Dodongs in Bed

Yesterday afternoon, I received an MMS message from Janvier Daily. It said: “hi migs, how r u?” — with an attached picture. It was a Dodong in Bed picture. He continued, “ngayon ko lang kuha yan, kakagising ko lang kasi…”

The same night, I was at Kopi Roti in Tomas Morato, having dinner with Arnold Reyes, another one of Zaturnnah’s Dodong. I remembered Janvier’s message and told Arnold, “hey, let me show you Janvier’s MMS.”

When Arnold saw Janvier’s picture, he smiled and said, “meron din ako niyan!” He meant he had the same picture of himself — same angle and posing.

Funny! Must be the official Dodong in Bed photo! Hehehe. I wonder if Lauren Novero has a similar photo… the pictures up ahead!

Janvier Daily


Arnold Reyes

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20 Responses to “Dodongs in Bed”

  1. L.A Says:

    Wow ang gwapo talaga ni Janvier!

  2. chad Says:

    creepy naman ng picture ni arnold reyes O_O parang vampire na ready to strike! with matching shine pa ang teeth.

  3. mcvie Says:

    Ahahaha. Kagigising lang daw ni Janvier. Natutulog pala siya na naka-ear phones. Ngyarap ng kanyang armpits, hehehe!

  4. josh Says:

    amazing twins!

  5. josh Says:

    Hey kailan kayo mag pa sked ng painting session with saturday group of artists?

  6. khentutz Says:

    i like janvier’s shot..

  7. effie Says:

    are they gay? sorry, i’m not sure.

  8. prince_mav Says:

    mas cute si janvier… haha!!!

  9. Kaleena Says:

    Migs, diba you promised to ask Arnold if he’s gay and if he’s a top or bottom? Share with us naman!

    Panalo para sakin ang pic ni Arnold kasi may SEMEN pa sya sa ngipin! Ganda naman ng camera ng phone nya! Migs, ano phone model ni Arnold?

  10. wrestler Says:

    if i weren’t attached, I’d ask Arnold to lunch. Pls. tell Arnold: whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right! :-)

  11. fenestrations Says:

    arnold is gay. he was featured in icon mag with other gays who are successful in their respective fields.

  12. chriscapade Says:

    i like both pics.. mas nakaka “L” nga lang si Janvier. hehehehe..

  13. vincedejesus Says:

    aba aba aba aba… ang mga dodong namin kung anu-anong pa-cute na pictures ang kinakalat ha! in fairness…

    hi migs. musta ka na?

    hi hi hi hi

  14. Little Fish Says:

    Guysto ko ng matulog!

  15. alvin Says:

    mas masarap sa paningin si arnold. hehehe

  16. ap Says:

    why does he keep sending you mms’s of himself??

  17. Lyndon Says:

    janvier is so cute!!! haha
    hope to see him in person…
    yum yum

  18. Calvin Says:

    the second guy is cuter! :D

  19. prinzeace Says:

    ehem…pwede po ba malaman kung sino si migs??? hehhehe kung ok lang po…

  20. vince Says:

    there’s a naked janvier photo on the homepage of purititiwang’s yahoo group! is that for real?!? apparently, he wasn’t aware someone stole a shot! or was he?

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