Jason Pennings, Australian hottie

Jason Pennings (a.k.a. Jase Pennings) is a six-footer, Australian model who is trying his luck in the Philippines, Thailand, and perhaps other Asian countries. He’s got the mestizo hunk look that reminds me of another Australian hottie, Marc Nelson.

jason_pennings.jpg jason_pennings-1.jpg

More (and hotter) pictures up ahead.






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23 Responses to “Jason Pennings, Australian hottie”

  1. boohness Says:


  2. wrestler Says:

    VERY hot pero mas gusto ko pa rin ang pinoy :-)

  3. rabbit Says:

    i’ll take you to the disco anytime dude …

  4. chriscapade Says:

    wholesome na wholesome sa first pic.
    baby come to mama… ahehehe

  5. alvin Says:


  6. chad Says:

    sana huwag siya masyadong smile coz he looks a little goofy. he looks way better with a serious face.

  7. Indoi Garutay Says:

    I like him pero mas maraming HOT na Pinoys that need the much-needed exposure. Plus MAS HOT ang mga PINOY, hands down and at any given day!!!!

  8. drklght Says:

    yeah … wag lang tatawa hahahah

  9. Little Fish Says:


  10. jazzie Says:

    pwede na rin… pero malayo sila ni marc nelson.. and as others said… mas may dating pa rin ang pinoy… pero he looks delicious… wahaha

  11. I Says:

    what is he???
    is he a guy??
    or is he a part of a guy???

    remove 4 letters and you get PENIS….

  12. Sham Says:

    I’ve been there ;)

  13. grounded Says:

    pwede be my friend….u look good and im a fan…

  14. jerkcool Says:

    great body! yummy

  15. monsour abraham Says:

    yeah ! great body but am sorry sawa na ako sa ibang lahi eh . lots of israeli or mixed guys here in jerusalem ;kaya sa pinoy fa rin po ako.pero ok sya .

  16. monsour abraham Says:

    Opsss ! I’ve noticed that there’s an arabic language written/tattoed on the deltoid muscle of this hot hunk.I read it as “Allah”;am i right?Is he a muslim?well,it doesn’t matter but plz be aware that in muslim religion as i know it’s strictly forbidden tattoing our body.It’s against islamic tradition/or law.I’m aware of this coz i worked in KSA for yrs. & even here in Israel also bawal sa mga relihiyoso lang naman.Well,keep up the good work.I love your body,it is hot.God bless !

  17. edward Says:

    so into hair. i like the last shot. so sexy.

  18. ellen adarna Says:

    he’s my crush and still my crush…

  19. chris Says:

    and that’s what you call animalistic

  20. fattyacid Says:

    drooling for that last pic…arf arf arf


  21. Jared Says:

    On the last pic, nakahubad kaya talaga sya? Ang swerte naman ng photographer and nang staff ng photoshoot na yun, nakita nila ang cute na ito in all his glory. How I wish I work for a magazine noh?

  22. flower Says:

    oh luv his pubes…hairy

  23. morenabeachbum Says:

    actually, he’s half pinoy and half aussie. i went to school with him in Y.I.S.

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