Janvier Daily, my Dodong

I’ve found my Dodong!!! And here he is…


Just kidding! That swarthy, delicious chinito guy is Janvier Daily, the alternate Dodong in the 4th rerun of Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzical. (The main Dodong is played by Arnold Reyes who did the role in the past runs.) When I watched the opening night last Friday, it was Arnold who did the role, but Janvier was watching at the bleachers as well — I tell you, di ako nakapagpigil , and thus was multitasking between watching the show and gazing at this wonderful, wonderful creature. Haaay… hehehe! When I requested to take his pics after the show, my knees were trembling — the guy, while apparently shy, does have that ooomph factor! If only my sched permits, I would catch another show where he is the Dodong. I heard he plays on the Saturday runs. Inside info tells me he’s a newbie but has a really brilliant voice. Something to look forward to!

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25 Responses to “Janvier Daily, my Dodong”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    sarap nya migs. dodong na dodong ang dating.

  2. jo Says:

    Naku ha Migs, super busy ka lang kaya tuloy sinu-sino chinito sa yo may ‘Ooomph factor’ LOL! Take a cold shower dahling!

  3. vincedejesus Says:

    my friend, tuxqs (who plays ada) still has tickets to the saturday 8pm show.

    i can reserve for you.
    text me lang if you like.


  4. Jayson Says:

    migs, just saw ur profile, ang pogi mo, shoot ur a hottie, that really u with the black shirt and showing off ur ABS. well anyway, janiver is pogi, anyway,enjoy ur blogs even though im from the States , i know at least whose who and whats happening there in Pinas.

  5. drklght Says:

    i wanna see migs’ profile too!! hehehe

  6. booh Says:

    until when will this play be running.. i have to catch and watch it or else ill die… hehehe!

    migs, can u feature the identical gay twins.. joshua and jacob..they have a reality show over logoonline nemesis rising… they’re hot!

  7. biatch Says:

    is there any sexy photos 0f janvier? im sure, migs will get a way on having some,and sharing it 2 us..ryt migs? hahaha

  8. Matteo Says:

    I watched Zsa Zsa Zatrunnah last Saturday and Janvier Daily played Dodong. I can forgive him because he’s a newebie and really a hottie. His acting skills isn’t so bad, he just needs more practice. His singing abilities can also be improved. There are times that his voice is a bit off. Anyway, he’s still an eye candy nonetheless. I believe he’s starring in a movie entitled “Troika”.

    As for the play, yeah, I agree that it shouldn’t be missed. The movie pales in comparison to the play, why even to the comic book.

  9. mcvie Says:

    Aba Migs! I have to, I must, I insist that I see this profile of yours, especially the one where “u with the black shirt and showing off ur ABS,” according to Jayson. ;-)

  10. Ghel Says:

    asan ang profile ni Migs,

    Please migs, email mo sa akin. UUUU

  11. sire lee Says:

    hi there i am new here, about janvier, i watched the saturday show he is so gorgeous.kaya nagpapicture talaga ako sa kanya.hehe.. buong buo and mga noodles, as didi would always say hehe. troika i what kind of movie. hope you can feature also eye candy band vocalists, like kean cipriano of callalily. hehe…

  12. chriscapade Says:

    magaling magaling magaling talaga silang lahat…

    oy Migs san ang profile na yan ha? hehehehe.. share naman please…

  13. Migs Says:

    Ano itong narinig ko na kumakalat na raw ang profile ko “in black shirt, showing off my abs?” Pati ako di ko alam kung nasaan ang profile na yon! hahaha! :)

    to clarify, i have no profile posted anywhere, ok? besides, conservative po ako, so i won’t show off my abs, even if i had it.

  14. Little Fish Says:

    I will kill and die for him……just be my Dodong.

  15. chris Says:

    my god…whos dis new cuteee!!!! ang lakas ng sex appeal…gusto ko sia watch sat…kaya ng baka mabigo ako..im sure sold out na ticket…naging model ba si janvier?..more info abwt this guy pls…nug film nia troika? abangan ko yan promise…

  16. alicia Says:

    cuteeeee nga!!!!!!

  17. Coffee chat with Janvier Daily | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Sometime following that brief episode of meeting Janvier Daily (the other Dodong) after the opening night of Zsazsa Zaturnnah’s 4th rerun, I have been toying with the idea of requesting for a casual interview with him. He exudes such masculine mystery that I can’t help but want to get to know him better. Again, through the magical intercession of Vince de Jesus, Zaturnnah’s musical director, the interview was set… and in fact, it’s done! I actually just came from that coffee conversation with Janvier. We did it at Starbucks in Harbor Square opposite the side entrance of CCP. It was, if I may borrow that line from Notting Hill, “surreal but nice.” […]

  18. MAC_afr0 Says:

    can’t wait for the your next janvier daily post :)

  19. iPhone Says:

    ako rin…may kakaibang dating ang “dodong ” na ito… :)

  20. jhepy Says:

    troika di na ba siya showing?

  21. Icon Magazine now Out and Bi | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] It has a feature on MGG favorite Janvier Daily (together with Troika lead Jamil Basa). […]

  22. Denvi Ho Says:

    Hello, I would like to meet personally Janvier and his contact number. One of his relative (1st cousin) who work in Saudi Arabia gave me his picture and e-mail. If he know Mr. Marlou Viola. Thanks. Vi!

  23. kriss Says:

    Hi! am kuya BHENG’s adopted sister,i live in Baguio he’s busy doing a rehersal,workshop and just the other day start to shoot a new movie ROXXXANE if you are interested to meet him personally watch his show this coming June ZSA ZSA ZATURNAH ZE MUZICAL tickets are availble at ticket world Makati prize 500.to600.this iis your chance all cast will be at the lobby for picture taking and signing mamimigay din po si kuya Bheng ng pictures with dedication buy now mabilis po maubos ang ticket last show nya sa CULTURAL CENTER muntik na kaming di makapanood lucky enough there was a complementary pass watch na po kayo tiyak mag enjoy po kayo 5th re-run na po ito,ENJOY.

  24. vince Says:

    there’s a naked, sleeping janvier photo on the homepage of purititiwang’s yahoo group! with his manhood exposed for all the world to ogle at. is that for real?!? was he aware someone stole a shot?

  25. mark Says:

    love has no rules

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