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Happy 6th monthsary to MGG! And because of this… a special post for all of you!

This is the first time that I am posting my own photos here. First, it was my voice, now — it’s my photos….







… and when I say “my own photos” I mean photos *I* took — and NOT photos of myself. Hehehe… I’m now a photographer! My first model here is Mark Onir. He is an upcoming model, selected as one of the Philippine contenders in Guess’s “Faces to Watch” model competition. I took these photos for his setcard, and also to start my photographer portfilio. Love it!

Any upcoming models among you, dear readers?

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55 Responses to “My Photos”

  1. banana Says:

    wow ako ang first naka view. hehehhe online si migs, ampupu kala ko ikaw na yan…cute sya, pede pahiram? hehehehhe

  2. alvin Says:

    aysus. kala ko ikaw. sasabihin ko na sana, “if you’re that goodlooking, bakit ka pa nagpopost ng pics ng iba?!” LOL.

    anyway, i love your work. maganda yung execution!

  3. Fritz Says:

    grabeh… sumakit ang aking kalooban… ang sama-sama ng loob ko bigla… wehehe

  4. mcvie Says:

    Meeegz, uhm, bakit never mong isinama si Mark Onir sa ating mga get-togethers? I want pa naman sana to be oh-so-near Onir! As in, Nora Onir! Hahaha. ;-)

  5. zizou Says:

    shiyet!..akla ko nalagyan na ng napaka-alluring na muka ang boses!!


  6. chad Says:

    ay ganun? kala ko ikaw na nga yan hahaha. kelan ka magpopost ng sarili mong pictures? as in pictures of yourself? pasilip naman kami!

  7. Rico Says:

    akala ko ikaw na nga yun nasa picture, nalaglag na nga panty ko eh, he he he, anyway i will ask Gibbz to have your picture, nice shots!!!

  8. yori Says:

    wow! nice pics.
    on my way to stardom migs, if I will have my first photo shoot, i have you do it. pwamis!

  9. khentutz Says:

    i bet, u are as hot as ur model. wheew… felt excited with ur post. :)

  10. AJ Says:

    yum nung model. yum ka rin kaya? hmmm…

  11. DENNIS Says:

    Nice shots. . . . you have the making of a good photographer. . . . goodluck to your new endeavor. . . .

  12. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Ambisyosa ka talaga! Pang Photo me ka lang. May pa-stardom stardom ka pa! Bituing walang ningning ka. Ako ang second model ni Migs. hahahaha.

  13. yori Says:

    pakialamera tong angelo na, cge nga mag kita nga tau para mag ka alaman na!!! you never know and no one has seen the best of me yet!!! got that!!!?

  14. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Is that so? Just so you know, the one-time offer has elapsed. Kelan tayo meet?

  15. yori Says:

    now I am wondering if its worth meeting you. hmmm let me think again and get back to you, and hey can u leave me any contact details?

  16. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Conservative ako. Baka magalit sa akin si Little Fish. By the way, where is that fish? Let me check, he might be wandering around my pelvic bone. :-)

  17. Ian Says:

    So do we have to wait for the first anniversary to see fotos of our beloved blogger? Or are you really such a shy boy? Happy half anniversary from all of us.

  18. anton maton Says:

    ay kalbo?!! semikal?!! whatever! next please …

    pede ba i-discuss na lang natin dito yung Kris-James-Hope saga! malaki daw talaga ang nota ng papa … kaya may-i-lunok daw ang hope of evarathing! with matching doggie-style! so how very gay!

    yun lang!

  19. inday_garalgal Says:

    mark onir is my bf im da luckiest of em all! (ilusyon!)….im also a photographer (ilusyon again!)… i had sex with james (another ilusyon!).. wat a life to celebrate! bwahahaha

  20. josh Says:

    nice shots, got inspiration from the other photos you have here right? how much ba ang pa photo shot, as daring as possible….

  21. Tita Glo Says:

    pakshet! masarap yan kahit walang kanin.

  22. Duncan08 Says:

    Hi Migs…Kala ko kaw na yung nasa picture..Hehehehe..nabighani pa naman ako sa ganda mo at mag-apply sana akong bigla na maging BF mo…Hehehe. BF as in best friend ever…di ba? Hehehe.

  23. wrestler Says:

    good work migs :-)

  24. peterpic Says:

    tangna… kala ko ikaw na yung paglalawayan ko. sige na nga, siya na lang… hehehehhe

  25. Kaleena Says:

    The third pic is so gay. Did you get to taste his pits? They seem yummy.

  26. effie Says:

    oh. the pic of mark in mid-air is so gay. =) beautiful portraits. love the portfolio.

  27. chriscapade Says:

    magaling.. magaling.. magaling

  28. londoner Says:

    Well done Migs! I was hoping it was really you. Yeah i really want to see your pic. When will it be? Congratulations on your new endeavor. Take care.

  29. smoothshaver Says:

    WOW…another handsome KALBO. So sexy with his skinheadlook. Please show more of these exciting new bald looking male models. Thanks so much….I am dreaming……!!!!

  30. neon Says:

    OMG! wafu ah.

  31. Little Fish Says:

    There are only few guys in my life that I want to MAKELOVE with. Angelo and Migz are two of them. Provided of course Angelo and MIgz consent.
    Angelo…I’m just around, swimming back and forth. Remember, I don’t bite, lil’ fish nibbles…licks…and xxxk!

    Physical beauty fades and withered.
    My love and admiration to Angelo and Migz remains. Like an eternal flames that keeps on burning!
    Juice ko…huwag nyo’ akong ihawin! Maliit na isda lang ako!

  32. Angelo Says:

    [b]Little Fish: Sarap naman pakinggan yan. Sige, kita-kita tayo ni Migs one time para magkaalamanan na. haha. Joke lang.[/b]

  33. yori Says:

    how sweet

  34. yori Says:

    angelo, manggagaya
    akin yang statement na yan! may nakipag landian lang sa yo eh, yes ka kaagad, kaladkarin

  35. Angelo Says:

    Yori: You really like to instigate fights, huh? hay, huwag mong patulan angelo, huwag. dont stoop down to their levels. hahahaha.

  36. yori Says:

    abah at may bold letters ka pa. I am just trying to be friendly to everyone. friends, angelo?

  37. Crono Says:

    Haha!!!! I was about to jack off until i read the last part!!!! poof!!! I thought you are that hottie!!!! hmp!! well….
    Good luck being a photographer kuya…..

  38. aldous canapi Says:

    hahahahahahahahah… naloko mo kmi don ah! klan b nmin mkkta ung d real u? i really love ur site but until now d ko i still can’t still u do you look like! pls migs can we have some of your pics… this time it’s the real you!

  39. N Says:

    Migs, the second pic is so hot.

  40. Darz Says:

    nice shots dude. whats ur system? canon?

  41. Migs Says:

    @Darz - yup I have a Canon 350D.

  42. leo Says:

    sabi ko na nga ba, though i was hoping you finally decided to show us your face, i somehow knew it was a trick. nice pix!!!

    la ka pix ni James Yap? pix na makakasupport ng statement na malaki kargada nya?

  43. peak fantasy Says:

    it’s my first time to visit this site..
    great fotos!!! very sexy mark onir…
    pls publish a short bio about him, and more revealing pics!! yung naka bikini - side, top, and front views…please.

  44. harajuku Says:

    you trickster! haha well.. he is goodlooking!

  45. harajuku Says:

    hehe ako migs im an upcoming model (i wsih) give me a little more time.. ehehe

  46. jasch Says:

    grabeh… sikat na tong si mark.. ka gym ko lang dati to sa province sa laguna.. ngayon big time.. ever since naman may nakikita na akong potential sa kanya.. pero straight na straight to… laging naka basketball jersey pag naggygym..

  47. john_aspen Says:

    Hahaha you got me there! I really thought ikaw na ito. I was expecting a mestizo Migs on the pics.

  48. gelai Says:

    kakaloka nman reactions niyo!!!!
    well he is NOTHINGS!!!hahahha

  49. Will Says:

    omg. you look great. i love it! good job! i love ur site sooo much! hehe take it easy there! :-)

  50. chester Says:

    will you take me as a model? hahaha…

    i love your blogsite…. makes me feel home while i’m out of the country…

    good job miggs!

  51. fattyacid Says:

    migs don’t do the pose in the 3rd pic again…too gay! hahaha

  52. Pravilno Says:

    ay ganun? akala ko ikaw un! :p

  53. jonjie Says:

    miga wala ka bang acces sa mga movie noong 80’s..ung mga pene movies nina gino antonio…tnx ha…its nice to have this site…..

  54. burn Says:

    He is a good friend of mine.. mark onir is a nice guy!!!!

  55. Pinoy Hunks in Oxygen Show | manila gay guy Says:

    […] (Model: Mark Onir) […]

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