Harry Laurel, newest Provoq hunk


Here’s a photo I took of Harry Laurel, the newest Provoq hunk, at the backstage of Cruise. With Harry is my friend Tony.

Wanna see a shirtless Harry? Then … here ya go!


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32 Responses to “Harry Laurel, newest Provoq hunk”

  1. fioux Says:

    Was it Foundation day at that event?

  2. bedrock Says:

    hhhmmm… innocent smile. yummy!!!

  3. rico yan Says:

    everyday is a foundation day

  4. fattyacid Says:

    too polished face. he reminds me of aldred gatchalian.

  5. diego Says:

    cruise by proviq men was so BOOOOORRRRIng!

    No Sensuality and engagement with the audience whatsoever. They just went through the routine. The new guy harry was obviously very uncomfartable dancing. Looks like he could use body toning sessions.

    The two-hour delay was unforgivable.

  6. veklores Says:

    every gay man’s fantasy ang pic 1, ang pamugaran ng freshness at yumminess in spite of our being plain. peace!

  7. monicalewinskiing Says:

    a strong foundation is important to avoid a structural fallout.

  8. josh Says:

    hooray fro harry!

  9. Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day Says:

    Mukhang yummmmmmy!!! Pero parang dyutsssss!
    On second thought pasado na rin sya….

  10. Tony Says:

    Sigh. Ang cute talaga ni Harry….He definitely wasn’t that comfortable on stage yet but that just added to his charm.

  11. me Says:

    pano maka date si harry? pwde ba?

  12. dyan Says:

    parang apo siya. ang apo ay makapal ang make-up. icky,icky,icky talaga ang mga ganitong shows. mga balka kasi puro lonely sa buhay.kawawa.

  13. schizo Says:

    looks like marky cielo pero mestizo version hehehe

  14. noel Says:

    Foundation day tlga labanan, mas ok sya sa first pic. Uy umamin ka migs ikaw yung nasa first pic I bet :)

  15. dazedblu Says:

    i thionk he’s just a so-so… enuff to stare for a while? parang mas okay kung medyo hindi siya nak-smile, hehe ;)

  16. myke Says:

    ei, ask ko lang.. what does provoq mean?

  17. chuvah Says:

    parang walang class. choz…

  18. anton maton Says:

    hoy .. hindi si migs yung nasa first pic … si tony yon… kilala ko siya! siyet namamayagpag ang bruha sa pinas! musta na kaya si pulis … he he he!

    oo nga… kailangan ba talaga ang labanan ng foundation? ganon? naisip kaya ng mga stylist ang bronzer?

  19. Tony Says:

    To anton maton: Actually binabasa rin ng “pulis” itong blog. *waves* :P Errr…. sino ka talaga? Drop me a comment at my blog para naman malaman ko. Heh.

  20. KittyQT Says:

    Ay, this is Harry Chua, 2007 Heat Wave Bikini Competition Grand Winner. Kasama din siya sa ‘Ang lalaki sa Parola’. Why Laurel kaya ginamit niya na last name?

  21. Pravilno Says:


  22. polonians Says:

    laki ng muscle…sarap ng nipples

  23. ewan Says:

    ah basta masarap sita…that’s all..ala miranda priestly of the devil wears prada…hahahahaha…

  24. maverick Says:

    may frontal nudity scenes daw siya sa lalaki sa parola. can’t wait to get the dvd copy para siguradong uncut

  25. naked eyes Says:

    yes, he did plenty of quick frontals in the movie, ang lalake sa parola, although most were executed in the “shadows”,(one was when he was about to get sucked by jennifer lee, and the other was in a blow job scene with justin). he’s acting was convincing, unlike his provoq mate. but i wonder if he actually speaks the same twang and diction in real life, because he was more sort of a “bisaya” in the movie.

    anyways, harry reminds of me of gael garcia bernal of y tu mama tambien. men like harry should be respected in the silverscreen as it takes a lot of guts to get your dick hanging while acting all at the same time!

    kudos to harry! kudos to the movie!

  26. BananaShake Says:

    Harry needs workshop and voice projection training. In the film, Harry sounded very dull..no emotions..he needs to have some serious acting workshops….On the other hand, Justin de leon’s acting was indeed good. Justin has proven that he can very well be a versatile actor. His acting is controlled, subtle and disciplined. I hope Justin gets good break after this. As to Harry, he is cute but he needs some serious acting training especially the voice- he needs to speak his lines well…otherwise, he will just be typecasted to probinsyano roles all his showbizlife..I give Justin two thumbs up for this movie. Great acting from Justin… And to Harry, one thumb up for being daring and bold…

  27. Honhondesa Says:

    Harry Laurel is very cute.Cute Chinito eyes and has the killer smile.I like u hary.Wag kana magbold!kz hnd bagay sa napaka cute mong mukha lalo na in personal.i saw u kz sa premier nyt.Gudluck sayo nd hope mabago image mo para hnd kame masawa fans mo.Pag aralan mo mabuti script mo.LAlam namen may mararating ka.sana mabigyan ka madami break.

  28. Marco Says:

    Pano macontact tong c harry?

  29. bruno Says:

    where can i get the dvd of “ang lalake sa parola”?? the uncut version. is it already out in the market???

  30. Adrian Asor | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Showdown held in May 2007 at the rooftop of Metropolis mall in Alabang. Proclaimed winner was Harry Chua / Harry Laurel, now of the Men of Provoq […]

  31. bluehballs Says:

    si migs ba yung naka-white long sleeve dun sa first pic? it says there “Here’s a photo I took of Harry Laurel…” so i guess, the “I” would mean si migs nga yun…wala lang just wanna make sure

  32. fattyacid Says:

    baka naman yung bf ni migz yan…pwede rin si mig, mas type ko yung naka-white long sleeve kesa sa shirt-less guy sa pic…hahaha.

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