Victor Basa is asked, “are you gay?”


UPDATED: with YouTube video (see end of post)

Got word that as one of the tasks, Will Davaughn interviewed Victor Basa inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. And guess what was THE question of the year for Victor Basa?

Are you gay?

There was some awkward stalling, then he answers “I think I’m straight.” (Another version I heard was: “Ahhh, recently na-cut relatonship ko with a girl. As far as I know straight naman ako.”)

Will follows up, “Are you sure?”

Poor, poor Victor. Na-hot seat agad this early! But is he, or is he not?

I’d rather go back to the pursuit of world peace :)

(Screencap credit: Chezkyk of PEx)

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79 Responses to “Victor Basa is asked, “are you gay?””

  1. Tom Says:

    Does not matter. A man’s not defined naman by his gayness or manliness.

  2. donald Says:

    who freakin cares if hes gay… he seems like a nice guy.. great model … very unique… gay or not… he’s just great….

  3. Charles Says:

    Victor Basa/Vicky Wet aint dumb! NOBODY will ever imitate dumbass Rustom Padilla ya know, look, where is he (or She) now? Seesh! If i we’re him, so what if i’m gay, i’ll never ever admit it in public! It’s like you just flushed your career down the toilet..Guy, gay, bi watever!
    He’s hot…

    Hottest Celebrity Housemate
    2nd si John Avila/Mullaly
    3rd lang si Will Pasaway

    kulangot nalang yung iba..hahaha

  4. henry Says:

    yup, agree with you. gay or not, he looks decent, delicious and drool-worthy. though for the decent part, i hope he is wild and cave-man like in bed, hahahaha.

  5. fioux Says:

    who cares?!?!

  6. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Such hypocrites! Of course you care. I’m sure mga ABS folks nagcomment hehehe

  7. whocares Says:

    Think of this… last celebrity season Rustom decided to tell Keana Reeves that he is gay. Now meron ding ma-ala Keana sa loob ng bahay ni kuya. Si Ethel Booba, naiisip ko lang. Baka may part two yung mariposa. ^^,

  8. macky Says:

    what he said is “I think…” or “so far…” bet there’s a cloud of doubt on his part.
    anyway, hope he’s gay… hehe

  9. cast Says:

    psssst…. be nice to victor (world peace)… go victor, you’re still my crush…

  10. Indoy Garutay Says:

    I totally agree with Tom’s comment. A man is not defined by his sexual orientation. I wonder why people want to act and be like Perez Hilton (the hollywood reporter-wanna-be who likes to out celebrity guys.) PLEASEEEEE!!!!! Leave these guys alone.(Victor, Sam, Piolo, Paolo) If they want to let us know they are gay, they will let us know. Yun lang!

  11. rOckY Says:

    Well that was an odd response. He THINKS he’s straight?

    Then again, it’s more likely it was just a bad choice of words. The joys of showbiz and “reality” TV…

  12. blue_harajuku Says:

    kung gay siya eh di okay….

  13. pepron Says:

    I hope he’s gay…hmmm

  14. DesperateHouseboy Says:

    Making his sexuality, or anyone’s for that matter, an issue of any proportion is a complete waste of time.

    People, we’re hiding behind our computers, blogging pointless speculations, and holding our own stupid polls on whether the guy’s a carpet-muncher or a fudge-packer.

    The point is, since all we can do is watch, fantasize about and drool over him from a distance,


    And unless you can show us a sex video of you squirting your gunk all over his face (.avi file preferably, no 3gp’s please), if you claim that you have done it with him in any context, whether homo or hetero, don’t waste our time.


    More inportantly, and I quote the ever-wise divalicious Karen Walker:

    “Gay, straight, bi, Thai…
    What does it matter?
    We all have to finish ourselves off in the end, anyway.”

  15. marlowe Says:

    asus… guys, tayo-tayo lang ang nag-sisiraan.. gulat na gulat kapag nalaman gay pla si ito, gay si yoon. pero, wag na kayo mambara ng kahit ninupa… kaya wag na magulantang at aksayahin ang oras para i piss-off ang mga rumored gaymen… respect each other’s privacy na lng,pwede?

    c’mon filipinos, act decent n mature! un lang! at out nako! ciao

  16. CMx Says:

    sana lang victor wassn’t cornered that way. bait-bait pa naman nung tao. may mga tao lang talaga sobrang insensitive sa iba aka will.


  17. boy Says:

    regardless if his gay nor not his a really good model! thats all I can say….

  18. fattyacid Says:

    i don’t give a damn if he’s gay or not, whether he comes our or not. he seems like a nice guy naman.

    as for rustom, he may not able to fully revive his career but look at him now, mas malaya sya sa buhay nya at wala na syang tinatago…well, that’s the life many of us could only wish for.

  19. from1fagtoanother Says:

    walang career si rustom not because he came out … but because his time in showbiz is really coming to an end na. Just think of this, if Piolo finally comes out, do you think you’d love him less? Syempre naman no. I think the whole world believes he’s gay naman na .. pero sikat na sikat pa rin.

  20. fabbriche Says:

    I don’t like the guys. I hope Riza Santos wins. She’s pretty and lovely.

  21. discreetbai Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…. wawa naman Victor.. pero why not.. hes hot naman and yummy..

  22. Bakleeta Says:

    Jon Avila is only 222? He looks old for his age! Kala ko mga 25 na sya. Tsaka hindi din naman ganoon kaganda angkatawan ni Jon Avila. Favesko sina Yayo and Megan!!!

  23. WWE Publicist Says:

    KUNG GAY SYA, uhmm ok. . .

  24. paa Says:

    id like that riza girl to win as well. basta wag lang ung magkapatid na geisler tska ung dalawang deal or no deal girls. nakakasuka.

  25. paa Says:

    btw, wag kayo dun kay will magalit na tinanong nya si vic about being gay. si boy abunda kaya ung nagpatanong. ung matandang kalbo na un ung insensitive. wawa nga naman ung si vic. parang sobrang bait.

  26. dazedblu Says:

    Hmmm, i don’ care if Victor is gay.. what’s the matter issue is nut that big deal naman, right?

  27. Kai Says:

    who cares? i’d still crave for him either way

  28. ian Says:

    he’s still hot… and i just wish he is gay… but no matter what he says, okay lang, kasi right nya yun. sana naman di sya ginulat nang ganon… kawawa naman… eh ako nga, di ko alam paano magrereact pag na-hotseat ng officemates ko, yan pa kaya tanungin sya on national TV? hay…

  29. londoner Says:

    Let’s respect the guy. In time, if he realise that he wants to come out then we should be all happy and gay.

  30. DENNIS Says:

    Oh well. . . . the answer was not convincing. It was more of a tentative one . . . .

  31. kel Says:

    he’s cute..nice legs..ahahaha!

  32. eponine Says:

    it was boy abunda who had lead will to ask victor basa that question. whatever his answer, whatever he is, should that put him down? there again, people are so obsessed with outting others, and so surprising this will come from the gay community. hayaan na siya.

  33. peak fantasy Says:

    yes, it was boy abunda who coached will to ask that question. how insensitive and tactless this loquacious gay is, like kris. (i have stopped watching abunda’s shows as he is not a good listener, interrupts guests often when they are starting to talk…) victor strikes me as one gentle, charming fellow who is a bit introverted..maybe his personality gives such impression. among the guys, i find victor the most endearing. i will vote for him.

  34. jordize Says:

    oh my god! i totally saw that episode yesterday, and to my suprise, i saw victor basa’s face as awkward as ever! hahaha…

  35. [D.W.A] Says:

    basta na windang lang ako sa sagot nya kung gay sya or not - kitang kita naman na “nagisip pa sya ng isasagot” ahahah -

    Well, as for the gender naman, i don’t care if his str8 or gay, besides, KESEHODANG umamin man sya or not, wala naman tayong mapapala, a hehehe

    - kung ano man ang maradaran natin mga gays/bi’sm stick na lang tayo dun -

    Malay natin, sooner/later may mag out din dyan sa PBB, this time “LESBYANA” nman, ahihihi :)

    Good day sa lahat :) naki blog/post lang :) I’ll stay tuned sa PBB :) (pati ZAIDO)

  36. Haround Says:

    Well, i’ll go with you on world peace migs! ;)

  37. [email protected] Says:

    Lesbiyana sya para walang away!

  38. [email protected] Says:

    Pumapatol sya sa babae, lesbian sya correction po, tama ba ang gender orientation ko, pag girl ka at pumatok ka sa kapwa mo girl, ikaw ay ICE CREAM (TIVOLI) TOMBOY, LESBIANA in other words.

    In fairness to Victor hanggat di mo ako ini-a-add sa friendster mo sa akin, LESBIYANA ka at di mo pa maaabot ang level na tawagin kang isang BAKLA

  39. erwin Says:

    ang bait nga ni victor medyo akward ung sagot nya pero kung gay sya hanggang ganyan lng ung pagiging gay nya and thats make him a good model astig tlaga di kadiri tingnan. basta two thumb up ako kay vic basa and hands down. kaya sa iba gayahin nyo sya mas astig and maayos.

  40. Tim Says:

    victor will just be victor. let’s just leave it at that. i don’t think he’s obligated to tell will or even the entire world about his sexual preference and lifestyle. none of the heteros proclaim to the world that they like their opposite sex. why should we? its as if we’re asking permission to coexist with them.
    ‘world peace’ - migs

  41. astroboi Says:

    why do u guys flare up if a showbiz or a model is asked if he’s gay? i mean yeah it really is none of our biz but the fact that they’re asking is that because if he is indeed gay, then its good for the gay commune- aka more chances of meeting/dating or whatever the person. its not asked as something derogatory…

    don’t feel like ur always the victim.

    and paa- boy abunda just asked will to finish the sentence… will finished the sentence with the question.

  42. Tim Says:

    i don’t think people flare up if the question is asked. i think people like us flare up b.c obviously there’s always a malicious intent in that question. if not malicious, quick and unnecessary judgement. realistically, in filipino-thinking its negative. ‘bakla ka ba?’ there should just always be an unspoken respect for a person no matter who they are, you they are, or what they truly are.

  43. Tim Says:

    *you think the are

    sorry i forgot to complete that part. :)

  44. GLENN Says:

    Why are we fond of asking people if they are gay, will everybody shot up and respect peol;e for peole for who they are. I see that we feast when we discover or suspect somebody as gay, I just ask is this how small minded we are. Victor must be offended bythis question . I have a question is being gay abnormal, the way I see from opinon here it looks like we have a dreaded disease. I hope to seek some answers. I still think that we were made as sons of GOD than not Gays for what we are more happier at to be known than to be recognized for our true worth as persons.Good day !!

  45. leo Says:

    Victor was obviously caught off-guard. His answer was indeed tentative and seemingly led to what people have been thinking about him. Simply put, he was not able to maintain grace under pressure.

  46. peak fantasy Says:

    i find victor basa worth all the time to watch pbb. i like his donald duck lips, parang sarap i french kiss. kesehodang gay sya or straight, wa me keber. lol

  47. ron Says:

    I don’t care if he’s gay or straight, masarap sya! yun lang yun! hehehe…

  48. 9lives Says:

    Victor Basa as JP in
    Cinema One Originals’ MALING AKALA:

  49. Tita Glo Says:

    Kailangan bang iwagayway ni Toni Gonzaga ang buhok nya habang nagsusumisigaw sa intro?

  50. Tita Glo Says:

    Si Big Brother ang gay. Big Sister sya dapat.

  51. peak fantasy Says:

    9lives, thanks for sharing your vid on victor. he registers well onscreen ha..kelan ang showing nito? is this indie film ready for commercial run?

  52. leo Says:

    Hayaan mo na si TONI kung anuman ang gawin nya sa buhok nya. . . . . hahahahaha!

  53. the other leo Says:

    i saw that episode din, ‘yun nga one would wonder why he had to think of an answer… pero kung ano man siya! i still like him a lot! seems nice at laging neat-looking… yummy talaga…

    may career naman si rustom, di ba he won an award, tapos pumirma na daw contract sa kaPUSho for a teleserye…

  54. Aldwin Says:

    Gay si Will kaya he asked that kind of question to Victor. Hahaha!

  55. fattyacid Says:

    i just read in one of the 24/7 live stream update na may film si victor wherein he’s portraying a gay role…most likely, all these nasty gay rumors about vic ay ginawa para mapag-usapan ang film nya.

    kindly confirm this migs or anyone.

  56. UchihaMadara Says:


    …Gay father and gay son roles ???!!!

  57. UchihaMadara Says:

    ….and KEANNA REEVES in a mother role

  58. francis Says:

    gay or straight, he is still one of the hottest guys in the country..He Is the HOTNESS & he deserves our support..& please do not, in any way, compare him to Rustom..its just wrong..& for Boy Abunda to put him in the hotseat just like that, is just so lame, its so not cool..Go Victor!

  59. euges Says:

    Lokasta ! Si boy abonda dapat ang mama no.
    Este lola ba. Grabe eh ano kung gay big deal ba yon?

  60. mouthworxz Says:

    f_ck BOY parang syang DIYOS! well he keeps on wearing outrageous clothes baka nga GOD sya. POZZZIBOL! ZUZUNOD! THE BUZZ!

  61. Donsella Says:

    personally, naaamoy ko ang matres nya kahit na sa TV ko lang sha nakikita. mashadong controlled ang mga galaw…. pero so what nga naman kung badet sha or not?

    Bading man sha or not, either way, WE STILL CAN’T HAVE HIM.

    get over it mga sisters :)

  62. Kiro Says:

    The truth is that most of you are HOPING that Victor is gay. Assuming that he is, most of you will NEVER stand a chance on him. Also, most of the hopefuls are the ones closeted and is only looking for a role model and perhaps is the one experiencing the “struggle”. To those people, examine yourself first. For those who’s already “out”, have some respect. You will gain more respect in return.

  63. Lyka Bergen Says:

    I dont think he is….. but yeah, he is nice! Cute!

    I lost my respect to Boy Abunda. It was him who led Will to ask the question to Victor. Walang kwenta!

  64. hustlingmind Says:

    that was so insensitive on the part of boy abunda. putting the limelight for someone you very well know na hindi naman open because clearly it was his choice. bad boy abunda! hindi fault ni will yung ganung tanong. para lang yang batang lalaki ka at nalilito kung ano ang orientation mo and here comes the tatay, na ang pasalubong eh barbie doll sa iyo. kawawang victor.

  65. MODELO Says:

    oh poor victor… doesn’t matter anyway, he handled the situation, rather well…

  66. herhey Says:

    kainez minsan si tandang badidat.

  67. creexs Says:

    i don’t agree what tom said that vic’s sexuality doesn’t matter…it does matter

    it does matter in this country that gays are not yet that accepted by the society

    visualize how’s victor’s situation with his career would be when he admitted that he’s gay or not…it’s between the decline or the stability of his career…

  68. Jan Says:

    I saw that episode too and I found boy abunda so insensitive. Why even ask the question? And put Victor in a very uncomfortable situation. Even if Victor is gay, no one and no one has the right to force him to come out. Let him do it in his own time and circumstance.

  69. Jan Says:

    If I have the opportunity to ask boy abunda, I would ask him:

    1. When will you stop wearing those outrageous clothes you wear on the buzz?
    2. Why do you have a foreign-sounding accent?
    3. Why do you ask a question, let your guest answer in a phrase and then proceed to answer and expound on your own question?
    4. Why do you discuss the history of Nikon appliances, among others, in your column?
    5. Why are the ratings of the buzz and boy and kris dipping?
    6. and no, I won’t ask you if you’re gay.

  70. kroongho Says:

    I really don’t care if he’s gay because I’ll never have a chance anyway(I’m female), and I will STILL like him a LOT even if he is. I actually think it’s appealing. XD LOL

    But he’s not gay… he’s… bisexual.

    Anyhow, Jenna already admitted once in her journal that Victor and her both had a crush on this… blond (no ‘e’, meaning it’s a guy) model turned actor. Hmmm. 8D

  71. fabfag Says:


  72. andree Says:

    “If he tells you he’s straight, forget him. Even if he exhibits more-than-usual signs that he can ‘turn gay,’ forget him. The fact that he told you he’s straight is just another way of saying ‘You’re not the right gay guy who’ll make me switch teams.’”

    Words of wisdom from friend Joel McVie. One of 7 tips in his post, “Surviving Unrequited Love.”

  73. vincedejesus Says:

    In fairness. Ang daming comments sa vistor basa question!!

  74. UchihaMadara Says:

    Pasok si Victor sa Big 4 kung…
    Gagayahin nya ang ginawang pag OUT ni Rustom sa Season 1. hehehehe

  75. UchihaMadara Says:

    Tapos ang kay Ethel nya aaminin…wow WINNER talaga si Victor !!!

  76. still_tight Says:

    Dapat may twist, naka-butterfly constume si Will, tapos flutter flutter around the garden, dadapo siya kay Victor habang iniihian ni Jon Mullaly si Ethel Booba sa gilid. Tapos mag-o-orgy silang tatlo habang umiihi pa rin si Ethel Booba. Tapos iyak si Victor sa end.

  77. Jason Mendoza Says:

    Yes he is gay. His bf is Tim Yap.

  78. jysska Says:

    is he? how if it is?

    if it is, then, well…

    …Welcome to the Club!!!:)

    abangan ang pamumukadkad…heheh:)

  79. Asyano Says:

    Sarap ng nguso ni Viktor

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