An MMS from Janvier Daily

Today I was so pleasantly surprised to receive an MMS from dear Janvier Daily. Wanna see it? Hehehe.

Here you go… Janvier’s MMS:

I thought this pic shows such fiery intensity,.. look at the eyes, the lips… muntik na akong lumiyab. MMS from Janvier Daily  digg:An MMS from Janvier Daily  spurl:An MMS from Janvier Daily  newsvine:An MMS from Janvier Daily  furl:An MMS from Janvier Daily  reddit:An MMS from Janvier Daily  fark:An MMS from Janvier Daily  Y!:An MMS from Janvier Daily


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18 Responses to “An MMS from Janvier Daily”

  1. fritz Says:

    hmmm…forward mo naman sa kin migz…

  2. Matteo Says:

    That’s from the Troika “Coffee Table Book”, right? Anyway, that’s a nice shot of Janvier.

    Speaking of Janvier, his role in Troika is forgettable. He only had less than two minutes exposure without dialogue. His sex scene was disappointing. It was too dark. Anyway, hope to see this guy in a lead role (big screen) someday.

  3. Frances Says:

    is the bookazine out already?

  4. Migs Says:

    Yes, Matteo is right, it’s from the Troika Coffee Table Book. Frances, di pa yata out yung Climax na bago. I heard though that Janvier is in the next ICON issue too.

  5. N Says:

    holy molly.. that pic made a hard.

  6. MsNinja Says:

    Siya ata yung nasa Bakekang sa GMA7

  7. mao Says:

    one word: INTENSE

  8. Kaleena Says:

    Kelan kaya ako padadalhan ni Miguel Garcia ng ganitong MMS?

  9. josh Says:

    share nyo naman yang troika magazine pictures nyo… meron na bang site na pwedeng ma visit on this??? Thnx

  10. sire lee Says:

    yah ms ninja… isa syang hoodlum dun sa bakekang. i was watching kc nung bigla syang lumabas sa exena. ahehe. at least may reason nako 2 watch bakekang. ahehe

  11. rocky Says:


  12. Little Fish Says:

    Leche! Grabe!
    Will Angelo sends me MMS like this?
    Angelo…..Little Fish needs a new fresh water on his fish bowl!

  13. neon Says:

    juice ko!!!!

  14. Kaleena Says:

    Little Fish, Angelo is with me right now. Baket fishbowl ka lang? Ang akin 65-gallon aquarium.

  15. Little Fish Says:

    Sarap kasi sa fish bowl, pwede dalhin ni Angelo kahit saan. He can take me whereever he goes…..Mahihirapan dalhin kung nasa 65-gallon aquarium.

  16. rommel Says:

    nyeta puro aquarium ang chaka.

  17. michael Says:

    there are cute. yummie. They look like they enjoy eachother’s lips and mouth

  18. "Pumapatol ka ba sa bakla?" | manila gay guy Says:

    […] a teaser video from Roxxxanne. Check out Janvier Daily and Jay Aquitania in this really naughty […]

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