Joy and Sorrow

Joyful Sunday… Beautiful, beautiful day. The Actor and The Blogger went out-of-town. Heaven.

Sorrowful Tuesday… The Blogger caught The Actor red-handed. Philandering piece of sh**.

Such is the uncontrollable drama of life. Allow me some space to grieve.

* * *

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?
And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.
When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

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41 Responses to “Joy and Sorrow”

  1. Ced Says:

    ive been rooting for the basketball player since then. xa na lng migs! he’s worthy of ur love!

  2. akoito Says:

    Hi Migs. Just like what I wrote you yesterday, you need a lot of relfection for the situation.
    Now that you’ve caught the actor red handed, it would now be a matter of choice that you have to make.
    Will you continue to grieve or confront Mr. Actor whom who knows if he will tell you the truth?
    At least as early as this you have discovered how he is or who he is.
    The life in showbiz is so complicated that you wouldn’t know the true person.
    It would still be you choice and make a lot of thinking, reflection.
    Who knows, it could be THE SIGN.
    Again, goodluck and pray.

  3. lee Says:

    A lot will be giving out their best advises, so as an inexperienced person in love, I would just like to reiterate what most have commented when you first blogged about You Being In Love: That all of us, your friends and readers will always be here for your, no matter what.

    Pero di ko mapigilan, agree lang ako kay Ced and Akoito… maybe these are signs? Dunno.

    I have just watched stardust lsat night, and I have learned a lot from the movie (and laughed a lot too), though I already know the story from the book. But in a bobo teen’s lingo… we kinda like have our Victorias… uberly infatuated with them, beautiful as they are and cunningly lovely, but somewhere along the way a star awaits for us to kinda like see them. Like shine whenever we are there and somehow we shine too when we are kinda in close proximity. But duh! what do I know. lecheng love ito. kasakit sa ulo! Haaay! Ke ber!

    basta. mabuhay! World peace? Inner peace ko muna importante, mamaya ka na world.

    We love you migs!

  4. Isaribi Says:

    “All is fair in love and war.”

  5. Isaribi Says:

    We’re still here migs…


  6. Isaribi Says:

    “Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

  7. lee Says:

    naalala ko sabi sakin dati ng tatay ko pag me umaaway sakin… ano susugurin ko na?


    So migs, ano? sabihin mo lang kung gusto mo sya ipabugbog! Ipapabugbog ko sya sa mga frat brods ko (wag lang sana me madulas na sabhin bading ako!) hehe.

    O kaya, Brownies ng becky’s Kitchen, you want?

    love ya! Peace!

  8. Isaribi Says:

    @Lee - I STRONGLY SUGGEST RAPE. hehe… para naman mapakinabangan pa natin… in fairness, actor rin yan. laman tyan din. hahaha!

  9. JHVRothschild Says:

    You fell for an Actor! Bah! Those people live in a different world. Go back to the basketball player. At least he’s sincere.

  10. pepron Says:

    It’s a blessing that at this early point of your relationship; nakilala mo na sya…

    At least buti ka pa, for a while, na-infatuate ka; naistorbo ka nya for a while..ako hindi, boring ang life ko eh…

    Smile lang ng smile


  11. Loyalista Mirasol Says:

    Migs, sino ba yang actor na yan? Is he a member of an all male sexy group? Give us naman a clue baka yang actor na yan eh bf din pala ng friend ko mmmmm…..Basta Migs, enjoy life..Life is too short to be miserable…Basta relax lang..IIbig ka ulit with someone better kaya dont u get sad..Smile..Sino yan Migs, clue naman pls….

  12. raymund gerard Says:

    delete the first comment/post. something went wrong. anyway as i said, looking forward to chat and coffee.
    in the meantime, ponder on this over chocolate chip ice cream, a good massage by an ageing blind masseur, and red wine.

    LOVE TAKES TIME (Mariah Carey)
    I had it all
    But I let it slip away
    Couldn’t see that I treated you wrong
    Now I wander around
    Feeling down and cold
    Trying to believe that you’re gone
    Love takes time
    To heal when you’re hurting so much
    Couldn’t see that I was blind
    To let you go
    I can’t escape the pain
    Love takes time
    I don’t want to be here alone
    Losing my mind
    From this hollow in my heart
    Suddenly I’m so incomplete
    Lord I’m needing you now
    Tell me how to stop the rain
    Tears are falling down endlessly
    You might say that it’s over
    You might say that you don’t care
    You might say you don’t miss me
    You don’t need me
    But I know that you do and I feel that you do

  13. Fran Says:

    …and the plot thickens!

    sabi na nga ba dapat si basketball player na lang eh!

  14. cast Says:

    let’s have coffee migs

  15. lee Says:

    @isaribi… ay oo nga pala! bakit ko ba niisip ipabugbog, bading nga pala ako, rape nalang! hehehe

  16. eponine Says:

    kahlil gibran… my fave.

  17. Isaribi Says:

    @Lee - dapat lang… parape din ako sa brotherhood nyo ha!… whahaha!

  18. Asyano Says:

    One life.Live it.

  19. David Says:

    well that’s sad.. sinapak mo ba??
    anyway, does this mean you’d give mr. basketball player a chance now??

  20. LEO Says:

    Ano kaagaw mo - bading din, o girl? Either way, karibal pa rin yun.

  21. DENNIS Says:

    It seems nothing is permanent for lives of gays except hurt and pain.

  22. Loyalista Mirasol Says:

    Basta from my experiences of having a basketball player and as well as an actor boyfriend I’ve been in that situation too, don’t push too much..You can’t expect fidelity in their realm or in their much spotlighted worlds…Just enjoy the moment, enjoy great sex but do not hurt your heart..If you want loyalty from them, umalis kayo ng Pinas and go somewhere else..Start anew..Alisin mo sya sa mundong ginagalawan nya kasi i tell u temptations are there every minute in their world….Kaya Migs, basta whatever it is, lilipas din to…I still believe gays can be happy…Dapat may strategy din..di lang puro puso…:-) Love u migs…

  23. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Lost na basketball player for you to have considered actor. So what ever you do, do not go back.. You’ll just be selling yourself short.

    As for actor, are you in a commitment na? Kung wala pa, in my opinion you dont have any reason to sulk. No crime has been committed. ;)

  24. jang chul soo Says:

    oooh details migs…details..=)

  25. jimg29 Says:

    How about glorious Wednesday, Migs just forget the EKTOR and BP, just focus on your WORLD PEACE Podcast, that would be sublime!

  26. chuchucaracas Says:

    abutan mo na lang ng trophy dahil magaling pala siya umarte.

  27. Joshua Says:

    Ang alam ko, it was Lolit Solis who caught Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby in Sofitel Hotel. Teka… wrong pair. :)

    Hey Migs, hope you’re doing ok. :)

  28. Tim Says:

    hey migs. i’ve been reading your blog for a while now actually almost a year and i’ve found it to be didactic and entertaining. this is my first comment so i hope it helps a bit. but all that sweet stuff aside, i just feel that you need to let go of things. you DON’T need a sign. what will be, will be. but as far as i know (or read for that matter) you’re smart enough to understand what’s going on. follow your heart but guide it with your mind.

  29. KittyQT Says:

    Are we in for another JOY RIDE?!?

  30. ace Says:

    Migs, I’m so sorry for your pain and disappointment, my friend.(I just got back from work assignment). I don’t think there is anything that I can say to you that you don’t already know. But, I am an optimist by nature so I would like to impart this message to you: For as long as there is that glimmer of light on the horizon, there is a promise of a new day, a new beginning and(yes)a new love. (I would like to give credit to the author of the poem below but I can’t seem to find the name at the moment. I can’t find the title either but a friend sent this to me last year. It is a very straightforward poem but it conveys the promise of a new tomorrow. Migs, this is for you.)

    Sometimes I ponder about what will come next
    Where will my life turn when it seems to stall?
    When is the next time I will smile again?
    and how will I get up, should I fall?

    Happiness fills me with a touch of sadness.
    By that I mean I know it can’t last.
    Beauty decays, laughter subsides
    When will the stones be cast?

    Tragedy can be measured
    by the amount of happiness taken away
    Elusion is our only protection
    As we fall victim to its prey

    So when I’ve reached a fork in life’s road
    and the choices are many or few.
    I follow the one that leads away from misfortune
    That’s all I can really do

    When life is good
    You have to hold it in your hand
    You have to close your eyes
    You have to breathe it in!

    Happiness may end
    While tragedy begins
    Today is the beginning
    Is tomorrow the end?

  31. riffraff2000 Says:

    That’s a great quote from Gibran. It shall be saved, tucked away in my Life Lessons folder. Thanks for sharing!

    You’ll be better off than you were before because of this experience, Migs. This, too, shall pass….

    As for that cheating bastard, sorry na lang siya….F*ck him.

  32. sheveree Says:

    I love the quote ace. bravooooooo

  33. ian Says:

    i’m sorry to hear that migs… you deserve someone better. never mind him. let go… and let him realize how stupid he was for cheating on you. we hope and we know you’ll get through this. God bless!

  34. macker Says:

    Hi, Migs. I’ve been reading your blog for the longest time. Didn’t really want to post anything, until now.

    If you browse up, there’s a whole lot of sense posted, so I don’t think my two cents would mean anything anymore.

    I just wanted to say that I grieve with you, pare.

    I am affected (albeit less than what you’re feeling) by this, and I’m praying for you.

    One day soon, you’ll look back on this (if at all), and be thankful it came your way.

  35. josh Says:

    and life goes on…. :)

  36. closet case Says:

    migs, as in??? well you did say you werent committed yet, right? bitching lang. sorry kapatid.

  37. MAC_AFR0 Says:

    “The fiery run of my passions evaporates the love lakes of my souls, clouds my thoughts and rains you into existence.
    As I take flights on bolts of lightining. Claiming chaos as my concubine and you as my me.I of the storm. You of the sea.
    We of the moon. Land of the tree.

    What have I done to deserve this? Am I happy? ”

    - Untimely Meditations / Saul Williams -

  38. Joey Says:

    people who seek popularity and attention,like the actor, are generally selfish. they have flawed sense of commitment, as they want to be desired and loved not just by one person but by everybody. when his sparkle fades, he might come back and profess his undying love and fidelity. i just wonder if you would still like him when he is not an “it” guy anymore?

    you obviously love the actor more than the basketball player. so it wouldnt be fair to take the player back after what happened. learn to stand by your decisions. everything has a purpose.

    maybe next time, try not to let your heart rule over your mind. good luck. lilipas din yan.

  39. george Says:

    sabi nga ng tatay ko…if i have to choose between marrying someone who loves me a lot but doesn’t quite hit me yet (not yet) or someone you love very much but doesn’t love you as much as you do, choose the one who loves you very much. Ang pagmamahal matutununan yan. He was right. Go for the basketball player!

    Migs, if I remember it right, you left this player because he didn’t seem to know what he wants in life. But he wants you, di ba? Pero what about this actor?

  40. whocares Says:

    @lee haha anu yang brotherhood mo? kakatuwa naman yan.

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