AJ Dee, bulges and all

I met AJ Dee in one event recently, and he seems to know how to play it nice when in public. He was smiling most of the time, and it was all good. He looks very attractive in person, although I felt the lack of ooomph. He’s too safe. Nevertheless beautiful. Is he gay? Many people think so, but I really don’t know. Maybe my gaydar is not working properly.

Here are pictures I saw of him captured by some (obsessed?) fan - apparently snatched from the “Male Confessions”video. If I were AJ I would really feel embarassed having these pics taken.

AJ Dee


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15 Responses to “AJ Dee, bulges and all”

  1. Your emails are nuisance! Says:

    Small ….

    Who the heck is this AJ Dee anyway? Never heard of him and he doesn’t strike any interest in me. He looks like some dorky guy!

  2. hairybrainy Says:

    ur right, he looks nice but he lacks a certain spark. appeal? x factor? i really dont know. hes got nice bod, thats all i know.

  3. manila gay guy Says:

    enchong dee (cosmo bachelors) is his brother pala. that enchong has potential ha…. thanks hairybrainy for dropping by…

  4. elindil Says:

    well I like Aj, sya ang pinakagusto ko sa batch nila sna marami pang pics meron ba kayong naked na kita ang erect titi nya?

  5. manila gay guy Says:

    sorry elindil, wala akong ganon. (muntik na akong himatayin sa comment mo, hahaha! <- feeling dalagang pilipina mode.

  6. chuvah_nez Says:

    he has what it takes to be my bf! joke la-ang! he’s not my type anyways. Pare-parehas lang ung d*ck ng mga guys hehe tnx sa website na itetsh baboush mga mare!

  7. Jambro Says:

    What’s so embarrasing about his pix? He’s swimming wearing swim trunks, so what’s the problem?

  8. fukesah Says:

    if u lyk cheese go get aj dee i know him since childhood uncut ang lolo mo… hekhek mozarella plz!

  9. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    i love aj dee!

  10. henry Says:

    why should AJ be ashamed? it just shows that even if he is under water, his sausage doesn’t shrink (which is the usual effect of cold water on men’s sausages), as shown with the large bulge in his trunks.

  11. butik Says:

    gwapo mo

  12. summer Says:

    basta alam ko type ko sya at marami kaming pic na magkasama yun lang masasabi ko!

  13. Danilo Hermida Says:

    I thought he was endorsing a new swimwear, that’s why he has a photo taken underwater. But i like the way he is, he’s not the usual guy i met.

  14. john Says:

    i don’t think he’s gay, baka si Enchong pa, halatado eh! Anyway ganda nung isang pic bakat na bakat!

  15. mark Says:

    if a person has a small bulge does it mean he has a small pecker? let’s change that ridiculous assumption. For all we know that big bulge we see on some people could be balls instead of a penis. Filipino’s should not be talking about “bulge” or “how big someones package” coz majority of us are small…you know who you are. *smOOches*

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