loving lhat ng mga featured articles mo! isama mo pa ang mga one of a kind na mga hawt pictures!!! btw im teid 23y.o workin in a call center, i always find time na i open ang site mo everyday, prang coffee n skin ito hehe… keep up the good work and rest assured dadami pa lahat ng mga visitors mo here… >fotki.com/teid

  22. Mikee Says:

    Hi, Mikee here, This is included in my morning ritual na eversince I visited this site. I like the pics and topics na hindi makikita sa iba. Im from UPLB and working d2 sa Ayala para maging yaya. Cheers!

  23. Migs Says:

    man, you guys rock! keep those intros coming — i’d love to get to know you better folks!

  24. asia Says:

    hi there…
    your blog rocks!!!!!
    im asia ballesteros, from ilagan, isabela..
    i love visiting ur blog…more power and take care always..

    favor pls…can you tell me the title of the song used in the video of the ever delicious leandro okabe? thnks

  25. jase Says:

    I luv your blog! Mavuhey !!!

  26. Ace Says:

    Hey Migs, congratulations on your blogs’ 6-month anniversary. I can’t remember how I chanced upon your web page but I’m glad I did. I guess it happened one snowy afternoon (while surfing the net) my mind drifted to the thoughts of warm Philippines of my early memories. I have to admit that even though I only understand some Pilipino I understand enough to know that some of your readers are quite hilarious. I am an engineer by profession so I use mostly my left brain but by writing my thoughts on some of your probing questions (no pun intended), I get to use my right brain. I wish for continued success on both your blog and your person. Grace à vous et au service vous vous fournit à votre readers. Merci.

  27. mcvie Says:

    MIGS!!! Let’s have a MGG Summit! Pero at 5,000 pax less mga out-of-town or out-of-the-country, it will still be quite a number. Baka dapat sa Folk Arts Theater tayo! O how about Araneta Coliseum? Wow Migs, BIG TIME ka kung ganoon, hahaha! Matatalo mo na sina Martin and Pops! Matatalo mo na rin si Aiai!

    “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the blog-concert King-slash-Queen, MIGS!!!”

  28. yori Says:

    this has been a daily bread for everyone of us, let say we cant live a day with MGG.
    and with this I think I have found good friends online, sharing thoughts although its virtual. WE all hope that there will be a time that all readers ( esp. those who frequently shares their comments ) will have time to meet up and hang out ( not hook up , that will do too, hahaha )
    Again, thank you for the efforts in your daily updates on goodlooking guys for gays.lol.

    best regards,

  29. Angelo Says:

    Congratulations MGG! I am a 27-year old graduate student from the University of the Philippines. I am 6ft tall, 170lbs with athletic body type. If you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact me. Haha.

    A friend sent a link of Allen-Dizon-In-Bakat-Yellow. From then on, I turned from a curious George to an avid enthusiast of this blog.

    I like the variety of guys that are being featured and of course, I am entertained reading diversified views and opinions, which are always filled with witty remarks and jokes. No one was really condescending as readers are mostly kind and have an engaging sense of humor that put everyone at ease. I really like Janvier the most and would like to meet him in person. Can someone help me? Haha.

    I am proud to have known this blog and happy to see loyal readers around. I hope to see some of you in person. More power to MGG. Mabuhay!

  30. ciana Says:

    sinabi na nila lahat, ang masasabi ko lang… ang ganda nating lahat… so in short kasi maganda na tayo… super ganda din ang blog… mana sa may ari… walang halong churva itech… more power migs… really loved your blog.

  31. antonella Says:

    y, yes am i already late? i’d like to extend my congratulations to “MGG” and “MIGS” for the success of this site. since i came across this site, i got hooked to it and i see to it to never miss, and always visit it 2 or as often as i can make it a day. I never get tired of going back and reading and looking at again and again to all therein, until a new one comes along. i actually have a folder for all the issues(?). You may not know me “MIGS” but i already consider you a good friend - i hope u wld also take me as your friend. I cld sense that you are a nice person and well rounded at that. can expound on any topic thrown at you, and always with a good conviction and judgment on others. no bad comments on any body and anything. Keep it up…”YOU ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY” with all that is being written here and of course, not to put aside commenting on the pictures.They’re all nice, good looking and “HOT” men i don’t think i need to exercise any more. By merely looking at the pics makes my blood circulate more than my regular daily workout! lol!!. Where did you get all those pics? Wld it be asking you too much f i ask you to send me those or maybe jst some for my private collections? Thank you very much!!! Again , more power and goodluck!!!

  32. khentutz Says:

    nice blog… this site liberates the closets and upfronts. keep on blogging. congrats and blog, blog, blog :)

  33. nabs Says:

    oooh.. i just love this site.. soo many papable guys..

  34. Ken Says:

    Congrats Migs! I first saw your blog sometime in November last year. And I got hooked since then. Now a day will not be complete without visiting your site. Keep up the good work.
    You are definitely making a lot of difference.

  35. simon Says:

    your blog is my only connection to the philippine gay scene…..

    - simon, 21

  36. khentutz Says:

    forgot to name myself.. im ken, 22 from manila and working as an analyst in makati i crossed this page when i was about to start blogging. kudos to your great and fabolous, looking forward to meet the person behind this spectacular site.;)

  37. Raymond Says:

    Hey, Migs, congratulations on your 6th month! I got onto your site via a link on The McVie Show (I have known Joel since grade school). The pics you feature in your blog are awesome, and they keep me checking your site day after day. By the way, I am based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working with the United Nations, so it’s unlikely that we can EB. But be assured that you have a big fan in Cambodia. More power to the Manila Guy Guy! Mabuhay ang mga bakla!

  38. Migs Says:

    Raymond! I’m planning to go to Angkor Wat before the year ends. EB! Hehehe!

  39. Angelo Says:

    Raymond: I work at the UN too. I am based here though. What is your exact title or position there?

  40. chad Says:

    ay dapat pala may introduction hehe well..

    i’m chad from muntinlupa, 6′0, 152 lbs, chinito and maputi, i study at UP Diliman taking up BSBAA.

    if anyone is interested in seb just call me at 092734… HAHA JOKE

    keep it up migs i hope to get to know you better too :)

  41. screwed Says:

    hi migs. i love the things you write here in your blog. im kinda new with all the sexy pics because i dont usually search for pics of guys in the internet, and yes, im gay. ha ha.. im 19 and im from ust. i dont have gay friends. in fact, i dont have one at all. i hang out with girls and guys. maybe because of the environment. i dont go out a lot. anyway, i find what you write interesting and the pics as bonus. ha ha.. hot. you better get used to me checking ur blog more. you could check mine out too. except mine’s a little lame, and i dont talk about gay stuffs. i talk about stupid things about my life and how everything seems happy.. i envy you. i wish i could express myself more like you.. well that’s it, congrats sa pag-turn-six ng blog mo. i love the good stuffs here.

  42. Shaney Says:

    G’Day from Aussieland….big cheery hugs…xoxo

  43. argo Says:

    Migs dahrling…know wat? I discoverd MGG last october, when I started my Internet subscription on my PC, Thanks to my ultimate Crush, Mr. Dennis Trillo, I searched him on yahoo,then one of the choices was ur blogsite, I opened it and found some article bout my dennis.. then after reading all about him, I browsed on the site and found lots of other treasures more than I can think of! hehehe! I visited all the past pages, bout different people,grabe it was “Hunks Galore”!! and also,since I collect gay magazines, I usually find the freshest news bout those mags here! thanks to all the other bloggers with lots of info bout the diff. magazines! anyway, it was so nice being one of ur MGG blogger, and im looking forward on d nxt 6 months of this blog..coz its gonna be the anniversary na! go for gold!

  44. Raymond Says:

    Sure, Migs! Let me know when you’re coming. Please write me in my personal email address. It’ll give me a chance to show you my appreciation for all your wonderful efforts…

    Angelo: I work with UNHCR. I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to talk about positions here, he he…

  45. Duncan08 Says:

    Hi Migs! You’re site is fantastic. You liberate us all and you bring us altogether. Hulog ka ng langit sa mga bading! Good luck and more power to MGG.

  46. josh Says:

    wheww. Read all your comments and its really is like fresh breeze of air after a days work. just call me josh, parang ako na yata ang kuya d2! blogging is really cool. yeah, when i started going to work, “wordstar was the in thing!” A graduate of UP diliman 92. I really feel young at heart everytime im in migs blog and i’m really greatful for that. Though i only had a chance visiting mgg after office hours,like now…while waiting for Jumong. I dont look that bad and they say i look yung for my age. Migs now that i heard your voice, you do make your readers feel that you’re one of the guys (gals). Keep it up migs,(wala ka ba talaga sa opening nyt ng troika w/ janver sa galleria?) Kudos to u and to all readers.

  47. mcvie Says:

    ANGELO: Speaking as Raymond’s friend, I can tell you exactly what position he, uhm, prefers. Hahahaha!

    MIGS: Naku, magpa-One Night In Phnom Penh ka kay Raymond!

  48. Kaleena Says:

    Hi Migs! I want to taste you!

  49. chokoleit Says:

    buti ginawa mong entertainment blog ala perezhilton, at hindi personal blog. boring kasi mga personal blog and those narcissicistic blogs out there HAHAHA alam mo na, you always see the same ugly face from them( you know who im talkin about hahaha)

  50. zidro Says:

    Congratulations and more power. I enjoy every article and every pic. Awesome! It’s the only place I can admire Pinoys since I am not there. You make me crave for them.

  51. mhadz` Says:

    congratz migs. I really love your blog. it made me realize that no matter how hard gay life is, there are things that could still make it as happy as it may seem. and one of these stuffs is your wonderful blog.Thanks for always being updated. super! I actually included reading MMG in my itinerary whenever i go online. hehe. btw, im mhadz, 19years old student, magkapitbahay lang yung schools natin. (siempre hindi miriam noh) and yun. congratz again and may God continue to bless you and this blog. AUrevoir!!!

  52. Angelo Says:

    Mcvie: haha. Okay, what is Raymond’s preferred position then? If its something I havent tried, then I will go with Migs to Angkor Wat. How’s that?

  53. londoner Says:

    Hi there Migs from London, England. I’m not sure when i started visiting this site. I’ve enjoyed everything…from different topics, awesome pics, comments, advices etc. It made me realize how happy am i to be gay. Cheers! More power!

  54. Jo Says:

    MIGS, need I say more- you’re known worldwide- maybe, it was never in your wildest dreams. Congrats!

  55. mykiru Says:

    hi migs how are yah>? i visit this blogsite almost everyday coz im online almost any time of the day.

    I’m myk, 23 from laspiñas. I’m turning one year here in Manila on March 20, and by far Manila is where I’m exposed to more “gay” things.

    Ive known this site since last year, it’s actually in my bookmarks. No one referred me here, Ive just come accross here as I browsed the internet before. I found it interesting, where I get updated with the hottest faces and bodies to die for.

    To those who want to know me more, just see me on friendster.

    To migs, thank you for this wonderful site. You bring us close together, helping us understand that life is indeed “gay” and beautiful.

    “what we do is what we get, coz life is what we make it.”

  56. jaybeecc Says:

    hi, nice photos you took
    and funny post on vince santos
    keep it up

  57. Jack Cool Says:

    It’s great to read articles and see good pictures from home in this side of the world. Keep it up dude!

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