Men of Metro Bodies 2006


Metro Magazine’s year-ender double issue (December 2006 - January 2007) featured Enchong Dee, Carlos Concepcion, Doug Cramer, Jason Moss, John Paul Escobal, Patrick Garcia, and Roman Prudkin. I have 3 words to say: Sexy, sexy, sexy!

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Enchong Dee
Philippine swimming team, Bench endorser

John Paul Escobal
Basketball athlete

Carlos Concepcion

Roman Prudkin

Patrick Garcia

Jason Moss
Graphic artist / painter

Doug Kramer
Basketball athlete
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19 Responses to “Men of Metro Bodies 2006”

  1. j-bo Says:


  2. banjo Says:

    Patrick is such a sweetie…those pubes make me groan…but definitely he was not given justice in this photo..look at his left eye…(bulging like that of Quasimodo)…

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh god that Enchong guy is sooo hot!

  4. john Says:

    I love Patrick. Does this magazine mail internationally?

  5. l Says:

    Enchong is unbelievable. Wow!

  6. erick Says:

    thanks migs sa update!!!!

  7. Migs Says:

    @erick - walang anuman! glad to know you guys are enjoying the site!

  8. ciara Says:

    iam just wondering why enchong didn’t always show his legs… so that i will no if he has a total macho package….

  9. reiniel Says:

    grabe! YUMMY! ni ENCHONG…. ok lang khit d nya ipakita yung legs nya… PANALO NA!

  10. tonyboy Says:

    metro body always have 1 or 2 openly gay(s) as models every year. wala lang. local glossy mags (cosmo included) are so mahilig sa tisoy or caucasian looking models. they should get more pinoy and asian lookers. yan ang global trend ngayon. even time magazine put an asian model on the cover of their metrosexual issue.

    sana tinangal ni patrick ang abs hair nya. distracting. i know the escobal boy. cutie. di ko lang inexpect na maging metro body model sya.

  11. LEY Says:

    absolutely great list of men!!

    btw i wanted you to invite and cast your nominations for queer-eye bloggies 07 - details on my blog ;)

  12. Ang-ang Says:


  13. Jason Says:

    Is Carlos Concepcion, the one on the third pic, gay?

  14. vin Says:

    Well, Jason Moss is openly gay. His recently discontinued blog is here:

  15. tonyboy Says:

    i think concepcion and moss are gay. last year they also have 2 gay celeb models. mas daring and last year(2005). i like it better.

  16. br0wn_c0w Says:

    I’m not into boyish looking guys but Enchong Dee is hotness hahaha!

    Kamusta ang felix bakat ni Roman haha! Sarap pisilin!

  17. paolo Says:

    whatttt?? jason moss? that guy is so gay to function! i know him personally.. sobrang bading kaya nyan.. im sure may kilala yan from metro kaya nagkaroon ng pictorial.. goshhh kadiri ha.. to think metro is a good magazine..

  18. eric Says:

    according to a reliable source close to jason moss, sya lang daw ang hindi phinoto shop sa lahat ng mga models sa metro and yes hes gay…as in!!! according to my reliable source jason is looking for a bf right now!!!

  19. Julia Says:

    Does anyone know of more pictures or articles on Roman Prudkin?

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