Janvier breaks my heart



Hehehe! Masyado naman kayong gully (as in gullible)!

These photos are from Roxxxanne, Jun Lana’s indie film. That’s Janvier Daily and Jay Acquitania in the photos. Photo credits: Men In The Philippines blog by Rddantes.



Watch out for the movie, showing this July!

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23 Responses to “Janvier breaks my heart”

  1. *jake* Says:

    im so excited about this! i will see more bulges of janvier daily!!! *slurp*

  2. edmark Says:

    is he really having an affair with ethel booba?

  3. edmark Says:

    crush ko yan c jay, dati pa. papable din like his kuya antonio.

  4. Q Says:

    Ugh. Nakita ko yun sa TV, na Ethel was in a bar with Janvier tas may inaway siya. Grabe Janvier! Ako na lang!

  5. josh Says:

    D young & d restless….cute nila dalawa ;)

  6. margaux Says:

    uhhhh… :-\

  7. neon Says:

    cute nga. ano ginagawa nila sa iisang kama?

  8. nadriamez Says:

    this is interesting :-)

    janvier is getting famous huh

  9. JHVRothschild Says:

    syet! he’s so sexxxxy! i just wanna take him home and do very very very naughty things with him. :P

  10. antonella Says:

    oh migoshssss

  11. pat Says:

    wow, palabas na pala yan? jun lana kicks ass.

  12. fattyacid Says:


  13. nell Says:

    pumapatol pala sa bading si janvier, hehehe. sila ba nila ethel booba?

  14. chuayjai Says:

    migs, tamang credit lang. i think the original source of those pics is this multiply account -> http://mariamitanangco.multiply.com/photos/album/38

  15. rej Says:

    so siya pala ang flavor of the month…hhhmmmm…matikman nga.. :)

  16. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    hmn,que ricura adorava sentir….hot !

  17. 777 Says:

    Can’t wait for this movie… :)

  18. dazedblu* Says:

    that’s a big AHH! hope this film is nice… i even saw that stint of janvier with ethel, duh!

    never care abt it!

  19. via Says:

    hey..d na ba aq maka comment dun sa blog about kimi?hehehe

  20. More Jay and Janvier | manila gay guy Says:

    […] pictures from the set of “Roxxxanne” - a Jun Lana movie. Enjoy these intimate moments between […]

  21. More Jay and Janvier | manila gay guy Says:

    […] pictures from the set of “Roxxxanne” - a Jun Lana movie. Enjoy these intimate moments between […]

  22. Ian aka angelguy2008 Says:

    i wanna see how it looks like the movie… i like jay’s older brother. gwapo talaga yung kuya nya =)

  23. vince Says:

    there’s a naked, sleeping janvier photo on the homepage of purititiwang’s yahoo group! with his manhood exposed for all the world to see. is this pic for real? was he really unaware someone had stolen a shot?!?

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