The Polonic Transformation

Polonius is a character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The character is best known for uttering the immortal words: “To thine own self be true,” as well a few other phrases still in use today such as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” and “brevity is the soul of wit.”

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Let’s put an element of fun in this post — take a guess, who is this boy?




To find out, go to Page 2 of this post!

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29 Responses to “The Polonic Transformation”

  1. Little Fish Says:

    My first guess: Enchong Dee…..Wrong!
    Polo Ravales got the most beautiful smiles.
    Nice physique….kaya lang, too stocky at the upper part, particularly the arms and the shoulder….at isa pa, he is too short.
    I dig tall…lean…lanky guys, ‘yong tipong kita ang “pelvic bone”

  2. Angelo Says:

    Little Fish: Musta? I don’t see Andrew here anymore. San na yon o iba na alias nya. hehe It appears that Polo had his nose enhanced. Just an observation. Hey, I’m lanky and kita “pelvic bone” ko. haha

  3. aeriol09 Says:

    ei i want have jowa is there any available?

  4. Angelo Says:

    Aeriol09: Asl/Stats? hahaha. Joke lang ah. Bat dito ka naghahanap?

  5. leo Says:

    kaya nga aeriol09, gawin bang dating service site ni MIGs? hehehe…
    MIGZ pagkaSENADOR!!! hahaha (joke lang po!)

  6. Little Fish Says:

    Angelo…if you are lanky, lean and kita “pelvic bone” mo, then…I will flirt with you.
    Is it appealing on your part to place a little fish on your pelvic bone?

    aeriol09….wants a date, try mo guys4men site…..daming malalandi at malibog doon katulad ko.

    MGG….is it possible to fall inlove with too many guys? The likes of (counting)…MGG, Janvier, Enchong, Leandro, Gibbs, and lately readers’ name Angelo……ang maliit na isda, nag-flirt!

  7. Angelo Says:

    Little Fish: Just so you know, I am 6ft tall, lean (with visible muscles) and of course, kitang-kita ang pelvic bone. (tama ba to…baka pagalitan tayo ni Migs, nag-flirt din ba?)

    Okay lang yon so long as the fish you are referring to won’t bite me, at kelangan marunong mangiliti ha. Hehe.

  8. Kaleena Says:

    Gwapo ka ba Angelo? Give me your number. Are you top or bottom?

  9. Kaleena Says:

    Little Fish, nagkakalat ka nanaman ng lagim. Kung gwapo si Angelo, akin sya. Kung chaka, iyong-iyo na. Ngayon, kung gwapo ka, akin ka.

  10. Little Fish Says:

    I prefer substance than form… Kaleena!
    Bonus na ‘yon if Angelo is guapo. Besides, he says he is 6 feet tall, lanky, lean and visible pelvic bone nya…ok na ‘yon….
    Little Fish don’t bite….it nibbles…licks…and xxxk!
    Little Fish makeslove not sex!

  11. Kaleena Says:

    Ay, Little Fish! You’re so funny! Sex tayo!

  12. ayel Says:

    its polo ravales am I right?

  13. yori Says:

    angelo… what duh! hahahahaha guys angelo is a good catch… I just cant… hehehe
    love you angelo… you around.

  14. Angelo Says:

    Yori: hahahaha. What do you mean you just cant? Can’t what?

  15. yori Says:

    arent you taken? wow how lucky that bloke is. I just cant help it, it melts my heart seeing you from eye to eye.

  16. mcvie Says:

    Migs, nagiging hook-up place ang MGG! Ang saya-saya, hahaha! Dapat na nga mangyari ang Gay Bloggers’ (and their Commentators’) Forum.

  17. yori Says:

    di naman, mcvie, since we cant see anyone, might as well be friends right? isnt that a good idea? and I dont go hook up with people I dont know. I am partnered and committed.

  18. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Committed? C’mon as far as I know, malibog ka eh! hahaha. Joke lang ah. I think it’s high time to have sex with you again. Bwahahahaha. Oooops! So talagang deadmahin na natin Polo dito. Kebs!

  19. yori Says:

    hahaha sira!sumbong kita sa dada ko. ahihihi

  20. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Kaya mo ba akong tiisin? Feeling ko bibigay ka rin. It’s a one-time offer, kaya…think about it LONG and HARD! Har har. :-P

  21. yori Says:

    @ angelo : patience yori patience… dont get along with all these temptations easily… ahi

  22. Kaleena Says:

    Angelo, you will be mine. Grabeng libog ko today, I don’t know why. Must be the weather.

  23. Mikee Says:

    Angeloooo … Angelooowww …
    Halika sa mundo koooooowwww …

    Penge ngang pic dian.

  24. josh Says:

    Ok 2ng mga pix ni Polo, at may fist communion pa. Bait puros sepia yung mga early pix nya, wala pa bang colored ng mga panahong iyon? Now where the he-l is my 1st communion pix (search, search , search) ;)

  25. londoner Says:

    I was surprised when i saw Polo from his movie Manay Po. He was amazingly handsome. Thanks for the latest picc Migs.
    How very charming that everyone seems to enjoy this site. Well as for me it’s an honor to be part. More power and God Bless.

  26. rabbit Says:

    I miss Polo’s billboard on EDSA … no more “good morning” eye-candy.

  27. yori Says:

    hay naku madaming nagseselos sa akin dito… angelo… lubayan mo na ako pwede? gusto sa akin ka lang sana. dami ko na kaagaw.

  28. Angelo Says:

    Yori: O kala ko ba committed ka na? Why do you want me all to yourself? Selfish ka…magagalit sayo si Little Fish…lagot ka!

    Kaleena: Why all of a sudden tag-libog ka? Sisihin ang weather?

    Mikee: Anung mundo meron ka? Masarap ba dyan?

    Miss ko na si Little Fish!

  29. michael Says:

    Polo looks good since he started working out. I have never seen Polo before his “transformation” Polo is a good actor. He can do a lot of different roles.

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