Gay Migs + Straight Guy

What is happening to the world?!?! Even Migs is involved with a straight guy! Hahahaha! Listen to this very short podcast to know the scoop!

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I was meant to tread the water
Now I’ve gotten in too deep,
For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away.
‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try,
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might know my heart.

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23 Responses to “Gay Migs + Straight Guy”

  1. blueharajuku Says:

    migs, may sipon ka ba? j/k
    hmmm i dont know about it. kung ganon eh hindi na siya straight, i guess

  2. Migs Says:

    Yup, actually may sipon nga! Hehehe… sensya na po…

  3. khentutz Says:

    ang sweet. hahaha. enjoy mo lang yan i can’t blame you if you would fall:) Good luck n lang migs:)

  4. blueharajuku Says:

    ah, sabi ko na nga.. pagaling ka migs. nagkasipon din ako last week, its the rainy season to blame.

  5. blueharajuku Says:

    dedicate ko na song for migs is “damn i wish i was your lover” by sophie b hawkins.. yun!

  6. Saikee Says:

    Oh wow! Nakakakilig naman! Makes you wonder huh?

    I kind of don’t want to dampen the mood, but tread this area with care, as if he really is a straight guy, set ourselves up for a fall that is hard to recover from. I fell in love with a straight guy before and I love him dearly as my best buddy still to this day. He treats me differently from the rest of his friends that makes me feel special. Several times, until now, some of his straight friends would wonder about his sexuality because of how we relate to each other. Make no mistakes about it though. He is straight. Took me a long time to accept, move on and stop hoping that those, long night talks, pats on the backside, extremely long hugs and a kiss on the cheek where really nothing but a show of affection by my bestfriend. He said out plain, “You are my friend, my best friend. I’m really sorry that you want to go further than that but I can’t give that to you. You may try to take what you want during our nights of sleeping over. You may get what you want, but you will also probably lose my friendship. I hope you really don’t choose to throw away our friendship.”

  7. fattyacid Says:

    nyahahaha migs you remind me of my ultimate crush way back in SBC-Law…he’s such a sweet guy!

    kahit na parang may sipon ka…na-in love pa rin ako sa voice mo.

    hope to hear more from you…sana pati interviews mo with the hottest guys out there i-podcast mo rin.

  8. Migs Says:

    @ blueharajuku - i’m flattered! hehehe!

    @ khentutz - salamat; no worries, di (pa) ako in love. sabi nga ng isa kong celebrity friend, i fall only for really goodlooking guys — kaya i don’t think i’ll fall for this one. at least not yet. hehehe!

    @ saikee - foolish as it may sound, yes, nakakakilig. hahaha!

    @ fattyacid - in-love ka sa boses ko? sana boses na lang ako - hahaha! just like your SBC-Law crush, sweet din naman ako. hehehe! cheers!

  9. Misterhubs Says:

    “Give me something.” Hmm, I wonder what that “something” means for Mr. Straight Guy. A taste of Migs, perhaps?

  10. rOckY Says:

    Colds are really going around these days. =P

    At first I thought it was the Jamiroquai song “You Give Me Something” and so I was kinda weirded out by the dedication. Not that I’ve listened to it, I’m still hesitant. This guy does have a girlfriend after all so technically he’s semi-considering cheating on her with you, in a manner of thinking, eh?

    Tread carefully, Migs.

  11. chuchu caracas Says:

    nako yang mga type of guys na yan gusto nila ikaw muna magco-confirm ng feelings mo bago sila magdecide kung ano ba gusto nila gawin sa buhay nila. i wish you all the best.

  12. Q Says:

    Whoopee. I guess he’s not straight anymore coz he got a piece of you and wants more, more, more!

    >:) Go for it Migs! >:)

  13. nadriamez Says:

    Kudos to you Migs!


  14. Boyd Says:

    who sang the song?

  15. wrestler Says:

    migs you just turned a straight guy gay.

  16. blueharajuku Says:

    Boyd = James Morrison

  17. codered Says:

    Migs, it’s so freakin’ romantic that I’m hooked waiting for what happens next. Thanks for sharing…

  18. Kris Aquino Says:

    this is the first time i listened to your podcast migs. you speak with eloquence and your choice of music reminds me of the type of beadworks i choose for wedding gowns.. heheh..the music speaks of your inner being who wants to shout to the whole world that your IN DEEP, just like me..charuz charuz ever…

  19. NM Says:

    Ahhh….the excitement of new love :)

  20. Jedd Says:

    Hey, just realized you’re starting to sound like Tristan / DJ Jeff :)

  21. aries Says:

    aaaay dbah ganyan pag inlove nagiging makulay at musical ang lahat… havah ng silky and shiny black hair mo teh!

  22. Migs Says:

    @Aries - makulay ang buhay, makulay ang buhay… sa sinabawang gulay! hehehe!

  23. sdelacroix Says:

    I hope he’s is really willing to give it a try just as the song says…

    I fell before to a straight guy, we were kinda close. we hang out a lot before. I even went to the gym just to be with him. We used to be the better looking guys in the workplace… ehehe.. some girls are eyeing on him… he was oozing with sex appeal naman kasi… but I could say that I am better looking. hahaha… di nga lang ako maporma.. anyway, well he doesn’t know that well I’m bi. hehe. noone actually knows…
    bottomline i fell for him… so just when I thought that I won’t be able to contain the feelings anymore, instead of professing my feelings to him, I walked away. I chose not to come out to him. I can’t bear the thought that he will think less of me. Cause we used to laugh at mga “tagilids”. he used to tell me stories that he didn’t want gay people hitting on him. hehe. so i didn’t…
    Right now, we don’t talk at all… he’s working in another company should i say. When he visits our workplace, I do avoid him. I don’t want him to see me…
    I even turn my feelings to disgust just to fall out of love. and it worked…
    So if you want not to love someone, then just hate him. It worked for me twice already. Just learn how to control your feelings..ayt? You’ll get over it…
    There are better people out there…

    Life’s a bitch, ganun talaga.
    But that bitchiness makes it special and exciting.


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