Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie

19-year-old, 5′10″ stunner Vince Saldana is from the Close Up To Fame 2 competition — he did not win the title, but he did win my heart when I saw these close ups…








BONUS: Vince Saldana with Papa Piolo Pascual. Ehem-ehem. Hehehe!

vince_saldana7.jpg Saldana, Close Up Cutie  digg:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  spurl:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  newsvine:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  furl:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  reddit:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  fark:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie  Y!:Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie


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57 Responses to “Vince Saldana, Close Up Cutie”

  1. felicitty Says:

    My TYPE… Exactyl!

  2. what_boys_want Says:

    Vince is such a cutie pie! His real name is Ben Sapida (he was featured in Korina Sanchez’s sunday magazine show). He looks like a baby but with a ripped body! Yum yum yum!

  3. andrew Says:

    Wow, such a hottie this Vince is. Talap-talap dilaan. *Slurpee*

    Hmm… baket kelangang umeksena ng Piolo na yan sa kanya? Piolo’s so gay nowadays, lalo na nung naging sila ni Sam Milby. Di gaya nung unang labas nya sa ‘Lagarista.’ Ang sarap pa nya non. So fresh and so not loud.

    Going back to Vince, he’s delicious. Yun na.

  4. lasalista Says:

    vince saldana is the nephew of piolo pascual kaya sila magkasama.

  5. josh Says:

    Hey is this guy like has a show in abs cbn (wala ba sya sa LETS GO!)?

  6. andrew Says:

    Don’t worry, uso ang incest, haha! Peace, lasalista. :P

    I don’t think he’s on ‘Let’s Go,’ josh. I think you’re thinking Joem Bascom (who’s a Piolo-look alike.) :)

  7. josh Says:

    a ganun ba… anyway its in the genes of piolo that they look so cute.. and their eyes are great..

  8. chad Says:

    he looks so innocent :D pero mukhang medyo “malambot”. may tv show ba siya?

  9. effie Says:

    wow! they’re family?! hot clan! i wanna meet the rest of the family! of course, the males only. =)

  10. mike273 Says:

    ang sarap ni vince … i wish i could meet him …

  11. CADyouth Says:

    vince is part of the latest viva chuvanels group, kasama ung ibang wannabes na walang K… c vince lang ang may hitsura… knowing viva i’m sure flop na naman ang grupo na yung like hotbabes, hotmen etc… but i must say vince is smokin’ hot… sarap nung “karug” niya sa 2nd 2d last pix. sarap ikama… paniguradong jingle lang ang pahinga, kahit wala ng world peace!

  12. KittyQT Says:

    Meeeeow!!! I’d luv to give him a tongue-bath. purr…purr…purr

  13. cutiebears Says:

    he looks like chuck allie of starstruck…

  14. Chen Says:

    This BOY is YUM YUM.

  15. kurara_chibana Says:

    @chad: he’s currently in one of RPN 9’s new primetime shows featuring eddie gutierrez and freddie webb.

    in the show, he’s actually paired with sandara park as a loveteam of sorts.

  16. Rhap-rap Says:

    he was a main stay at the defunct show POSH @ QTV Channel 11…

  17. L.A Says:

    Oo nga ka-mukha ni Chuck…hmppp with PP naku PP talaga mang-aagaw!!! ha3x

  18. chriscapade Says:

    stalker ako ng taong ito… chozz!

  19. anton Says:

    chuck has a very beautiful partner here in davao prior to his startruck foray. yun lang po.

  20. andrew Says:

    Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, a guy this good-looking would always be gay. Wala na bang straight sa mundong ibabaw? Lalo na dito sa Pinas, lahat na lang ng tao bisexual-kuno. Duh.

    Pero one thing’s for sure, masarap i-slurpee si Vince. *slurpeeeeeeeeeee*

    And he looks a whole lot like Chuck.

  21. chad Says:

    i’m so gonna watch that show, whatever that show is lol. i need inspiration para makapag-aral ng mabuti for finals at si vince na yun hahaha joke.

  22. hebangs Says:

    The 6th picture…VPL!!! Visible Penis Line!!! Do you guys see what I see? Do you guys see the HEAD of his penis? LOOK CLOSELY…not TOO close though, baka maduling kayo! lol

  23. michael fuller Says:

    nice pictures. He is cute

  24. vince Says:

    Ang SARAP ng ngiti ni Piolo nung katabi niya si tukayo.
    At may picture pa ng last supper sa ulunan nila. Napansin ko lang.

  25. mike273 Says:

    hay … so hot … where do you find a guy like this? … lols …

  26. neonego Says:


  27. michael Says:

    he is cute

  28. judgemental2002 Says:

    We used to have the same modelling agency and he is just freaking hot in person!

    We had this acting exercise… He was supposed to act gay and come on me… and I was acting so grossed out and crap… stay away… but deep inside Oh MY God he is sooooo hot and handsome… Keep flirting with me. hahaha…

  29. mike273 Says:

    i think that Vince will be in the new movie “Cute ng ina mo” by Star Cinema … starring AiAi De Las Alas and Luis Manzano …

    vince kinda reminds me of rico yan … *sigh* .. i hope that Vince will get more projects … he’s too hot to not be in the limelight …

  30. cb3 Says:

    omg. super cute! and nephew talaga sya ni piolo? i hope niece! LOL

  31. mike273 Says:

    /\/\/\ sana nga cb3 … lols …

  32. chris Says:

    face pa lang maho-hook ka na… hot… pag hindi ko pinagpapantasyahan e feel ko gay like piolo and sam. ito almost everytime e pinagpapantasyahan ko… hahaha… same with ken…

  33. michael Says:

    vince is cute

  34. robins Says:

    I heard from a reliable source, Vince will be one of the guests in Sharon this month. And guess what? May vtr daw na naka trunks lang sya.. Hmmmm… I can’t wait to see that.

  35. cmx Says:

    cute-cute niya sa ang cute ng ina mo esp with his scene with luis! ;)

  36. RL67 Says:

    loved him in ang cute ng ina mo. I think he’s hotter than Piolo.

  37. moca Says:

    hi this is such an incridible…
    i like piolo tlga
    love yah

  38. trixy Says:


    wag nyo na yan siyang pagdiskitahan… may asawa na yan cya at may anak na kami…. mag 2 years old na….

  39. anthony Says:

    aaaYYY oo nga….

  40. chad Says:

    OMG he’s in that movie? Now I have a reason to watch it.

  41. monsour abraham Says:

    Hi ! Vince,naku ha cute ka talaga ! as in katawan mo kilig talaga akwoo…

  42. monsour abraham Says:

    mga manash !!! tigilan nyo sya Papa ko yan eh . Akin lang zya , nuh db Papa Vince ?Wag mong e deny ,huh ! Well, he’s so cute & nice body good appetizer … lol… from Jerusalem Israel. I love you …

  43. pepita Says:

    he is in g4m, Ivan Nikolai

  44. Lyndon Says:

    i saw piolo in ortigas mmm?? i taught he has a nice body but im totally wrong..sorry

  45. ronan fidel Says:


  46. chester Says:

    i like him

  47. olga Says:

    love this guy!

  48. blueharajuku Says:

    4th pic parang yearbook lang hehehehe

  49. Tita Glo Says:

    ang landi talaga nitong si piolo. super!

  50. PJ Says:

    Siya ba si Chad sa Ysabella? Yung pinagseselos ng character ni Angelica Panganiban?

  51. mekare Says:

    hindi ko napanood yung ramp nya ng naka-trunks sa “sharon” this last summer? anyone have pics of that? or youtube links? :)

  52. prince Says:

    more pics of vince please

  53. Calvin Says:

    the first few pix of him are pretty shot of him… but don’t like the succeeding ones…

  54. Calvin Says:

    gwapo and cute nga talaga siya sa first few pix… :)

  55. daniel Says:

    ive seen him in g4m, his pictures at least, and a write up saying he and piolo are related.

  56. guy Says:

    yes, he is a cousin of piolo. he grew up in guam.

  57. michael Says:

    he is in the movie Ang Cute

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