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More pictures from the set of “Roxxxanne” - a Jun Lana movie. Enjoy these intimate moments between Jay Acquitania and Janvier Daily. Hotness, I’m so looking forward to watching this movie — jaws agape and eyes agog, with feelings, nanginginig-nginig pa! Hahaha!





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21 Responses to “More Jay and Janvier”

  1. maverick Says:

    the pictures lack homoeroticism…

  2. nadriamez Says:

    do we need that in a homo-flick?

    i don’t think so

  3. neon Says:

    kelan showing at saan?

  4. wrestler Says:

    jay has big guns!

  5. vinvin Says:

    ay. parang di sila convincing. haaay.

  6. R Says:

    what, walang sex scene with janvier penetrating jay?

  7. kAI Says:

    when is this gonna be shown?>

  8. maverick Says:

    as a homo flick, it should appeal to the gay sensitivity so it in a way should be homoerotic.

    well, those were just pictures, we are yet to see the film, lets hope for the best- just my two cents worth :)

  9. LEO Says:



  10. wrestler Says:

    Big Guns mean big arms (at least to me) :-)

  11. taylor Says:

    maybe the pictures don’t do him justice but i don’t find him that hot…he’s alright looking.just my opinion…

  12. transformer Says:

    Janvier pa rin…. :)

  13. King Says:

    where are the big guns???Someone needs an eye exam….

  14. josh Says:

    Janvier dodong forever!

  15. my yellow shirt ironed Says:

    hahahaha, all I want to see is something like love that means a guy can love another guy.
    If this were porn go go go. But I still feel those two films, and Lalaki sa Buhay ni Celia and Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.
    Love and desire and the plum honest truth that a man can open himself (not just his loins thank you) to another guy would be just as fulfilling in the movies.
    I hope you don’t mind, but just seeing two guys shopping together in Makati in a knick knack shop, the one guy in rugged maong and cap, the other in that barong and they were looking at designs together made my day.

    I wish I looked good with a guy. And him with me too.


    I had a guy tell me, you look great, but honestly, I look like your alalay.


  16. malik Says:

    Napalabas na ba to?

  17. leo Says:

    Ah OK. Big arms pala ang ibig sabihin ng big guns. Kala ko kasi. . . . hehehehe

  18. "Pumapatol ka ba sa bakla?" | manila gay guy Says:

    […] a teaser video from Roxxxanne. Check out Janvier Daily and Jay Aquitania in this really naughty […]

  19. rodier Says:

    i like janvier better.

  20. barron Says:

    kaylan b to ipapalabas?

  21. milk_tea Says:

    uhuh… i think we’re being spoon-fed by the media as to what homosexuality should be. matagal na ding pinagdedebatihan (tama ba yun) but the message just hasn’t really struck home. it’s refreshing to watch films like “ang pagdadalaga…”, “ma vie en rose”, “jeffrey”… i understand that the reason for all this emphasis on sex is probably because it’s sex that categorizes us as gay. but i still dream of that day, however far-fetched, when we are portrayed as we really are… not the sexed-up image that we are bombarded with.

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