John Arigo, hunky baller


Ladies and gentlemen, meet John Arigo.

Want to know more about John? I’ll let him do his own introduction:

My name is John Arigo and I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m the eldest of my 1 brother and sister. I was born on December 10, 1978. I was studying Criminal Justice at the university. I left because I moved to the Philippines to live and to continue my ongoing success in the field of basketball. I transferred to UNF from University of Tampa, where I played for Richard Schmidt. I averaged 23.3 points and 4.0 assist as a sophomore that led the Sunshine State Conference in scoring. I was named to the All-SSC Second team and was also named SSC Player of the week twice. And so on my ability and skills exploded and I was scouted by an agent to play for the Philippine basketball association, which was a blessing for me since I am a Filipino-American. Currently, as I establish residence in the Philippines, having a good playing time in my team ALASKA ACES which is one of the most famous team in the Philippine league, luckily I am part of. I enjoy fitness exercises, playing basketball of course and playing golf. I really love to travel and learn about different cultures.



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12 Responses to “John Arigo, hunky baller”

  1. vakla Says:

    bitin ang lola mo, migs!

  2. panhgit Says:

    walang apeallll

  3. Misterhubs Says:

    Mmm, yummy. *burps*

  4. paoloxchua Says:

    i love athletes! especially basketball players.

  5. fattyacid Says:

    sorry di ko po sya type…

  6. smoothshaver Says:

    Sexy haircut! He should shave razorsmooth!

  7. pinoyJ Says:

    kung ayaw nyo…akin na lang siya.

  8. Pravilno Says:

    hmmm… i wonder what goes beyond those dress.. hahaha! bad pravilno bad!

  9. myke Says:

    BITIN naman ate!!!!???

  10. peter pan Says:

    payat ang binti nya. at payat sya tingnan. not really impressive in person. Saw him many times at the gym.

  11. oblada Says:

    a piece of colonial mentality

  12. Chris Says:

    @peter pan.

    pls take note he’s a baller. sa basketball, the thinner (or better said “leaner”) your leg is, mas mataas ang talon.

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