Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?

I am writing this post on a lazy Sunday afternoon, which I usually spend relaxing by reading a book, or pondering on some interesting thought or idea. Here’s one of those ideas, and because I think it can be relevant to us gay folks, I want to share it with you. I believe that to live a meaningful and significant life, we need to regularly stop a while, and take time to ponder.

When we embrace what lies within, our potential has no limit. The future is filled with promise, the present rife with expectation. But when we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges, uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift, or a curse? For those who fear what lies ahead, the most important question of all: can we ever change what we really are?

(from The Fix, 13th episode, NBC Supernatural drama series, Heroes.) We Ever Change What We Really Are?  digg:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  spurl:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  newsvine:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  furl:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  reddit:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  fark:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?  Y!:Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?


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17 Responses to “Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?”

  1. brIAN Says:

    yes. if you try to ambition a personal figure that is desired, every thing will fall into place and change happens to nurture or destroy.

  2. reyville Says:

    that’s one good question!

  3. cliogoddess Says:

    Can We Ever Change What We Really Are?
    What is the real me?
    i am a transgendered woman.
    am i changing who i am, or am i changing who i was really meant to be?
    ewan~ tanga ako so hindi ko naiintindihan 2

  4. josh Says:

    sabi nga ni popeye - i em who i em, saBi din ng kanta “i am who i am….” Pero hindi ba ito ang translation ng YHWH the name given by God to Moses of the burning bush.. so can we change who we really are? One may change his physical appearance or his preferences, but you cannot change who you really are… because if that happens, you cease to exits…we are a finite person existing in this lifetime :)

  5. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:


  6. Ace Says:

    Some interesting studies were made on twins that were separated at birth. The researchers were interested to see how different or similar their lives would turn out to be. To the researchers’surprise, a lot of these twins led very similar lives even though they didn’t know of each other’s existence prior to the study. They cited similar hair tyles, clothing styles, type of cars, choice of colors, professions, types of spouses, types of foods and many other everyday choices. I guess what the study shows is that we all have this central core within us that is the building block of our personality. Here are some thoughts about personality that I’ve learned from various sources.
    One way of looking at personality is to view it as a circle with a central point. Everything outside the point/core is the part that evolves over time from our perceptions, attitudes and experiences that we have throughout our life.
    Some think that it is possible, as adults, to change our personality. By personality, I mean the synthesis of attitudes, habits, the way we think and feel, our outlook on life and our attitudes towards ourself and others.
    Personality is far too complicated and interwoven with reinforced experience, habits and other factors that i’ts not possible to deal with any one problem in isolation. Although it is true that some people make remarkable changes over their lifetime, I contend that those changes may occur on the outer edges of the circle (personality) and that in and of itself may result in a completely changed person. But I still contend that changing the basic nature of the core personality itself, is an unrealistic goal that only leads to greater sense of hopelessness that may add to the futility of the quest to changes one’s life.
    In all things, we must have realistic goals. Goals that are credible and attainable. The goal of changing our core personalities is not realistic. A better goal would be to find points in our life, and experiences where we can examine, and perhaps come to different conclusions about their meaning that ultimately affect the way we see them, our world and ourselves.

  7. Jo Says:

    If there’s anything sure in this world, it’s CHANGE. The question, are we ready for changes? The reason why CHANGE is so difficult to accept is because we have already set our sights on something definite. So when the outcome is different, we break down, we often ask ‘ano ba ang ginawa ko upang bigyan ako ng ganitong pasakit?’ (with ‘luha’ effect).

    Yes we can CHANGE. But most importantly, we should give a wider horizon for the outcome because the effect of change can result to several scenarios, many of which is unacceptable to us. If we will insists and stick to just a few results, which usually are favorable, the unexpected will always bring a shock because one was not prepared to face other scenarios.

    Look marami ang nagbago and they were ready for the consequences. Case in point- Anselle Beluso, bading na naging lalaki. Up to now, batikos pa rin ang tinatanggap niya. But he was prepared for the change regardless of the outcome-favorable or unfavorable.

    So, can we ever change what we really are? - A RESOUNDING YES!

  8. andrew Says:

    Isang magandang umaga, Migs at sa lahat ng MGGers! Another week of ngaragang trabaho na naman, pero kiber kasi another week of MGG na naman ito, hehe!

    Ang sagot ko sa katanungan… *nosebleed* *himatay* hihihi! Ang lalim. Parang kumukuha uli ako ng board exam, hahaha! :P

  9. reyville Says:

    hehehe! *nosebleed* *himatay* ha! tamang-tama talaga….

  10. MsNinja Says:

    supernatural nga e, kaya kaya nating mag-ibang anyo.

  11. babosarang Says:

    hello migs, im always reading your blog and i can see your a deep person… i think we can do anything of we want. I like the way you think…:) More power

  12. chu chu caracas Says:

    we are what we make of ourselves…

    sabi nga…

    watch your thoughts as these become your words, watch your words as these become your actions, watch your actions as these become your habit, watch your habits as this defines who you are…

  13. cast Says:

    ang lalim Migs…. Yes, definitely, we can change certain things, like things which we are in control, like doing superb in our chosen career, and doing this can propell us to certain heights…. and for some things, mahirap…. like kung bading ka, parang (parang kasi d ko pa sinubukan) ang hirap pumunta sa other side, magpakalalaki di ba? ….. ay, Migs, ang hirap naman ng tanong mo… pang rocket scientist…..lols…

  14. lancer Says:

    I love heroes! Galing mo po:-0

  15. igy Says:

    i don’t really believe in change as compared to adjustments…
    that’s a good question,
    but i don’t really care to change who i am…
    i’m happy…

  16. happy raphy Says:

    my answer is YES! we can change for the better or for worse. we can be gay, straight, gay, and back to straight again if we want to but again this would take time and lots of courage and full effort to change ourseleves that something along the way would change or would hinder our change to become what we ought to be!

    PEACE men!!

  17. [D.W.A] Says:

    Nako, mukhang mahirap ata ang mag change - for me, mukhang magbabago lang ako PAG NAGKA AMNESIA ako, hehehe - for me, “it’s definetly hard to change” - so it’s a “NO”.

    Basta, be happy na lang kung ano tayo, besides, wala naman tayong nagagawa O ginagawang mali - right my kapatidz? :) - peace :) more power MMG :)

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