Does Size Matter?


Enough of my drama, let’s get back to the Migs you’ve all come to adore (hahaha!) — the sometimes-naughty-sometimes-nice kind of gay guy. And this time I want to wear my sometimes-naughty persona.

McVie’s latest post got me thinking/laughing. The guy relates an after-sex conversation about, what else? Dick size. It starts with “You fuck great, considering your size,” which continues to “[You’re] small,” and then ends with “Well, that’s why I make up for the lack of size with performance level.” Iba ka McVie! Iba ka! Haha!

Let me ask you then, dear readers: Does Size Matter To You? Size Matter?  digg:Does Size Matter?  spurl:Does Size Matter?  newsvine:Does Size Matter?  furl:Does Size Matter?  reddit:Does Size Matter?  fark:Does Size Matter?  Y!:Does Size Matter?


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42 Responses to “Does Size Matter?”

  1. pao Says:

    it matters a lot,..
    it dictates what feeling am i going to emote…
    fucking too small dick makes me feel bad!!!

  2. andree Says:

    well, size nman is nat everything eh.. mahaba nga, mataba nga ang bilis namang labasan!!! dba? nakakaloka naman ang mga ganun!!!
    pero wag din namang maliit at payat, itago na lang nila sa mga sarili nila yun..kidding!!!

  3. pepron Says:

    yep! it does…I prefer smaller ones!!!
    ; kasi pag-small, asahan mo na agad na mag-eenjoy ka! In fact, I think I’m turned off immediately pag malaki, mataba at mahaba, kasi, there’s already a 90% chance na boring agad…( based lang naman to sa experiences ko..ok?)..and I’m always proven right everytime I encounter one…hmmm


  4. MsNinja Says:

    IMO. Yes! Ciempre big ones are very RARE for Pinoys. And something rare excites me.

    Smaller … baka matinga lang ako dun :)

  5. McVie Says:

    Weeeeell, that’s me; I live to entertain, mwhehehe.

  6. kel Says:

    pag love mo,wala ng size size!

  7. DENNIS Says:

    Mas maganda yung hindi malaki, hindi maliit. Very Pinoy.

  8. anton maton Says:

    YES! ‘nough said!

  9. Isaribi Says:

    uhm… can’t answer… hehehe… still a v… :D

  10. Isaribi Says:

    V sa ilong! hahaha

  11. cute Says:

    Masarap makipag sex kapag may kasamang LOVE.

  12. PJ Says:

    i agree with cute. size doesn’t matter as long as you love him (^_^)v

  13. rodier Says:

    size does matter to me. gusto talaga ng malaki. yung nabubulunan ako. akkhh!

  14. migsfan4life Says:

    Oh dear I think we have a lot of members here who are size queens. Lol!

  15. markymark Says:

    doesn’t matter as long (pun intended) as mabango at malinis. :-)

  16. jimg29 Says:

    mag-gantsilyo nalang ako!

  17. Mikey_Liling Says:

    Yes, if it’s casual.

    No, if it’s not.

  18. chuchucaracas Says:

    aminin pag mukhang daks yung manchu mas interesting.

  19. eponine Says:


    well, i’ve encountered soem straight guys with sizes not of pinoy. but my experience? what use is a dick if it goes limp as a node? i have also encountered one short guy with a short tool but went as hard as rock couold be. so it matters not how straight the gate, hwo charged with punsihment the scroll. i am the master of… the bed? hehe

    anyway, more importnatly, based also on experience, sex with love is the best, no matter what the size. i have mentioned about a short cute married guy that i hav efallen for before? well, he is the best because it wasn’t just sex, it was “making love.” so for me, size really doesn’t matter. i myself am small. wtf.

  20. eponine Says:

    one more thing, anyone’s drama is a drama. so carry lang if emote ka pa rin migs. you have us as fwends.

  21. eponine Says:

    huling hirit. sorry sa marami kong typographical erros. lassheng po kasshhe. hehehe.

  22. JHVRothschild Says:

    Not to me. I’m no size Queen. Then again I’m no sex hound either. I’ve had boys that were very big and have great cocks but you know what?!?! They were ASSHOLES in life. The sweetest guys I know have average sizes and they’re terrific. The point is there’s more to life than just a big cock slapping you in the face and if that’s all you look for then it’s all you get. A big cock.

  23. mekare Says:

    wow. everyone suddenly became so “sex in the city”. haha.

  24. jang chul soo Says:

    tama si mikey, pag casual yes, pag love no. I personally like caucasian cock cause its big and white. Sorry if i sound like Ms Saigon.

  25. Broken Heart Says:

    I guess i was kinda lucky for some time. I had sex or made love with someone who was big and who performed fantasticly! When I first looked at it, i thought i would bleed…. but no. It went in fine and what surprised me was that it actually felt good coz u would really feel that there is something there…. You wont just feel someone behind you trying to do something. You actually feel something in you…. I bet many are wondering how it feels…….

  26. Adrammelech Says:

    Dick size doesn’t matter as long as you love someone. You feel as if you’re having sex in a sacred manner rather than just having sex for the sake of pleasure. To hell with dick sizes when you are enjoying your time with the one you love!

  27. Lola Says:

    Sex is good when you do it with someone you love. Pag love mo talaga, doesnt matter na if small or large.
    But its better the latter, =)

  28. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Size definitely matters .. to the one who said big guys are usually boring, thats only because they usually get pampered (translation: serviced) So if you find that your hung guy is not up to par in performance, its only because he’s not that into you. But then again, who cares. He can lie down for all I care. Actually, in my book, when the guy is super hot, I’d rather have him immobile and just accomodating. I’d rather do all the work.

  29. IndoyGarutay Says:

    It is all a matter of preference yan. It’s all a state of mind. We all have our own prejudices and no matter how we would like to be politically correct, our opinions would eschew toward our preferences. There is no correct answer here. Kung saan ka maligaya, doon ka. Kung gusto mo ng itim, ng puti o ng brown man, it’s whatever floats your boat,or rocks your world that matters most.

  30. nell Says:

    Question: Is there a way para malaman na dakota ang isang guy, without looking at “it”? Pwede ba magka-hint?

    I’ve had a couple of encounters, merong ganda ng body, laking tao, pero jutay naman, not all, though. Tapos meron naman maliit lang sya pero WOW naman ang alaga. Hehe.

    Now on the question, I prefer yung malaki, mas enjoy ako.

    Yun lang po.

  31. IndoyGarutay Says:

    Nell, there is no sure fire way to tell kung sino ang DAKO at sino ang DYUTAY. You have to remember that there are 2 types of guys. The first one is the SHOWER na makikita right away na malaki. The other one is the GROWER na makikitang maliit pero pag matigas na MALAKI pala. Merong SHOWER na makikitang malaki pero pag matigas na, ang size remains the same. Na experience ko na yan. It looks big at first glance, pero nakaka-disappoint din kasi parang your eyes are playing tricks on you. Pero may nakita din akong maliit pero nung tumigas na, dyos ko pa inang Sisa, halos mawalan ako ng ulirat. So the saying don’t judge a DICK by its size holds water. And this one is true also, ang dick na hindi tuli mabaho. Ay ano ba yan…I hope I titillated (pun intended) your inquiring mind.

  32. szaatchi Says:

    i think this is goes the same as the body… i had a one night stand & this guy says that i’m too slim for him so we decided to just jerk off instead but when we’re already naked he told me that my down under was different coz it’s big… i just told him, well, if my body does not suffice your need by down under will compensate all… he just laugh & he end up having a wild rodeo show… nyehehehe


    You want hint? Most Visayan people are well-hung. Hahahaha!

  34. leo Says:

    And those from the south. Hindi ko alam kung bakit.

  35. Pinoy Gay Guy Says:

    Actually it doesnt. I go for the performance ;)

  36. Joey Says:

    chaka + dakota = hmmm,pwede na siguro.
    chaka + jutay = tse, manigas ka.
    pogi + dakota = winner!
    pogi + jutay = ay, sayang. pero oks lang.
    laila dee + dakota = ok lang, masipag ako.
    laila dee + jutay = hay, french exit ako.
    love ko + dakota = akin lang siya forever!
    love ko + jutay = akin siya for now.

  37. akoito Says:

    I am average (5″). Sabi ng mga nakatikim nito bakit daw sobrang tigas daw at sarap daw sa bibig.

    In my experience, they always tell me na mas prefer daw nila yung size ko because they could play on it.

    But I agree with most of you na love should be an important factor and it trascends everything.

  38. blue_harajuku Says:

    i go for average.. hindi yung masakit ipasok at lalong hindi yung para tinusukan ka ng glycerol..

  39. astroboi Says:

    as BIG as it gets! bwahaha

  40. My Dick is SPAM! | Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? Says:

    […] with my own size. So to answer Migs‘, the Manila Gay Guy, and McVie’s question if size matters: I don’t believe so.  Size doesn’t matter, performance does. And a little spam […]

  41. Little Fish Says:

    “…its not the pen that matters most, its the penmanship…”
    hindi ko alam sinong nagsabi nito… but somehow it holds true.

    pagmalaki….watch out for your epiglottis!

  42. empress maruja Says:

    Interestingly, ang mga pinaka-da best kong hala ay sa mga jutay. Kung makaforeplay parang nasa isang ST movie.

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