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john-lloyd.jpg A friend, single and gay (and jaded?), sends me a text message one evening. “I just watched John Lloyd and Bea’s One More Chance. I shouldn’t have watched it. It just made me feel I was not really for any romance. It will never happen to me.” Aba nagda-drama ang lola, I told myself. The next day an officemate was excitedly raving about his watching the same movie. Then while in the gym last night, I was reading the papers and saw an article talking about the movie getting a “B” rating from MTRCB. Wow, this buzz marketing is getting into me. So what did I do? From the gym I went straight to the moviehouse to end the buzz-inspired curiosity.

The story is simple. John Lloyd is Popoy, a well-intentioned straight-laced boyfriend to Bea’s character, an artsy-fartsy t-shirt designer cum architect named Basha. The central issue was Basha’s desire to find her individuality amidst her world that, because of her committed relationship with Popoy, had become too controlled, constricted, and thus exhausting — like a hamster running inside a fancy terrarium wheel. This pushed her to break up with poor Popoy, leaving him a dashed china, pulverized further by his big and bold dreams of married bliss that went crashing down on him as Bash severed the romance. All in the name of finding her relevance in this world.

The movie progressed by showing how Popoy and Basha lived their lives post break-up, and how their close-knit friends supported them throughout the ordeal. Of course, the ending was as expected (kaya nga One More Chance ang title noh!), but how it got there was pretty moving enough to make me enjoy the movie. Why so?

First, finding one’s relevance in this world is something I can very well relate to. I can totally understand how one can give up such big things as “romantic love” for the sake of finding one’s place in this world. Love is all great, but if you don’t know yourself and your relevance, then what a waste.

Second, I liked how the movie emphasized the value of friendship and all the ceremonies and traditions that it somehow creates. In the movie, Popoy and Bea had a barkada who met every Thursday evening for dinner. In this simple gathering they celebrate individual milestones — and it was palpable how joy is multiplied if shared with loving people around you.

Third and last, I was blown away with how the movie portrayed love’s power — how it can be the most powerful change agent in someone’s life. And I mean not only romantic love, but also love of self, of family, and of friends.

So yes, I encourage you friends to watch the movie. Don’t stare too much on John Lloyd’s nipples though. There are many more and better things to lick and like in the movie than those lovely brown protrusions. More Chance the movie  digg:One More Chance the movie  spurl:One More Chance the movie  newsvine:One More Chance the movie  furl:One More Chance the movie  reddit:One More Chance the movie  fark:One More Chance the movie  Y!:One More Chance the movie


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  1. mouthworxz Says:

    i saw it nung sunday!!! Bea and John Lloyd did it again. The lines in the movie are great! They were able to make it so believable that it made us cry… “Aray! sakit nun ah.” sabi ko nga while watching.

  2. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    here’s the pathetic text i sent verbatim: “have you seen one more chance? just watched it. and remembered why i haven’t gone to see a love story in a long time. i don’t think it’s ever going to happen for me.”

    thanks for emphasizing the positive in your post. and reminding me that “the secret” lies in… not watching romantic movies! =)

  3. carlos_m Says:

    gusto ko si john lloyd, kaso nakaka turn-off ang merch plug ng ABS. “The movie everyone is raving about. . .” eh hindi pa nga pinapalabas ang pelikula nun mga panahong iyon. “The movie you’ve all been waiting for” ha? ano kamo, hinihintay ko yang movie na yan? Unless, hindi ako kasali dun sa all? VERY POOR merchandising plug copywriter. Too much breast-beating. Hayun, mayabang kayo, ayokong panoorin, maski crush ko pa si John Lloyd Cruz!

  4. eponine Says:

    what i like about john lloyd is he acts good and he does’t overact. he looks average. like in this movie, okay ung meron siyang facial hair. unlike others na pinapabongga masyado ang bida.

    @carlos_m: si migs magaling sa merch. tignan mo, gusto ko na tuloy panoorin. hehehe.

  5. fioux Says:

    i dont get why people like john lloyd, he doesnt look buffed nor looks special, i mean he looks normal. magaling lang magdala ng damit. AND I LOVE THE FACT THAT HIS BAG WHEN HE GOES AROUND IS A SHOULDER BAG. o diba ode to being a fashionista!

  6. the other leo Says:

    i watched it second day of showing… as a kaPAMILYA since birth, i also support STAR CINEMA… except lang nung ‘A LOVE STORY’ ewan ko lang nawalan ako ng gana nung time na ‘yon…

    well, as someone already said above, there’s nothing special about the way John Lloyd looks, I don’t think maisasama ko siya sa TOP 20 list ko when it comes to good looks. Pero kung sa acting, I believe pasok siya sa top 10… I think that’s the difference with kapuso and kaPAMILYA, sa ABS mas nailalabas ng mga talent ang acting nila.

    Well, about the movie, meron siyang depth, but aside from the drama, mag-eenjoy din kayo sa mga singit na patawa, gaya nung nag-aaway sila POPOY at BASHA sa bahay ng friend nila, yung sa hotel na nagkita sila na may kasamang iba, at nung natraffic sila at natabihan ng jip…

    Panoorin nyo na lang!

    @MIGS: I just read anoverz! and I would just like to ask… marunong kang mag-gantsilyo?!?!?

    COMMENT FROM MIGS: Oo, Leo, marunong ako mag-gantsilyo. Turuan kita pag nagkita tayo? Hahaha! Choz lang!

  7. dazedblu Says:

    I agree with carlos_m, the merch ad was too cocky, they don’ think it wasn’t the best movie of all.. Imagine kasisimula pa lang then reaction were that much proven? HALLO, it’s been too disapponitng to watch kapag gaunun yung resposne..

    Sorry but, better watch it after a few years or else never.

  8. MikeD Says:

    It’s a great movie with the finest actors of this generation — regardless of the hideous marketing tactic. :)

    I watched it last nite with my lovey. Sobra ako naka-relate. I love the movie. John Lloyd is up for another best actor recognition for this masterpiece. He deserves it.

    The industry is too saturated with superficial good looks with no talent. JLC is one of those few that can salvage it.. and his counterparts knows it.

  9. brent Says:

    Regardless of anything others might say about the movie and the casts, i found the lead actors to be so amusing. Bea and John Lloyd hit me much. I really love the maturity i found in this movie. They do really have what it takes to the milleneums brightest love team. Bea is such a very brilliant actress so as Lloydie. Their acting is superb.

    Yah, it is shame to say that the movie made me cry. Cry so dear that i would keep on thinking my exes appeal for a “one more chance”. Yet, i must admit that in a same sex affair only one in a mllion could make it through the odds of times and circumstances. Most especially when one of you is not that loyal or somewhat insincere in utterng the words everybody loves to hear.

  10. Anino Says:

    Lagi namang ganyan ang promotion ng ABS. Laging OA to the point na nagsisinungaling na. Parang “FengShui”. Sabi ni Boy Abunda,Christy Fermin at kung sino pang mga taga-Dos ay ang galing umarte ni Kris. Wala nga akong maalalang eksena ni Kris after ng movie. Ang naaalala ko ay eksena ni Lotlot.

  11. eric tan Says:

    away ba to between kapamilya at kapuso? dito po sa davao, walang nanonood ng gma. ano ba yan, nakakatawa mga artists nila.

  12. fattyacid Says:

    who cares about the hypes and ads…it’s the movie that really counts…that it really delivers.

    well, tanggapin man natin o hindi, in the last decade or so, Star Cinema has been giving us many of the best, critically acclaimed, award-winning movies and films showcasing the finest talents, both the veterans to the younger generations alike, in our entertainment industry.

    anyways, JLC may not look good in TVs and photos at times…but he surely is very charming in person and with a crisp sense of style…at he’s not all physical, he really excels in his craft.

    btw, congratz sa kanya for winning the best actor award in the recently concluded PMPC star awards for TV…he really deserves it.

    sayang, i really think either bea or anne are more deserving to win the best actress award.

  13. raymund gerard Says:

    migs, dapat pala magsession tayo ng gantsilyo kasi balak ko nang bumili ng bun at ganstilyo and embrdery set kasama na ang isnag rocking chair dahil feeling ko tatandang dalaga na ako. hahahahaha.

  14. jimg29 Says:

    Tearjerker ang movieng ito,I’ll wait it on You tube! Gwapo si JLC kung walang brotcha sa mukha…watch his interview with Ruffa and the rest of the embed of this video…Star Cinema, u did it again!

  15. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …Yeah!!! they’re showing it here in LA too with a limited run of one day! Oops! Oh come on! another movie of the same lovee-dabee formula used to the nth time! …why don’t they give it a twist? hmmm …Lloyds characters flaming homo and Bea a butch dyke! they meet, got married, produced a kid, got annuled, kid grew up! executes both of them …for being ssso damn stupid in the first place! Oops! sorry got carried away there! hehehe :lol:

  16. Anino Says:

    Wow,ABS pala ang pinanonood ng mga taga-Davao. Paano si Chuck Allie ng Starstruck? Wala bang taga-Davao na tumutok noon sa GMA?
    Ok din naman dahil number 1 naman ang GMA sa Mega-Manila.
    Hindi ako kapuso.

  17. tobby Says:

    wala ng talagang pag asa ang movie industry sa Pinas,walang pag babago ang mga inaamag na istorya…20 yrs. ago or more pa yang mga ganyang klasi ng drama…balita ko yung marimar na punong puno ng mga incredible plots,ni revive ulit…wala na bang maisip na bago at matinong istorya?

  18. dew Says:

    antayin ko nalang yan sa cinema one. hindi kasi nagpapalabas ng star cinema movies ung nag iisa at lumang sinehan dito sa kalibo aklan. we have to go to iloilo pa para ma enjoy ang ambiance ng movie theater…

  19. jang chul soo Says:

    @ tobby: yes GMA remade (not revived) Marimar and they’ve done a real wonderful job. Sana naumpisahan mo. I was a fan of the Mexican version and i thought a local version was a bad idea but i was wrong…magaling ang remake na ito! =)

  20. jang chul soo Says:

    YUCK! Di ko makita ang appeal ni john lloyd cruz, di sya gwapo at all…siguro dahil muka syang mahirap kaya marami ang fans. And based on migs’s synopsis, tama si tobby, susme nagawa na yan ng ilang ulit na! barkada chuva..pwe! Give us something freakin new!

  21. anobang bago Says:

    Ano bang bago sa buhay ninyo? Hindi naman nagbabago ang buhay ng tao, pare-pareho lang, mula dekada 60 hanggang ngayon, same issues naman ang na eencounter ng mga tao, barkada, pag ibig, ano pa ba? Iyan ang hirap sa mga Kapuso, mas gusto nila ang mga Fantaserye, kasi sawa na sila totoong buhay, gusto nilang takasan ang reality, kaya kung may mga movies na ganito, luma na ang dating sa kanila, kahit ito naman talaga ang tema ng lipunan.

  22. vince Says:

    a typical filipino movie that’s dumbed down and full of drama, puro na lang iyakan.

  23. akoito Says:

    Siguro talagang mahirap iplease ang ibang tao. At least Star Cinema is doing somethng to let the local movie industry going and they always make it while the competitive network is not doing anything to contribute.
    Does it mean na mas bankable talaga ang mga kapamilya talents and those of the kapuso ay pinupulot lang sa kangkungan?

  24. mark erik Says:

    bat ako? im willing and ready to give up my immigrant visa, willing and ready to give up my search for my “relevance” in this world for the sake of my romantic life?

  25. fattyacid Says:

    come on people, this is a celebration of filipino movies and the improving calibre of our actors and actresses. well, i don’t see the logic why some people are attacking OMC’s plot…hollywoods movies do recycle plots yet people are still watching them. besides, it’s not all about the plot, there are other elements on this movie that makes it really worth all the bucks and the popcorns. one of which is how effectively bea and JLC characterized their roles, exudes sense of maturity that making every words and actions they made quite realistic so to speak. with that observation, i really wonder what kind of workshops and trainings do ABS and Star Magic make their talents undergo through? former GMA talents like anne curtis and geoff eigenmann, to name a few, did improve a lot in their acting when they transferred to ABS and so is angel locsin, her remarkable MMK stint, and so is the upcoming LOBO series wherein she is now more capable of exuding various emotions…something which was lacking in her before. anyways, they are just living proofs on the fact that GMA fails miserably to realize the true potentials of their talents. well, all GMA does is to serve pathetic fantasy series and poor local adaptations of foreign titles that really degrades the intellects of their viewers. GMA is all for ratings and profits but don’t really care about the good things it can impart to its viewers.

  26. Anino Says:

    Congrats sa ABS dahil Best Station sila ngayon.

  27. dennis Says:

    O di ba?

  28. mouthworxz Says:

    nice one fattyacid and akoito!

  29. mouthworxz Says:

    ang daming alam nung iba! kudos for ABSCBN

  30. the other leo Says:

    @anino: kaya nga, mas naaalala ko si lotlot sa fengshui. isa lang din naman halos ang emotion ni kris siguro hindi nakapagworkshop…

    siguro nga pabalik-balik ang mga plot, but somehow may mga bago rin namang naisisingit, and different actors/actresses interpret their roles differently. At kung magaling ang acting ng cast at maayos ang pagkadirect eh, maari pa rin namang lumabas na maganda yung pelikula.

    Take for example yung The Promise ni Angel Locsin at Richard Guttierez, parang nag-mature din daw sila sa movie or something, but the only thing mature was the love scene thing, acting-wise wala naman.

    Regarding Marimar Remake, I see it sometimes (kapag commercial sa kaPAMILYA), I have to say, OK naman siya, maganda rin na iniba ng konti ang story. I think Marian is doing a good job, minsan lang parang ginaya niya ng husto si Thalia. I also have to mention na medyo umayos naman ang acting ni Dingdong…

    @migs: hindi ako marunong mag-gantsilyo, cross-stitch pa!

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