Next Podcast: which Dodong?

I was thinking, what if I guested someone in my next podcast? What if it was a hunky beefcake? And Dodong came to mind! BIG problem though! Which Dodong? We have three to choose from:


(From left: Arnold Reyes, Janvier Daily, and Lauren Novero)

Read on to vote!

- o -

Would you help me choose, please? Hehehe! Whose voice do you want to hear — Arnold, Janvier, or Lauren? Vote below:

Which Dodong do you want to be guested for the next MGG podcast?

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17 Responses to “Next Podcast: which Dodong?”

  1. wrestler Says:

    arnold vote ko kasi i think he would be more receptive towards our inclinations and persuasions…..and he’s got a terrific bubble butt

  2. Little Fish Says:

    Wala ng iba.
    Si Janvier lang!

  3. Pancake Says:

    Si arnold kasi I think he’s gay (if you want his perspective) and Janvier if you want hotnessssss!

  4. Kaleena Says:

    Tinatanong pa ba yan? Si Lauren Novero kasi sha pinakamasarap. Talking from experience.

  5. Angelo Says:

    Without a doubt, Janvier ako. He is beyond compare. Very HOT! By the way, what is Janvier’s height?

    Kaleena: Masarap ba si Lauren? Pwedeng ilakad mo ako?

  6. effie Says:

    bat kailangang mamili? ang hirap eh. :)

  7. Mark Says:

    Janvier for me, please. My friends here in Norway are going gaga over him. They all think he’s hot!

  8. Kaleena Says:

    Angelo, baket mo gustong tikman si Lauren? Diba Janvier ka? Anyway, pwede kong ibigay sayo number nya pero kailangang matikman muna kita.

  9. chriscapade Says:

    Janvier. Period.

  10. Angelo Says:

    Kaleena: Di ba pwede tikman pareho?

    Ay, sige, kung gusto mo four-some tayo. Type mo? hahaha. E pano si Little Fish?

  11. Kaleena Says:

    Si Little Fish magsuswimming sa toilet bowl during our hot and wild foursome session.

  12. cass Says:

    may number kayo ni lauren navaro?

  13. mikel parks Says:

    kelan ba ung zsazsa zaturnah 5cycle sa makati?

  14. andrew Says:

    Sali ako sa foursome, Kaleena. Hehe!

    Hi, Angelo and Little Fish! Still remember me?

  15. marlowemarlowe Says:

    yes i love lauren… =D

  16. tonyo Says:

    Ang i-podcast ninyo yung magaling magsalita at alam sumagot sa mga interview. Baka daanin sa pa-cute lang pero tameme naman pag interview na!

    Dapat kasing talino ni migs, mcvie at gibbs sumagot sa questions!!!

  17. Glenn Says:

    Arnold pa din! Hehehe.

    ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal

    Date: July 1, 3pm
    Venue: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza

    Ticket Prices:
    800 - Loge and Orchestra Center
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    500 - Balcony

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