MGG Tidbits

Here are some random tidbits from Migs, the Manila Gay Guy’s pre-Holy Week weekend.


* Here’s another Enchong Dee picture — don’t you just wonder how such a cam whore this cutie is? But I ask, who isn’t? Hehehe. Pambansang hobby na yata ng Pinoy ang magpa-picture! Hehehe!


* I attended the Philippine Blog Awards — and I saw how so many gay guys were into blogging! Even organizers Yuga and Jayvee seemed to me like that they are one of us! Congrats to Bryanboy for winning the Beauty and Lifestyle Category. The event was a great first, except that the program hosts were totally inept — the whole audience tuned out within 3 minutes of their blabber.

* After eons of postponing, I was able to finally check out Palawan 2 – watch out for my review of this off-Malate gay hangout soon!

* Confirmed with Janvier Daily our schedule for recording our next podcast — watch out for it! Tidbits  digg:MGG Tidbits  spurl:MGG Tidbits  newsvine:MGG Tidbits  furl:MGG Tidbits  reddit:MGG Tidbits  fark:MGG Tidbits  Y!:MGG Tidbits


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16 Responses to “MGG Tidbits”

  1. Ares in uae Says:

    Basta ang alam ko, ang pogi ni Enchong Dee! kahit gaano pa ka-whore ang batang yan! YUMMY!

  2. Mark Says:

    You are so darn lucky with Janvier! My Norwegian friends here are drooling over his pics. :-p

  3. randy Says:

    hmmm. just wondering why you and janvier are still in touch ( no pun intended). is it romance? he he! just kidding! looking forward to that podcast!

  4. eric Says:

    ang palawan ng cubao meron ng palawan 2? kaya pala my gym buddy asked me kung saan ang palawan 2? sabi ko wala namang ganun.
    un pala meron na? saan? palawan bar in cubao is swarming with cutie guys!!!

  5. empress maruja Says:

    Kalokah! Dapat sana talaga may Best Gay and Lesbian blog. *hint hint*

  6. vin Says:

    Aba. Nandoon ka pala sa event. And judging by the angle on your photo, you were seated near where I was seated. Hehehe. :-)

  7. L.A Says:

    WTF??? Bat hindi kita nakita dun I was part of the committee who asisst the dun. I was like wearing a coat and a yellow long sleeves.

    San ka pala na-upo sa 2nd floor or sa Ochestra? Waaah sayang hindi kita nakita!!!

    Anyway ngayon ko lang nalaman na BB has P.A-Personal Alalay full costume pa ang loka nyang alalay nakaka-hiya tuloy.

    I was almost sitting next to him or her.

    And banda dun din ako sa side na yan. Are the guy wearing the matrix look??? I was near sa Fire Exit sa right.

  8. Migs Says:

    Hi Vin, LA - sana pala nagdala ako ng karatula. “Migs the MGG is here :)”

  9. L.A Says:

    Haha oo nga eh para naman naka-pag papicture tayo haha! Syang next time ha maglagay kana :)

  10. JOSHUA Says:


  11. vin Says:

    Well, I think Jayvee is straight (even though I have a slight crush on him); he has a nice and pretty girlfriend. As for Abe/Yuga…, well maybe, maybe not. Hehehe.

    Hmmm… you wouldn’t happen to be the lone guy sitting at the far right end of the loge before the ushers ushered all the guests to the orchestra, were you? :)

  12. Jhed Says:

    You’re there?! OMG! I was just meters away from where you are seated! Shoot! Pa-autograph pa naman sana ako. Hehe. :P

  13. Philippine Blog Awards ‘07 Aftermath at L.A’s Artworks Says:

    […] MGG Tidbits by Migs […]

  14. mcvie Says:

    Haaaaaay naku, boring hosts? Dapat ako na lang sana ang nag-host, para mas masaya! Etchos.

    Migs, puwede bang maki-gulo sa iyong recording session with Janvier? Puh-leeeez? Hehehe.

  15. L.A Says:

    Grabe naman hindi naman boring yung Host, Si Sasha and Aileene Apollo of Google Phil. yun…

    Jhed??? Sabi ko na nga be eh…!

  16. john_aspen Says:


    Magdala ng karatula? the idea is funny kasi it reminded me of the ones that fans club bring. “Sharonians Forever”, “Vilmanians”, “National Juday Fan’s Club”….

    Anyway Enchong and big bro AJ are both attractive. Pareho ring may mga gentle mannerisms. Still cute though.

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