Jay Espano and MGG tidbits


  • >> That’s Jay Espano in the photo above. This picture was sent to me by one MGG reader who wanted me to feature Jay. Too bad I couldn’t get more photos of Jay. Jay Espano is a theatre veteran and is now based in Singapore.
  • >> Speaking of photos, fellow blogger of the Ultimate Pinoy Hunks (UPH) fame recently got his photos wiped clean causing a 3-day downtime for his famous blog. Apparently someone reported him to multiply.com and blogger.com — and while I am not very familiar with all the details of the hoolabaloo, what is important is that UPH is back online. Check out the new home of UPH. Let’s support gay bloggers!
  • >> After that short post on Olay Total Effects+, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of MGG readers interested in it. I blogged about it simply because it really made me happy, eh sa talagang gumanda ang skin ko when I started using it. So imagine my surprise when I found an email in my inbox today, coming from somebody from Olay’s PR arm. In appreciation of that post, they want to invite me to their future events and send me more Olay products! Salamat po Olay! Hahaha, ang saya! Thanks Olay, I love you and your Total Effects+. I feel like one of your pretty endorsers, hahaha! (Gretchen, istatchu?)
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25 Responses to “Jay Espano and MGG tidbits”

  1. josh Says:

    WOW migs, one year supply free of Olay! congrats to u! What next, free plane tickets, stay in a luxurious hotel? A new car??? hmmnnnn

    I always like UPH. im glad its back :)

  2. L.A Says:

    Wow! Thats great Migs, now you’ll get more and more beautiful with Olay! Cheers~

  3. KittyQT Says:

    Ang ganda ng lola ko!!!!

  4. UPH Says:

    Thanks MGG. I appreciate the shout out and your gesture of letting me use some of your unused webspace (hindi talaga ako marunong ng wordpress e). To the fans of my site, I’m back (well, until somebody reports my site to website admins again :p)

    Gumanda talaga skin mo with Olay total effects? I think I’m gonna give it a try too. Hehehe. :)

    World Peace, Migs :) and thanks again for your support.

  5. mase Says:

    sa totoo lang…i panicked when my friend told me a few months back about this Total Effects products by Olay. He couldn’t stop raving about it, and while I was still on my endless search for that something that can turn my face back to how it was when I was sixteen..:) sugod agad ako ng Target and picked up everything that has Total Effects on the label! As far as I’m concerned, they totally work!! Ang saya ko lang at madami palang gumagamit non! :)

    Btw, I’ve been visiting this blog since whenever and I really like your stuff. Same for UPH…I’m just completely glad that it went back online.

  6. Barbarella Says:

    Jay Espano is the rumored long-time bf of RJ Rosales. They lived together in Makati [at the Alpha Salcedo] for quite some time. I once saw them in DJ Station in Bangkok, and they were such a cute couple. They look good together and I hope they are still together now.

  7. neon Says:

    kuya migz… makikita na kita sa commercial! :) ka-level mo na sina gretchen b., dr. calayan… etc.

  8. what_boys_want Says:

    oh gawd Jay Espano!!! yeah, i really have to confirm that him & RJ Rosales are a copule.

  9. UPH Says:

    I have migrated yet again to another site: http://ultimatepinoyhunksblog.blogspot.com Huhuhu. Migs, I think I need to migrate to wordpress. :(

  10. McVie Says:

    If I can call Alfred Vargas “Alfie”, then I can call Jay Espano… ahhh, ehhh… “Jay” din pala! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But seriously, I’ve worked with Jay in another TA production, “Mirandolina”. (Teeeeka, I think there were several performances wherein both Jay and Alfie were in the same cast!) Jay was great to work with, very nice person, very generous, walang kiyeme o ere, at cowboy na cowboy. At pag nagbibihis yan backstage, it takes ALL of my willpower to look away, hahahahaha!

  11. eponine Says:

    Ang taray! Endorser na si Migs! Baka me competition na si Sharon at Kris sa pagiging top product endorsers! Go Migs!

  12. eric Says:

    mcvie, lets hook up!!!!!

  13. Glenn Says:

    that is sad to hear. i do see some blogs being wiped out simply because they feature a lot of nudity or hunky men. i guess nagkalat pa din ang mga hipokrito sa mundo. hehehehe…. one reason also why i hardly post anything that the blogsite might consider as sensitive to the community. a lot of the multiply sites are also deleted because of porn or nudity. oh well… community nila yun… more power to mgg.

  14. Gheh Says:

    hay naku wag nilang ma anu-ano ang MGG kundi susugurin ko sila… grabe mga hipokrito sa mundo kung hindi sila masaya sa buhay nila wag naman sila manira ng kasiyahan ng iba…

  15. onicotto Says:

    If Total Effects can do wonders, wait till you their Regenerist line.

  16. onicotto Says:

    that is, TRY their Regenerist line (sorry, boo-boo!)

  17. chriscapade Says:

    wow migs.. next level ka na ha! kaso wala namang endorser na di nagpapakita sa publiko diba? lalo na beauty product pa ang ini-endorse..

    hala ka!!

  18. Home Erectionalis Says:

    that bitch who maliciously reported UPH should be killed without second thoughts

  19. Home Erectionalis Says:

    or was it you MGG who did it…… just kidding

  20. Kai Says:

    HE IS HOT. Is he one of those Viva Hot Men?


  21. DARNA Says:

    He’s hot….Can you featuure more pictures of Jay Espano?

    I saw him in Singapore…and met him…Very down to earth.I did not know he’s gay..or is he? Shit..syang..I would have asked him out.He’s quite well known.A lot of Filipinos know him.My cousin said he does TV there and a big star sa Filipino community. He’s better looking in person…and more muscular…MORE PICS please!!!!

  22. erectile29 Says:

    He’s not a Viva Hot Men…He’s one of the good theatre actors but sad to say he’s in Singapore and they are enjoyong him there.Migs, is he coming back? can you do an interview with Jay? and more pics…..

  23. garapon Says:

    He’s hot….are there more pics? who is this Jay espano? where is he?

  24. Rye Says:

    know what migs, i actually have photos of jay in my personal collection, taken from when he joined ballet philippines in our production of darna back in 2003. he’s hot. and he’s a very nice person. almost like me! hehe! :-)

  25. dranreb Says:

    omg jay! gurl ikaw na ba yan?

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