Troika, sizzling new indie movie

Troika (Threesome), a film by Ihman Esturco, will be having its red carpet premiere showing on January 30, 2007, 6:30 PM at Robinson’s Galleria. The movie tackles the life of miners in northern Philippines, through a very mature attack — definitely for mature audiences only. describes the movie:

PASSION has decamped the matrimonial bed of a Pinoy mining engineer and his exotic young wife, who left India to live with him in Manila. Love remains but boredom now rules where the Kama Sutra once reigned. The seven-year itch strikes when he leaves for a gold mining operation in Benguet. Her loneliness leads to a drunken dalliance with a stranger. Guilt-stricken, she follows him in Baguio. Then, they find themselves in a perverse sexual triangle. Such is the intriguing plot of Daven Productions’ soon-to-be released movie “Troika,” directed by Ihman Esturco. Menage a trios a la Pinoy!

Read on to watch the movie trailer, and see the banned movie poster.

The movie poster disallowed by MTRCB for distribution:


Janvier Daily also makes a sizzling appearance in this movie. The film’s commercial run starts on Valentines day, February 14. Its official website is — do check if it’s working because the last time I checked the bandwidth allocation was exceeded already., sizzling new indie movie  digg:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  spurl:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  newsvine:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  furl:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  reddit:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  fark:Troika, sizzling new indie movie  Y!:Troika, sizzling new indie movie


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11 Responses to “Troika, sizzling new indie movie”

  1. Matteo Says:

    Looks like an interesting film. I mean, yeah, there’s the sexual content and all but if you look closely at the trailer and the facial expression of the actors, you’ll notice that it’s beyond the sex scenes. Sometimes, you just have to disregard what a thing presents on a surface and take a second look at the content and message of the film.

  2. Little Fish Says:

    Right Matteo, I do agree… for example, Look at Enchong Dee, you can see the innocence, the boyish look, very fragile….a “baby” but, deep inside…you can also sense, maturity…strong…determine…sexiness….lustful….and naughty.
    Hey, Enchong Dee played in Kris’s GKNB, and he won the elimination round together with Jayson.
    Enchong Dee is “Innocenti Di Ti”

  3. andrew Says:

    Hala, sex na naman. Sige, go forth and multiply. Dadami na naman ang mga ‘tyanak’ nito, haha!

    Mukang masarap na movie. Mapanood nga at mahusgahan.

  4. daniel Says:

    CONGRATS!!! To all the cast and staff ng troika…i saw the film last monday nung premire nila…ang taray…naka red carpet at naka suit lahat ng actors…tingin ko talagang pinaghirapan nila ang film..pagpasok mo pa lang daming profile na tao na nag support sa film..kaloka pati mga taga department of tourism head sa ibat ibang regions andun…abwt the film..happy ako…hidi nag panggap and director…in fairness magaling ang tatlong bida…jamil basa, mara altiera and andre soriano…considering na first tym nila sumabak sa pag arte..ganda ng mga visuals…i think ito ang pinaka malinis in terms of technical sa lahat ng blow up digital film na nakita ko…di mukhang digital shoot sia….basta maganda talaga sia…considering na first time direction pala nung director na si ihman esturco…napaka erotic ng film…higly reccomended sia…grabe yung threesome nila…take note nasa bandanmg huli ang yung etits ni andre..kaloka pinakita…ok…congrats..

  5. Jerrold Says:

    I saw the film, advanced screening yun here in Cebu and whew!!! standing ovation ako sa pag arte ng tatlong newbies in showbiz. it’s not your typical tagalog movie na the script is already recycled (i’m referring to bold movies). the twist was least expected in my thoughts. whew! it’s a reality. nowadays? andami nang mga PLUs ang naglipana sa society natin (isa na ako dun’ hehehehe). great plot! watch this movie with your lover.

  6. amiel Says:

    guys…i saw the movie…here in robinson bacolod…nakita ko narin si jamil basa and mara altiera sa personal…wala ako masabi sa kanila magagaling sila…para sa baguhan na katulad nila. Maganda ang execution ng film kakaiba talaga sia, naloka ako sa ending pinakita ang threesome, nakakaingit ang mga eksena. Pls watch dis movie, magaling ang director. Congrats direk ihman esturco.

  7. Another Reason to Watch Troika | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Josh Ivan Morales is one of the supporting cast of Troika (Threesome), a sizzling erotic indie film by Ihman Esturco. Troika opens this Wednesday, Valentine’s Day. […]

  8. Ralph Says:

    I’ve never seen the this movie yet but i have plans to watch this film with my boyfriend. Actually, I’ve seen many gay movies like brokeback mountain but this film is one of a kind though the story involves with a women between man its because it is a pinoy film and Troika really intrigues me a lot…one of my straight guy friends says “Wow pare..ganito pala kasarap ang mag threesome..hahanapin ko tlga 2.”he jokes. And ohh how i wish i am that women in the movie having sex between two hot guys…it is so dreamy u know.

    Congratz to Ihman Esturco who made this film so great and entertaining to the audience..esp.for the guys…hehe


  9. marcel Says:

    I’ve seen this movie. and I must that it is one of the most erotic gay themed moveies that I’ve ever seen.

  10. Ryan Says:

    gay themed? i havent seen it.. but my cuzin is one of those troika boys or construction workers haha.. i think i need to see it for myself…

  11. ryan Says:

    wow, those guys are hot… even those miners… its a great movie, its not cheap but why is there no frontal nudity? hehehe congrats to all of you. by the way what are the names of the cast? esp. gordon

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